514 Chapter 514: Sneaking ou

    "I'm going. Take care of yourself. Here, crush this if you feel like things are getting problematic. I'll teleport back and handle the rest," Long Chen said in her ears as he gave her a talisman.

    "I will," Mingyu muttered as she took the talisman. She held the talisman carefully.

    Long Chen could see that Elder Mu was already in the room. She was lying on the bed.

    There was no one outside in the house. He realised that this was the best opportunity to leave this place.

    He teleported outside his room since he had seen the place.

    He started walking towards the window with careful steps.

    He stood before the window and looked outside.

    He teleported outside the courtyard with the help of the window.

    As soon as he teleported outside, he activated his Shadow Transformation.

    He couldn't see the sky as he was inside the Ghost Temple, but according to Long Chen, it was around midnight at the moment.

    He brought his Spirit Sword outside and started flying with the help of his sword while keeping the Divine Sense activated.

    "What the heck is this?" Long Chen muttered with a frown as he saw what seemed like a ghost floating near the ground.

    After some time, he saw another ghost that looked similar. He hadn't seen any guard inside the temple so far, but he had already seen two ghosts.

    He didn't understand what was happening. He didn't know too many things about the Ghost Temple to understand the inner workings, but he assumed that the Ghost Temple didn't have any guards on this floor.

    'Is this because it is a floor for the Elders? They don't place guards here since the Elders wouldn't do anything bad to the Sect, and even if they did, the guards wouldn't be able to stop them?'

    'That can be it. They have a lot of floors on the Ghost Temple, so it would make sense if they had an entire floor assigned for Elders to live. Mu Lin either lived on this floor because he was the son of an Elder, or it was also possible that he had his own courtyard on a different floor, but he was brought here by that guard because this was the place the woman lived,'  He thought, but this was all an assumption. He didn't have any proof of it, but he believed that his assumption was right.

    Long Chen flew near the top roof of the floor, which was nearly fifty meters above the ground. This gave him the better ability to keep an eye on his surroundings while using his Divine Sense to scan the places.

    He scanned all the courtyards that he came across along the way, but none of them seemed like a place where a prisoner would be kept.

    In all those courtyards, he found people. Some of them were sleeping, while others were cultivating. He was sure that all the people he had seen were Elders. None of them seemed like a disciple in the least.

    Long Chen knew that the chances of his father being on this floor were really low since this was like the residence of Elders, but he still wanted to give it a try.

    He knew that he needed to go to other floors to find the prison of the sect and interrogate the guards there about the person that handled that place, but he couldn't. He knew that he would need to use those teleportation formations to go to other floors like that guard user one to bring him to this floor, but he couldn't do that effectively without knowing it's working.

    He never knew how one was able to control the teleportation formations set up by the sect to take them to their destination. There were probably many formations like these on each floor which took them to different floors. He didn't want to go to some random floor without any information.

    He didn't worry about that, though. He knew that asking about the formations and the way to go to other floors was not a weird question. With the excuse of his memories being lost, he was able to get answers.

    Still, he tried to make the best of what he got and scan this floor entirely, hoping to find anything useful, but he was disappointed.

    It took him 6 hours to go through the whole floor, but other than the courtyards of Elders, he found nothing else. There were no tall structures on this floor or anything special. All this floor had were hundreds of courtyards with the Temple Elders.

    He did find 26 teleportation formations in different locations of this floor, though.

    "26 formations... The Temple probably had 26 floors other than this one. One of these formations for each floor. They don't even have any numbers on the formations. Without proper understanding, it's easier to make a mistake," Long Chen muttered.

    "Since it's a place for the Elders, none of these formations have any guards, but I did remember seeing guards around the formation on the ground floor when the guard was bringing me here," he added.

    "It should be day time. You should get back fast," Xun reminded Long Chen, seeing that he was immersed in the mystery of the formations.

    Long Chen came out of his thoughts and nodded his head. He started flying back and landed before the courtyard of Elder Mu.

    He used teleport and teleported inside his room.

    "Thanks for taking care of everything," Long Chen thanked Mingyu.

    "It was nothing serious. No one came here at night," Mingyu replied as she took off the Mask and gave that to Long Chen. "I didn't even need to use it."

    "It was better to be cautious than to regret later," Long Chen said, shaking his head.

    "Anyway, thanks. You can go back now," He said to her as he moved forward and kissed her on the lips.

    Long Chen sent her back into the Fake World.

    He laid down on the bed and started resting and waiting for Elder Mu to wake up and come here.

    After an hour, Elder Mu came out of her room.

    She opened his room and stepped into Long Chen's room.

    She walked closer to Long Chen, who was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. She placed her hand on his cheeks.

    "Wake up, baby. You need to get ready, or you'll be late for the lecture of Temple Elder Mia," She let out softly.

    Long Chen slowly opened his eyes and sat up.

    Elder Mu told him that the herbal water was ready for her bath, and his clothes were already there.

    Long Chen got off the bed and went into the bathroom on his own.

    After a short shower, he came out of the bathroom with a different set of clothes.

    "Good. Let's go," Elder Mu said smilingly as she took Long Chen with her.

    She left her courtyard with him and brought out a beast.

    The Beast that she brought out of her beast bag was a Dark Soul Swallow. It was a powerful beast that was not very big in size. It was only big enough to carry two people on it.

    Still, what made Long Chen shocked was the Cultivation of the beast. It was a Peak Sky Realm beast who was way stronger than the Snake Monarch in Cultivation.

    In fact, the Dark Soul Swallow before him was just one step short of becoming a Heaven Realm  Beast.

    "Come on it," She said as she stood over the Dark Soul Swallow and gestured for Long Chen to come over as well.

    Long Chen stepped forth and climbed over the Dark Soul Swallow as well.

    The Dark Soul Swallow started flying.
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