523 Chapter 523: Revealed

    Previously, the formation only shone for a few seconds before it stopped, but this time, the formation shone for much longer and it didn't show any sign of stopping. The formation shone for over a minute before it finally stopped shining.

    Everyone wondered why it took so long for the formation to stop when it was Long Chen's turn. They were wondering when the formation would stop,and as soon as it stopped, they all started looking towards the roof as they waited for the results to appear.

    Something was strange, though. The roof was entirely white like it had been when they had first entered the hall, which meant that it hadn't changed the color for Long Chen even the slightest.

    They all waited for a few seconds, but the color didn't change, no matter how much they waited.

    None of them noticed that the old man in the background had abruptly stood up as he glared at the roof.

    "Impossible!" He muttered.

    "The roof isn't going to change color. That idiot probably has no potential. It is clear seeing that he hadn't broken through in the last few years. All of his potential is already finished. That's why the formation was shining for so long. It was trying to find any drop of potential hidden in his body, but it still couldn't find any. What a waste of space he is," Mi Lao snorted as she mocked Long Chen.

    The other Disciples started laughing as they looked at Long Chen with pitiful gazes.

    Long Chen ignored their taunts since he knew that it wasn't true. He looked towards Ruan Yi to see her expressions, but he noticed that she and the old man were still looking at the roof with incredulous looks on their faces. It was as if they couldn't believe it.

    Long Chen wondered what was happening.

    What he didn't know was that the roof did not show seven colors only. It showed eight colors. The eighth color was gray.

    The first seven colors were to show the potential of levels one to seven. The eighth color was to show that the person had no potential. If the person had no potential, the roof turned grey.

    There was only one reason for the roof not to change color even after the formation shone. It was when the potential was so vast, that the formation was unable to measure it. That was the only case when the roof wouldn't change the color.

    Amongst the people that were present here, only the old man and Ruan Yi knew about it. While the other Disciples were mocking Long Chen for no potential, they knew that the reality was entirely different. The boy didn't have no potential, instead he had a potential that was higher than level seven. They believed that his talent haf recovered.

    The shock on their face soon turned to elation. The old man started chuckling.

    "The world has blessed us! He has recovered!" He muttered as he smiled.

    Ruan Yi was also smiling from ear to ear as she looked at the roof.

    "After seven years, finally there is light," She muttered.

    The old man looked towards Ruan Yi.

    "Don't tell anyone anything about it. The kids don't need to know. I will talk to the Temple Master, and you can tell Mu Yun about it, but no one else needs to know. The Temple Elder will decide what is needed to do done next," the Old Man said to Ruan Yi

    "I understand. I was thinking the same thing," The girl said as she smiled.

    Long Chen was standing inside the formation. Even though other Disciples didn't hear the words of Ruan Yi and the old man, he had managed to listen to it clearly.

    'I have recovered? I don't think they are talking about my memory. Could it be about the potential that I didn't know about? The roof not changing color must mean something special. It must mean something good when it comes to Potential to make them so excited,' Long Chen thought.

    He suddenly remembered the words of Mu Yun last evening when he was pretending to be unconscious.

    'She had talked about something bad that was probably because of Mu Lin's father, and she was apologizing. Could it be that Mu Lin had a bad potential because of some bad things that happened, and looking at my potential, they believe that he has healed?' Long Chen continued with his thought process as he tried to piece things together.

    The old man looked at Long Chen with a gentle look on his face. Long Chen saw the happiness in his face, which made him believe his assumption.

    The other disciples were still mocking Long Chen. Ruan Yi couldn't help but get angry as she heard their mocking tones.

    "Silence! The roof didn't change color because I had forgotten that the formation could only measure potential 49 times in a day. That is why we aren't able to measure Mu Lin's Potential today."

    "There's no problem. From what I believe, his potential should be around level 3 or level 4. Mu Lin, go back to the others. We will measure your potential next time," Ruan Yi said.

    The disciples turned silent. If it was another person, they might have believed that the person was lying to save Mu Lin's reputation since that boy was the son of a Temple Elder, but they didn't doubt Ruan Yi. Ruan Yi was known as the person that was the most strict and the person that didn't care for anyone's feelings, including other elders. They didn't think that Ruan Yi would lie for Mu Lin.

    Also, most people believed that it should be impossible that a person didn't even have level one potential and still become a Cultivator. Ruan Yi's explanation made sense, as well.

    "Since we are done here, we are leaving," Ruan Yi told the others as she started walking towards the exit of the hall. The disciples followed after her, including Long Chen.

    Long Chen could feel that someone was keeping an eye on him, but he didn't look back since he knew that it was the old man that hadn't taken his gaze off of him since he stood up.

    'They must have a close bond between the Elders to be happy for the returning of the potential of Mu Yun's son,' he thought.

    Ruan Yi and the others stepped out of the hall.

    Ruan Yi again tapped her beast bag, and the Giant Tiger Swan once again came out and landed before them.

    "Get On," Ruan Yi said.

    The Disciples got on the flying beast, and Ruan Yi did the same.

    The beast started flying high in the sky and took them back to the arena where they were previously.

    The beast landed in the arena.

    "Go back to your seats," Ruan Yi told the disciples. They all got down from the beast and went back to their seat.

    Ruan Yi sent the Giant Tiger Swan back in her beast bag and went back to the small hut at the center and sat before it, facing the disciples.

    She glanced at the faces of all her disciples, but especially the face of Long Chen

    "Alright. Let's continue the day. Today, I told you about the importance of close combat and having Various physical skills, and I told you about your potential. Now, I will tell you about how you can decide on how to plan your Cultivation based on your potential and where you need to keep your end goal. Also, we would be doing something that might kill you," She said casually.

    From her tone, it didn't seem like she was talking about something serious, but her words were enough to make people get serious.
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