515 Chapter 515: Exposed?

    The Dark Soul Swallow started flying towards the south and soon landed on the South edge of the floor.

    It was one of the places where Long Chen had seen one of the Teleportation formations. He didn't know where the other end of any of the teleportation formations was, so he hadn't stepped inside any of them and had come back after roaming around the floor.

    After the Dark Soul Swallow landed on the ground, Mu Yin stepped down from the swallow, holding Long Chen's hands.

    She sent the Dark Soul Swallow back into the beast bag.

    She took Long Chen and stepped inside the crystal chamber, which had the teleportation formation inside it.

    As soon as Mu Yun and Long Chen stood over the Teleportation Formation, it started shining.

    The teleportation formation shone for a few seconds before Long Chen found that his surroundings had changed. He was now standing in a different crystal chamber that was clearly on a different floor.

    He also saw two guards standing outside the crystal chamber, which verified his theory that the previous floor didn't have any guards because it was a floor for the elders.

    Mu Yun stepped out of the crystal chamber with Long Chen.

    "Elder Mu."

    As soon as she stepped out, the guards greeted her.

    Mu Yun nodded her head but didn't say anything. She brought the Dark Soul Swallow out of her beast bag once again and got on top of it with Long Chen.

    The Dark Soul Swallow started flying once again.

    While the Dark Soul Swallow was flying, Long Chen looked at the ground. He was able to see a lot of people on the ground and many new structures.

    This whole floor was completely different.

    While the Elder's floor gave him a feeling of emptiness and solace, this floor was full of life.

    He could see disciples walking here and there on the ground. Some of the disciples were being beaten by other disciples as well.

    He also saw a dead body of a disciple being carried away by some people that looked like servants.

    He could see how cruel this place was. The whole floor was like a wild world that seemed like a place where strength ruled. Even though there was no chaos here, there was bullying and a power structure. This place looked like what he imagined a true evil sect to look like, unlike the Dark Soul Sect.

    Even though the Dark Soul Sect had some harmful elements, they had clear rules for their disciples, and other than the Demon Disciple, no one allowed to kill anyone. The Dark Soul Sect was an evil sect for the outsider and rightfully so, but on the inside, Long Chen hadn't found that much different from normal sects.

    This place, on the other hand, looked genuinely chaotic. There were fights going on everywhere, people were dying, and no one seemed to care. He also saw some people that looked like the Elders walked by, not caring about anything that was happening around them. This place clearly didn't have many rules, and Long Chen was able to get a sense of that.

    He also saw a wide variety of structures in this place. The previous floor only had courtyards of Elders, which, even though looked luxurious, were not much exciting. This place, on the other hand, had many things.

    Long Chen saw big gardens, lakes, ponds that seemed to be filled with blood, fighting arenas where some people were practicing against their opponents. He also saw some places where an Elder was teaching something to a big crowd of disciples.

    Since the Dark Soul Swallow didn't stop there, he understood that this was probably a class, but not his class.

    After half an hour, the Dark Soul Swallow started lowering.

    Long Chen noticed that it was before a similar gathering, but the disciples here were small.

    There was a group of only fifty Disciples in this arena. A woman who looked to be in her early Forties was sitting before the disciples with her eyes closed.

    Long Chen assumed that the class hadn't started yet, or it was a meditation class.

    The Dark Soul Swallow landed on the ground before the arena.

    Mu Yun got down with Long Chen and sent her Dark Soul Swallow back to the beast bag again.

    She held Long Chen's hand and started walking towards the arena.

    The arena was like a big ground with a stoned floor.  It was a big circular arena that had a diameter of five hundred meters.  There was a beautiful courtyard at the exact center of the courtyard.

    A woman was sitting before the courtyard, facing the fifty or so disciples. She looked like she was in her early forties. She had long black hair and beautiful brownish eyes. She was wearing a beautiful red dress that covered most of her beautiful skin. She was an Elder of the Ghost Temple, just like Mu Yun.

    The arena was surrounded by a 12 feet tall wall from all around, and there was only one entrance to the arena, which was from the front.

    Mu Yun pushed the doors of the arena and entered the place.

    The black-haired woman opened her eyes as soon as Mu Yun stepped inside the arena. She looked towards the entrance and watched her come towards her without any change in her expressions.

    Mu Yun continued walking towards her and soon walked past the disciples who were focused on the front and hadn't noticed Mu Yun coming from behind.

    "Greetings Elder Mu," The disciples greeted her as soon as they saw her.

    Everyone greeted Mu Yun except three disciples that were just sitting near each other.

    All three of those were girls, and they were the same girls that had killed the real Mu Lin. They couldn't believe their eyes as they saw Long Chen before them, who was impersonating as Mu Lin.

    'H-how could he be alive?'

    They were all worrying now since everyone knew that Elder Mu was not a kind person. If she found out that they had tried killing her son, she would go to the far ends of the earth to get them punished.

    Just because they were afraid of Elder Mu Yun, they had tried their best to lure Mu Lin out of the Ghost Temple.

    Before they attacked him, they had made sure that he hadn't told anyone that he was invited outside by them. Only after making sure that everything had gone according to the plan did they begin to attack Mu Lin, and they threw his body in the lake. The girl in the lead had even used her most precious talisman to make sure that he would never be found.

    They never expected to see Mu Lin again, but not only were they seeing him now, but it also wasn't his body that was found by someone by accident. It was Mu Lin who was walking before them on his own. He was clearly alive. They couldn't help but feel scared at what was about to happen next.

    They believed that Elder Mu Lin had probably come here to punish them for what they did.

    "Mu Yun, How come you are here with him today? Are you going to babysit him on classes as well?" the black-haired girl said in an annoyed tone as she looked in Mu Yun's eyes.

    "There is no need to be like that, Ruan Yi, I am here to tell you about a certain important situation and make sure that you understand. It is related to Mu Lin and what happened to him yesterday," Mu Yun let out, shaking her head.

    Her words were heard by the Disciples and especially the three girls who had killed Mu Lin.
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