517 Chapter 517: The battle

    Even though Long Chen wanted to see how strong the girls were compared to an average Cultivator who had the same Cultivation, he knew that it was impossible for him to get an accurate reading considering the fact that none of them were allowed to use Martial Skills. All they could do was use their hands and legs to engage in a battle of strength and tactics.

    Without the use of martial skills, it was impossible to see their actual strength. He couldn't get an accurate reading on them unless they used their cultivation and skills, but this also saved Long Chen some trouble for the future.

    Even though he had decided that he would use an excuse of having no memory to not fight, but if that excuse didn't work on Ruan Yi, and she told him to fight at whatever cost, then he still had an edge. As long as it was a battle of tactics and strength, he believed that he was able to handle it without arousing suspicions, but if it came to using skills, then he would have been in trouble since he couldn't show his skills and he didn't know the skills of Mu Lin. Fortunately, that was not the situation for now.

    Overall, he found this situation to be still manageable, looking at the current scene. While he was still waiting for the fight to start, he heard the people that were sitting nearby beginning to talk.

    "Ai Li will definitely win. There's not even a single doubt in my mind. Du Lia is in for some big pain. She just had to be matched with Ai Li. Such bad luck," One of the guys said.

    "I agree. It's clear that Du Lia has no chance, and she can't even surrender. All she can do is give her best in the fight and get beaten with grace. The only way for the fight to be over is when the next person loses consciousness, and it's impossible to fake that since Elder Ruan is watching the battles, and she has a skill that helps her know if someone is truly unconscious or not. Du Lia can't do anything but get beaten." another person replied.

    Long Chen heard their words and guessed that one of the girls clearly had an advantage, but he couldn't guess who it was. He didn't know the names of any of the people here except Mi Lao, who had killed Mu Lin. Thus, he didn't know who Ai Li was. Both the girls had a similar Cultivation, so he couldn't guess either.

    He still had the excuse of lost memory, though, so he decided to use it.

    He looked towards the guys that were talking.

    "Who is Ai Li?" Long Chen asked.

    The guys looked at him with an understanding look on their faces.

    "I heard Elder Mu's words. You lost your memory, so it's understandable that you don't know who Ai Li is. She is the girl in the blue," one of them replied.

    "I never expected that you would ever be able to forget her after she had slapped you that day, but injuries can make anything happen, I guess." Another person chimed in.

    Long Chen couldn't help but smile wryly.

    'What was up with this dude? Was his lady luck really that bad? Slapped by one of the girls in this class and killed by another three girls in this class. He definitely didn't have any luck with girls at all,' Long Chen thought as he shook his head.

    He started looking towards the girls. The fight had started, and it was just as they had described.

    As soon as the fight started, it was clear who was going to win.

    Ai Li had attacked straight away, and Du Lia straight up defended her face from the fist of Ai Li, but that was not enough.

    A kick landed on her stomach, making her fly away.

    Du Lia landed on the ground as she coughed out a mouthful of blood.

    She held her aching stomach as she stood up.

    Ai Li acted like a proper fighter and gave Du Lia the time to get up, but Long Chen knew that it was not that simple.

    He could feel that there was some kind of arrogance on Ai Li's face. Long Chen believed that she intentionally wanted to show off before the other disciples, and that was why she hadn't attacked Du Lia when she was down.

    Long Chen didn't care, though. She could take all the day, and he still wouldn't mind since he wouldn't have to fight in that case.

    "Thank you," Du Lia thanked Ai Li for not attacking her when she was down.

    Long Chen couldn't help but shake her head.

    "You can attack me now. I'm giving you the opportunity. I won't use my hand to protect myself or to attack," Ai Li declared as she placed her hand behind her back and stood tall proudly.

    Du Lia nodded her head, believing that it was Ai Li being overconfident. She wanted to utilize this opportunity, and she ran to attack her.

    Du Lia reached near Ai Li and punched towards her face.

    'She fell for it,'  Long Chen thought as he noticed the movement of Ai Li's foot. 'She claimed that she wouldn't use her hand to attack or defend, but she didn't say that she wouldn't use her legs to attack. This was a big negligence from Du Lia,'

    What happened next was exactly what he expected.

    Ai Li dodged the attack and raised her knee. Her knee managed to hit the chin of Du Lia, who was completely unaware.

    Du Lia crashed on the ground. Because of the sudden unexpected hit on her chin, her open mouth closed suddenly, and her tongue was cut off in the process. She also lost some of her teeth before she fell down.

    Her mouth was filled with blood as she lost consciousness.

    Long Chen saw the battle end and couldn't help but sigh.

    'One of them is too trusting and stupid, and the other one is too arrogant. Both of them will die in a real close combat battle against a clever enemy even if the enemy has the same strength as them,' he thought.

    Ai Li glanced back towards Ruan Yi with a proud smile on her face.

    Ruan Yi stood up and walked towards Du Lia. She placed a Life-Healing Pill in her mouth and left her for the pill to take effect.

    She looked towards Ai Li.

    "Good tactic, but it won't work in front of a real enemy. They won't trust you enough to fall for that. Also, not attacking the enemy when they are down is the biggest mistake you can make in a battle. Both of you fail in my test," Ruan Yi let out.

    "Pick Du Lia and take her back," she told Ai Li before she walked back.

    Ai Li looked stunned at her back. She was disappointed at the evaluation, but she didn't express her discontent. She picked up Du Lia and went back to the seats.

    "Number two, you're next. Come forward. I don't have all day to waste here," Ruan Yi let out.

    Two people stood up and walked ahead.

    One of these two people was Ru Shen, the strongest disciple of this class, and he was also the only Peak Earth Realm Cultivator present in this arena.

    The other person was a girl who looked a few years older than Ru Shen. She was an eighth stage Earth Realm Cultivator. She was also the friend of Mi Lao and one of the girls that had helped her kill Mu Lin.

    Long Chen couldn't help but smile. This was the fight he could predict. The scared expressions on the girl's face were telling him the whole story about the strength of the boy before him.
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