519 Chapter 519: The Greatest Genius

    "Thank you for your kind words. Don't worry about going easy on me. I don't think I can even last a second. I just hope that you will finish it fast," Long Chen replied, shaking his head.

    "I'll fulfill that wish of yours," Mi Lao let out as she started moving towards Long Chen.

    Mi Yao appeared before Long Chen and punched towards his chest. Long Chen used his swift footwork as he placed his left leg behind his right leg and turned his body to the side, easily dodging the punch.

    Mi Lao was shocked at what she saw. She couldn't understand what just happened. How could a boy like Mu Lin have such reflexes and move so fast?

    Without waiting, she instantly jumped back. She was fearful of Long Chen's retaliation since she had missed. She believed that Long Chen could utilize this opportunity to attack her, and that's why she did her best to jump back.

    She landed five meters away from Long Chen. As she landed on the ground, she noticed that Long Chen was still standing in his original position, looking at her.

    Ruan Yi and the others looked at Long Chen with great interest. Since it was the first time they were all going through battles without Qi and skill, it was also the only time when people's movement and personal strength were under highlight, so they were surprised that Long Chen was able to survive Mi Lao's attack so skillfully.

    "Sigh, I am still standing? I guess you are really kind inside that tough exterior. You went easy on me," Long Chen let out with a subtle smile on his face.

    Mi Lao was getting angry after seeing the smile on his face, and her words only infuriated her more. The truth was that she hadn't gone easy on him, and that made her angrier looking at the ease he was able to dodge the attack.

    She again started running towards Long Chen, and this time, she didn't try to punch him. Instead, she turned her body and kicked towards Long Chen's neck.

    Even though her attacks were fast for others, Long Chen was a person that had fought against peal Sky Realm Cultivators. The attacks of s 9th Stage Earth Realm cultivator seemed like the attack of a snail in comparison.

    His speed was much more than her even when he just used physical abilities, but he intentionally controlled his speed just enough to make it seem like it was a close escape as he dropped down to his knees and managed to dodge her kick.

    He didn't stop there, though, as this time, he decided to attack.

    Long Chen was on his knees while Mi Lao's legs were above his head. He punched out towards her stomach.

    Even though he controlled his attack as well, his attack strength was still enough to make her fly back. She flew back like a stone that was thrown back and crashed on the ground.

    Her stomach was aching, but she noticed that she was not seriously injured. None of her bones were broken, but surprisingly, she could still feel more pain than she would have felt when her bones would be broken. She couldn't help but cry in pain as she held her stomach.

    Long Chen stood up as he looked at his fist as if he was amazed at what he just did. He looked shocked, as well. He was still trying to be in his character of a person that had forgotten his ability and was still able to throw someone flying back without using any skills.

    At this point, even Ru Shen was frowning. Previously he wasn't looking at the fight since he believed that it was an easy win for Mi Lao and that it was not interesting enough, but he started looking after he heard people talk about how Long Chen dodged the attack of Mi Lao. Since then, he was placing his focus on the battle, and he noticed the current exchange clearly.

    He saw everything clearly, and he noticed that Long Chen had dodged her attack just by a hair's breadth, and his attack also seemed surprisingly swift. It was as if he knew what he was doing, but it still had elements of improvisations, according to him. He could help but place even more attention on Long Chen and his fight.

    "Ah, Are you fine?" Long Chen asked Mi Lao as he started walking towards her.

    Mi Lao held her aching stomach and stood up. Ninety percent of the pain had subsided, and she was able to stand up and move, but even the ten percent of the pain that was left was giving her trouble. Her face was still pale and looked as if she was in trouble.

    "You don't look fine," Long Chen asked her.

    Most people believed that Long Chen was not in his right mind not to attack the enemy when he had the opportunity, and he was instead asking for the well being of the enemy. Mi Lao, on the other hand, saw it as Long Chen's effort to mock her and his effort to annoy her.

    "I will kill you!" Mi Lao roared in anger as she ran towards Long Chen and attacked him.

    Her speed seemed much faster as she instantly appeared before Long Chen.

    Ruan Yi and Ru Shen both frowned as they noticed one irregularity. They both noticed that Mi Lao had lost her sense of reasoning and that she was using her cultivation to enhance her physical abilities, which was against the rules of the battle today.

    Ru Shen didn't say anything since he believed that Elder Ruan had already seen it, and if she still hadn't stopped it, then he had no reason to point it out.

    Ruan Yi, on the other hand, didn't stop it because she wanted to see if the boy before her could dodge again or not. Since the battle had begun, Mi Lao had been unable to move, and she believed that there was something odd. She wanted to see if losing memories had done some miracles on Long Chen's bottleneck or his talent or not.

    She knew the history of Mu Lin. Mu Lin was the son of Elder Mu Yun and a man that even she was afraid to name. When Mu Lin was born, not only she but everyone in the sect believed that the boy would become a great person in the future. He was the son of that person after all. They believed that if Mu Lin had even one percent of that Man's talent, then he was destined to reach the most incredible heights than anyone in the sect had achieved.

    Mu Lin's initial years were highly successful as well, and it only worked to boost their beliefs further that he was going to become a big name in this world.

    When Mu Lin was only seven years old, he had broken into the Gold Core Realm. When he turned ten, he was already in the Earth Realm. By the age of twelve, he was a fifth stage Earth Realm Cultivator.

    Mu Lin was a talent that the sect had never seen since its history. His Cultivation speed could only be described as inhumane, which was not shocking considering his father. Even the Temple Master of the Ghost Temple was excited to see the future growth of Mu Lin. He believed that Mu might pass his Cultivation realm before he turned thirty.

    Almost everyone was sure that Mu Lin would become the next sect master. Mu Lin was loved by everyone in the sect, and he was the favorite of all of them. Almost everyone saw Mu Lin as the person who would take the Ghost Temple to the greatest heights in this world and beyond.
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