521 Chapter 521: Change in Mask of Mischief

    "Elder Ruan, Everyone has woken up now."

    One of the disciples informed Elder Ruan Yi, who still had her eyes closed.

    Elder Ruan opened her eyes and gazed at everyone. She nodded her head as she noticed that everyone was indeed up.

    "It's good that you have all woken up. I'm sure that now you all know your shortcomings when it comes to close combat. I hope that you will never forget that and work to improve you. Anyway, We will be going to some other place. Stand up and get on the Giant Tiger Swan," She told everyone.

    She tapped her beast bag, and instantly a beast came out of the bag.

    It was a Giant Beast that had the same shape as a swan, but it had the skin of a tiger. Another interesting thing was its winds, which looked like the wings of a bat, which were white in color.

    It was called the Giant Tiger Swan, which was ten meters long. It had a wingspan of thirty meters.

    The Giant Tiger Swan was a peculiar flying beast. It didn't have a fast speed and the strength of the Dark Soul Swallow of Elder Mu, but it had another specialty altogether. It was known to be the best carrier beast that could carry a large number of people on its back. That was why it was used in the sect mostly. It was it's specialty and it excelled in it.

    It was easily able to carry over a hundred people, so it was a child's play for it to carry the fifty-one people present in the arena, including Elder Ruan to their destination.

    The Disciples started standing up and climbed on top of the Giant Tiger Swan. Long Chen also followed the others and did the same. As he was walking, he felt a killing intent on his back. He didn't even have to turn back to know who it was that was feeling this way about him. It was clear to him that it was Mi Lao who was probably thirsty for his blood, but he didn't care about what she wanted.

    After all the disciples sat on the Giant Tiger Swan, Ruan Yi also stood up.

    She flew into the sky and landed on the back of the Giant Tiger Swan.

    The Giant Tiger Swan started rising in the air and started flying towards a certain direction on this floor.

    Long Chen sat on the beast, wondering where they were going. He was sure that the other people had no idea either since they were asking the same question. Long Chen wanted to ask some more questions about the temple from other Disciples, but he wasn't getting an opportunity since Ruan Yi wasn't sitting far away. He knew that she would hear what he was saying.

    The Giant Tiger Swan flew for over twenty minutes before it started going down. It soon landed on the ground before a big mansion-like place that covered a wide area.

    Long Chen saw the mansion and wondered what this place was. It reminded him of the big mansions of the cities of the continent. It was the first time he was seeing a place like this. He wondered if it was the residence of someone. If it was indeed the residence of someone, then that person was definitely much higher in position than the Elders since his place was so much more lavish looking, from outside at least.

    Ruan Yi jumped and landed on the ground before the Giant Tiger Swan could even land on the ground. The other Disciples came down after the flying beast landed on the ground.

    Ruan Yi sent the beast inside the beast bag and gestured for the others to follow her inside the place ahead.

    She started walking towards the mansion. As soon as she stood before the door, it opened on its own without her having to push it. It was as if the door was automatic.

    'A formation that detects the person and opens the door? That's pretty cool,' Long Chen thought as he guessed the reason for the door opening and saw the formation on the ground.

    The other Disciples also entered the mansion after her.

    Long Chen finally saw the interior of the Mansion, and it was nothing like he ever expected.

    He had expected it to be a living place of someone, but it was nothing but a giant hall.

    There was a Giant Formation at the center of this big hall.

    There was a chair placed just outside that formation, and an old man was sitting on the chair.

    The Old man was wearing a black robe that looked as ordinary as it could. It wasn't even clean. The dust could still be seen on the robe as if it wasn't cleaned for a long time. It was clear that the man didn't care for appearances.

    The old man had his eyes closed, and he didn't open it even after they all entered the place.

    "Ruan Yi, why did you bring them here today?" The old man said, without looking at Ruan Yi.

    Ruan Yi walked towards the Old Man and whispered something in her ears.

    As soon as the old man heard her words, his eyes opened ass he frowned.

    He looked towards the disciples. Long Chen could feel that the old man was especially looking at him.

    Fortunately, Long Chen had modified the mask. He had received the inheritance of the formation master from the Bloodline Temple. He had found out that the mask of mischief worked because of the special formations that were carved on it.

    Some of these formations were something that Long Chen had no idea how to modify. He hoped to modify those formations to improve the mask of mischief so that it won't only change the face, but also change the Physique of the person using it so that the person would be able to impersonate anyone they wanted, irrespective of their body size. That was currently impossible for him depending on the limitation of his knowledge of formations.

    Even though he couldn't modify those formations, there were some formations that he was able to modify.

    One of those formations was the formation of limitations. It placed a limitation on the usage of the mask depending on the Cultivation of the user. That was why Long Chen wasn't able to use it for a long time before. It was probably placed there to stop the misuse of the Mask of Mischief, but Long Chen was able to modify that formation.

    That was why he was able to keep the mask activated for so long. He had finished that when he was in the Ship of the True Dao Sect since he believed that the Mask of Mischief was going to be his biggest weapon on his trip to the Ghost Temple.

    Another Formation that he modified was the effects of the Mask. He made the effects even stronger. Let alone a Heaven Realm Cultivator, even the Cultivators at higher Cultivation wouldn't be able to look through his disguise. That's why he wasn't worried when someone glared at him anymore. They couldn't see his true self, no matter how hard they tried.

    The Old Man looked at Long Chen  before he glanced back at Ruan Yi as he asked. "Is this true, or are you joking?"

    "That is the truth, and that's why I came here. It is really important, and I'm sure that you understand it as well. It's not confirmed, though. I came here to confirm it subtly. If I'm wrong, then we can bury this matter here without anyone knowing of this mistake, but if it's true, then the whole sect will be shaken," She whispered in the ears of the old man.

    "That would be an understatement," The old man muttered.

    "Alright. You can use it," He gave the permission.
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