520 Chapter 520: The History

    All these hopes came crashing down when Mu Lin turned Twelve, though. It was the last time he had achieved a breakthrough. People kept waiting for years, but Mu Lin wasn't able to break through to the sixth stage of the Earth Realm. The sect used all the resources they could to help Mu Lin pass through his bottleneck, but nothing worked.

    Years kept passing, and Mu Lin kept staying in the same Cultivation Realm. He just couldn't break through anymore. No one understood what was happening. The brightest boy that the Ghost Temple had seen had become the most ordinary. Years kept passing, and just like that, seven years passed, but Mu Lin wasn't able to breakthrough. The sect had also given up on him, thinking that this was the limit of his potential.

    They thought that even though Mu Lin got the immense Cultivation talent and speed from his father, the potential of his body was limited, and it was reached when he got to the Fifth Stage of Earth Realm.

    Mu Lin, the star of everyone's eyes, disappeared from the sky and fell down on the ground. The other Disciples caught up to his Cultivation and even passed through his Cultivation in the last seven years.

    Even though Mu Lin's shine had disappeared, his life in the temple was still good since he was the son of Elder Mu. And not even the Ghost Temple wanted to behave badly with Mu Lin.

    Even though the disciples and the others didn't know about the reality of Mu Lin, the Temple Elders and the Temple Master knew everything. They knew about his father as well, and they were all fearful of him. None of them wanted to offend Mu Lin because of him.

    Even though Mu Lin's father hadn't appeared in a long time, they knew that he was alive somewhere. They didn't want to offend that monster for petty reasons like saving some resources. Even though Mu Lin couldn't break through, he received the same amount of resources from the Temple every year.

    Long Chen didn't know anything about that history. Even Ru Shen didn't know anything about it other than the fact that Mu Lin was a genius of the sect that had become a trash.

    Ruan Yi, on the other hand, knew everything. She wondered if it was Mu Lin's rise again. Did his curse get broken because of him being injured? His reflexes were clearly superior than they should have been usually.

    She wanted to see more clearly if her assumption was right and Mi Lao using her Cultivation to fight against Mu Lin, who wasn't using his Cultivation or he didn't have any skills was definitely the best opportunity.


    Long Chen was standing before Mi Lao at some distance when she suddenly appeared before him. Long Chen understood that she was cheating, but he couldn't point out as that would mean that he would have to break his Character and that it would raise suspicions. All he could do was play it like he was lucky and unaware of how he was doing anything.

    Mu Lao punched Long Chen again, and Long Chen once again dodged the attack as he moved to the side without any trouble. This time, Mi Lao didn't live back, though. She followed up with a kick towards Long Chen's head, but Long Chen didn't have any trouble dealing with that either.

    He ducked down, and instead of attacking her, he held her leg.

    As soon as he caught her leg, he knew that he had her.

    He kept holding her leg as he pulled her closer with her leg, making her lose balance.

    Mi Lao fell down, but Long Chen didn't go easy this time. He kept holding her left leg as he swung his arm a complete 180 degree and raised her above his head and smashed her on the other side.

    Mi Lao's head was stuck on what seemed like a stoned floor. Her head started bleeding, but he didn't stop as he smashed her on the other side of him. Long Chen kept smashing Mi Lao as if she was a toy, and he was a kid. He didn't even look at her face that was swollen and covered in blood.

    After he smashed her head on the ground for the twelfth time, he heard Ruan Yi's voice.

    "That's enough. She lost her consciousness long ago. You can free her."

    Long Chen looked towards Ryan Yi before he looked toward Mi Lao's face and nodded his head as he freed her leg, making her fall on the ground.


    Ruan Yi stood up and walked towards Mi Lao. She opened her swollen mouth and fed her a Life Healing Pill.

    'This sect is so rich. They wasted twenty-five life healing pills so casually for just a single class,' Long Chen couldn't help but wonder.

    Ruan Yi looked towards Mi Lao's friends and told her to take Mi Lao's back.

    Her friend came forward and took Mi Lao back.

    Ruan Yi looked towards Long Chen, but she didn't say anything to him as she walked back. She didn't even give any opinion about this fight.

    She sat on her seat and glanced back at Long Chen, who was still looking at her.

    "You can go back to your seat," She said.

    Long Chen nodded his head as he walked back and sat on his seat.

    'What is she thinking? She didn't compliment anything like how I was bad for not attacking her when I had the opportunity or something like that. Did I shock her too much, or was Mi Lao, her relatives, and made her upset? That would explain why she didn't object when she started using Cultivation,' Long Chen thought.

    Almost everyone was looking at Long Chen with a stunned look on their faces.

    "How did you do it, man?"

    "How are you so good at dodging?"

    "Didn't you lose your memories? Did you learn something to make your body faster after that?"

    The people that were sitting near Long Chen started asking questions one after another.


    Ruan Yi suddenly thundered

    "Keep sitting in silence. We will continue after everyone that is unconscious wakes up. I want to hear no noise till then," She declared as she closed her eyes. She didn't forget to take one last glance at Long Chen before closing her eyes, though.

    She closed her eyes and fell in a deep thought. All she was thinking was Long Chen's fight, which she misunderstood as Mu Lin's abilities returning.

    'Is he really advancing? It should not be what a normal fifth stage Earth Realm Cultivator should be able to do against a person in the Ninth stage of the Earth Realm. Their speed should be far apart, especially when she was using her Cultivation. It shouldn't be unless his talent is really waking up. If it is true, then it will be the biggest thing to happen. I must test more,' She thought as she kept repeating the scenes of the fight in her mind.

    Time kept passing slowly, and no one said anything. Even though the other Disciples wanted to ask Long Chen the questions they had in their minds, they couldn't go against Ruan Yi's wishes.

    Most of the unconscious disciples had woken up as half an hour passed away. The only one that was still unconscious was Mi Lao. Even though her wounds had healed because of the Life Healing Pill and her swollen face had returned to normal, she still hadn't gained consciousness.

    Another half an hour passed away before she finally woke up. Her friends told her what had happened after she lost consciousness.

    Mi Lao couldn't help but glare at Long Chen with a poisonous gaze as if she wanted to murder him.
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