524 Chapter 524: No Sky

    'What could be more dangerous than battle, still one side needed a life healing pill?' Long Chen thought as he smiled wryly. The only thing that could be more dangerous was the actual death but he didn't believe that Ruan Yi was serious.

    The Temple that had so many resources to waste wouldn't let disciples die in the class. Long Chen knew that the Temple didn't care if the disciples died in the Temple. It was clear when Long Chen was coming here with Mu Yun. People were dying and no one was caring, but it was different this time.

    It was like a class and the Elder was responsible for their safety from what Long Chen understood. The first test made it clear to him when Ruan Yi used the life healing pills on everyone that was seriously injured.

    While Long Chen was lost in thoughts, Ruan Yi started thinking.

    "First, the people that had the grade three potential. The highest you can achieve is the Peak of Sky Realm. I'm sorry for crushing your hopes, but that's where you should keep your head to not be disappointed. Still, that doesn't mean that you don't have to work hard." Ruan Yi said as she glanced at the people that had found out that their potential was grade three and didn't know before.

    " You know that hard work can sometimes create miracles and even I can't say what the future holds. Just treat this as a suggestion to help you not be disappointed, but not as something that demotivates you," Ruan Yi added as she continued explaining as she glanced at everyone

    Even though she said as if she was talking to everyone, she clearly talked to the ones that had found out that they were grade three potential

    Long Chen nodded his head as he agreed with some of her words. It was better to keep aims low but it was never okay to give up on the battle before it even started. His personal aim was high, but he knew that he had the opportunity to get there because he had no limit. His body had the blood of a special being and it hadn't even woken up yet, still he was so powerful.

    He could only hope to understand how powerful he would be when it actually awakens. His future and his body had no limit as long as he was able to stay alive and he fully believed that he had a high chance of survival.

    Even though he hadn't been able to further his comprehension of the Space Law yet, he knew that when he made the Space Law Tree, he would be almost immortal since no enemy would be able to catch him. That was when he would be at the true peak of the world in comprehension. That was when he would become the master of space and that was only one law. He had many laws and he had the opportunity to make many Law Trees. He couldn't even imagine how powerful the Tree of Darkness would be once it was formed.

    Ruan Yi again started talking.

    "Those that had grade four potential, you guys have a good chance of breaking through to the Heaven Realm, but there is no guarantee that you would succeed. As I said, the potential only describes the limitations of your body, not the talent that you have for Cultivation. You might succumb to bottleneck before you even get to the sky realm. You need to keep your focus and persevere on the path of Cultivation with a single focus," Ruan Yi said to the disciples.

    The ones that had the Grade Four potential were excited to know that they had the possibility of becoming a Heaven Realm Cultivator which was great since they could become an Elder of the temple after breaking through to the Heaven Realm which was a great achievement. It was the dream of many of the disciples in the Ghost Temple.

    The ones that had a Grade Three Potential could only look at the Grade Four potential people with jealousy. All of them looked towards Grade Five and Grade Six guys wondering how amazing their future was going to be if Grade Four was so amazing.

    Long Chen had already formed an idea on how grades of potential complimented the Cultivation and the limitation, but he still waited to hear about the answer from Ruan Yi.

    "Next up are the ones with grade 5 potential. You guys have some real hope of reaching the mid to high Heaven Realm. Again, keep working hard and you will have a chance of reaching greatness," Ruan Yi explained.

    "Next up is Grade Six potential. Only one person here is Grade Six which in itself is pretty good. When it comes to the temple, there are less than a hundred people Grade Six potential. The people with grade six potential have a hope of reaching the peak of the Heaven Realm and they might even go beyond if they are lucky. But as I said, Potential is only the limitation and one of the factors. The talent is also a great factor that will strongly affect your future prospects."

    Ruan Yi finished explaining.

    "What about grade seven talents? Is there any grade seven talent in the Temple?" Ru Shen asked Ruan Yi as he wondered if there was someone in the Temple that had a higher potential than him.

    "Of Course there are people that have a higher potential than grade 6 in the Temple. All I can say is that you don't need to worry about their limitations. Most of them die before they even reach their limits since they don't have Talent to match their potential. If there is someone with peak talent and an even better potential, then there is no sky high enough," Ruan Yi let out. She couldn't help but glance at Long Chen as she said it.

    Long Chen noticed it and things were getting more clear with each second. With the information he had gathered from small incidents, he had realized that he had screwed up even more than he believed.

    He had impersonated someone that probably had incredible talent but his potential was somehow stuck. Now they believed that Mu Lin had recovered. He didn't like it since it only placed more focus on him, but he found it useful as well.

    The acting of losing memories was useful, but he knew that to be safe in this place, he needed to show some strength. This would give him sufficient backing in the Temple. After this, he might even be able to rise in the Temple and then he might be able to collect information more easily since his reach would increase.

    "What is your Potential Grade?" Long Chen asked Ruan Yi. He was pretending to lose his memories but it wasn't that he couldn't ask questions like that.

    Everyone looked at Long Chen as if he was an idiot. They couldn't believe that he had asked the strict Elder Ruan a question like that.  A Potential of an Elder might be a serious and personal thing to them which they wouldn't tell the kids like them. Elder Ruan might get angry instead. They all waited for the Elder's response ,but they believed that Xu Ming was going to be beaten black and blue.

    Ruan Yi looked towards Long Chen without any expression on her face.

    "I have a grade 7 potential," She let out after some time.

    All of the disciples were surprised as they heard her words.

    Even Ru Shen was shocked as he heard her words.

    "Anyway, Back to the topic. We need to get back to the thing that I talked about. It will be the last thing of the day and some of you will be seriously dead after it," She said.

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