518 Chapter 518: Against the Killer

    Long Chen could feel that he was going to enjoy the fight. It was going to be fun to watch the girl who had helped to kill Mu Lin get beaten. Even though Long Chen hadn't known Mu Lin personally, he found a sense of closeness to Mu Lin.

    Both of them had a similar past. While Long Chen was thrown off a cliff by a bastard for no crime, Mu Lin also had a similar bad fate. He was also killed for no crime. He was also thrown off.

    There were only a few differences. One of the differences was that Long Chen was thrown off a cliff, and Mu Lin was thrown into a lake. Another difference was that Long Chen was thrown off the cliff with the intention to kill while Mu Lin was killed first before he was thrown.

    Long Chen disliked the girls from his core as he saw a glimpse of Long Su in them.

    He also knew that if he met them outside the Ghost Temple, he might enjoy killing them the same way. While he was reveling in the thoughts of torturing and killing them, he heard Xun's voice in his head.

    "Don't lose yourself in the darkness of apathy and hate. The apathy might be because of the Dark Sacrifice, but the hate is your own. You need to keep calm. You can't let yourself become that..."

    'I know. I'm not going to do anything that would create trouble for me inside the Ghost Temple. That includes killing them,' Long Chen replied, shaking his head.

    'And there's no problem in doing it when it won't be able to create any trouble for me,' he added.

    Xun didn't reply again as if she didn't know what to say.

    Long Chen placed his focus back on the battle before him, which was about to begin.


    Ruan Yi gave the command to start the battle.

    As soon as the command left her mouth, it was all over. The battle was over.

    Most of the people didn't even see what had happened. All they saw was a shadow, and the next second, the girl was lying on the ground, unconscious.

    Even though most of them couldn't see what happened clearly, there were a few that were focused enough to know what had happened.

    Long Chen was one of the few people who saw what happened. Even though it might be fast for others, it was like a normal speed for Long Chen.

    "Interesting," he muttered with an interested look on his face.

    He could see that the boy hadn't used any Martial Skill, but there was something mystical about his footwork that was able to make him move fast. His raw strength was also really high.

    A single punch to the girl was enough to make her fly and crash on the ground. The girl had instantly lost her consciousness. Long Chen also heard a few cracking sounds. He was sure that some of the bones of the girls were definitely broken, but Long Chen believed that if the guy wanted, he could have killed her in one move.

    'This place definitely has some talents,' Long Chen thought.

    "Fast, quick, ruthless, and didn't give the opponent any chance to take advantage. Good work, but you still need to work on your control,' Ruan Yi said as she stood up again. She walked to the girl and gave her a Life Healing Pill.

    Ru Shen bowed before Ruan Yi before he walked back.

    "Mi Lao, she's your friend, right? Take her back," Ruan Yi called Mi Yao before she walked back.

    Mi Lao came ahead and took the girl back.

    "Next, Number three,"

    "Number Four."

    The battles continued, and the fighting pairs kept coming forward. Only one of the two that came forward together walked back on his foot while the other person was carried back by their friends after being fed a life healing pill.

    "Number Five."


    "Number Twenty Four!"

    Two more people stepped out. This time, both of them were guys, and both of them looked strong. They both had a Cultivation of the ninth stage of Earth Realm.

    The battle between them was intense. Neither of them was willing to be defeated, and they both gave it their all.

    Long Chen found their strength to be equal truly. The battle lasted for twenty minutes before it was over.

    Even though the both of them had the same strength, there was a major difference, which was in stamina. It became the deciding factor between loss and Victory.

    "Good battle. Even though strength and defense are one of the two factors that can decide victory and defeat, they are not the only factor that can help you clinch victory in desperate situations. There is another factor that people often tend to forget. It is the stamina and the endurance. Without stamina, you can't last in a battle, and you're already defeated."

    " This should be the lesson that you take away from this fight today. It will definitely help you in the future," Ruan Yi said at the end of the battle as she fed the loser the Life Healing Pill.

    She walked back to her seat.

    "Our last pair, number Twenty-five. I don't think I need to ask who they are. Come forward," Ruan Yi let out.

    There were fifty Disciples in the arena, including Long Chen, and forty-eight of them had already fought. Long Chen already knew his opponent when the 24th fight had started since he and Mi Lao were the only two people that hadn't fought yet.

    Both of them had the slip, which had twenty-five written on it.

    Long Chen stood up and walked forth. Mi Lao did the same.

    Even though Long Chen wanted to crush Mi Lao, he still hadn't come to a point where he would shed all reason to beat Mi Lao.

    He wanted to avoid the fight if he could because he didn't want to attract attention. He knew that if the fight started, he wasn't going to lose consciousness, or the Mask of Mischief would lose its effect, and he would be exposed. The only option he would have would be to beat the heck out Mi Lao while trying to be less obvious.

    Mi Lao had already positioned herself in the battle spot, but Long Chen was still standing before Ruan Yi.

    "Go on, what are you waiting for?" Ruan Yi let out as she saw Long Chen not moving.

    "I don't think I can fight," Long Chen told Ruan Yi.

    "Because you lost your memories? Because you lost your skills? Is that what you want to say? Well, it might come as a shock to you, but strength isn't lost with memories and body reflexes aren't weakened since your body has already adjusted to them over time. As for the skills, it's a hand to hand battle. You don't need to remember any skill or any weapon art. Now stop wasting my time and go there. You are going to fight, and I won't listen to any excuse,"

    "I don't care what your mother will say. Let her complain. She wanted a normal class for you, and I'm giving you a normal class. I'll handle her backlash myself," Ruan Yi let out as she gestured for Long Chen to go to Mi Lao for battle.

    Long Chen couldn't help but sigh. He had already expected that, but he still tried.

    Long Chen started walking towards Mi Lao and stood five meters away from her.

    "I heard that you were attacked by a beast yesterday, and you lost your memory. You are lucky that you only lost your memory and didn't die. Just know that I'm not going easy on you," Mi Lao declared. She also wished to kill Long Chen accidentally, but she knew that it was impossible with Ruan Yi around.
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