525 Chapter 525: Temple Sacrifice for Mystic Realm

    "I want you to know the harshness of the world. I'm sure that you have seen a lot of bad things happening in the temple itself, but today, we'll take it up a notch," Ruan Yi said as she looked at the disciples that were present before her.

    "You all know the Temple Sacrifice is near, and many more things will be happening simultaneously during that time. The opening to the ruins of the Mystic Realm will be opening as well, which is a really big thing that hasn't happened in decades. Also, most of our Elders will be going there for exploration. They will also take a disciple of the Ghost Temple with them. The disciple that will be the beacon of hope for the future of Ghost Temple."

    "The higher-ups have already decided that the Winner of the Temple Sacrifice will be going into the Mystic Realm with the Elders to see what others couldn't, and one of you can be that person. It's an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime.,"

    "The Temple Sacrifice will not be a tournament to show off before others, but it will be a selection to choose the best available person for the opportunity of a lifetime. It will be the beginning of an event that will change the whole world, and you can be a part of that if you manage to perform well on the Temple Sacrifice," She said to the disciples.

    'The Temple Sacrifice? Another Realm? What's that?" Long Chen wondered as he heard her words.

    'Is she talking about another world or just another space between the dimensions created by another human being?' he thought.

    "But there is a limitation to that as well. You guys know that there are a lot of disciples in the sect, and despite the dangers to their lives on the Temple Sacrifice, they would decide to take part in it. We can't let them all participate since that would just be stupid, and it would be a waste of resources and time.  That's why it's up to the Class Elders to decide the people that can participate in the Temple Sacrifice of the Ghost Temple. Each Class can only send two people to attend the Temple Sacrifice," She explained.

    "What's the danger of dying? Won't they use a Life-Giving Pill to save lives?" One of the disciples asked. Long Chen had the same question. He believed that the sect which used Life Healing Pills so casually must definitely have lots of Life-Giving Pills.

    "Hah, that's what you'll believe since the announcement hasn't been made yet, but once you fall in the Temple Sacrifice, even the Life-Giving Pills won't work on you since your souls will be destroyed instantly," Ruan Yi replied as she shook her head.

    There were gasps everywhere as the disciples heard her answer. It surprised most of them.

    "Our souls would be destroyed? Can you explain what it means?" Ru Shen asked her.

    "You'll know about that very soon, but let me ask this question first. Even if you know that after you die there, there would be no return, how many  of you are still willing to participate?" Ruan Yi inquired as she roamed her gaze over all the disciples and looked at their expressions.

    As soon as she finished her words, she saw that almost every single disciple had raised their hand, showing that they were ready to take part in the Temple Sacrifice.

    "I heard that the Temple Sacrifice wouldn't depend on strength, so I can't give up on this opportunity. It's a great opportunity to reach the true peak and rise in the sect," One of the disciples said.

    "I don't believe I will truly die. It might be what they are saying to scare us so that only the brave one participates. I want to participate." another continued.

    "I have confidence in myself. I can win." Another person let out.

    "The rewards are amazing, I heard. I'll definitely get those."

    "I can't give up!"

    One after another, all the disciples showed their willingness to participate.

    Almost every disciple had raised their head except Long Chen. He didn't wish to participate. He wanted to know things first before he dived headfirst into something.

    There were only two people that were not raising their hands in the field. One of them was Long Chen, while the other one was Ruan Yi.

    "As I said, even if we make it clear that people will really die, most of you will still participate. That just proves our point. That's why the Priests have decided to have an internal selection between every class. You will also go through the selection, and ultimately, only two of you will be selected. Since we are making things as real as we can, so most of you will die here as well," Ruan Yi declared.

    "Are you ready to participate?" She asked everyone. "Only the ones that are really prepared to die should agree."

    "I am ready," Ru Shen was the first one to reply.

    The others also chimed in with the same reply.

    Ruan Yi looked at the faces of them all and nodded her head. She could see that Long Chen didn't want to participate, and she was fine with that decision since he was special. Also, it was a voluntary thing.

    "Good. I'll tell you how this will go. Each of you that wants to participate will receive a separate task. All those tasks will be something that might cause your death, and the ones that fail in the tasks will be rejected. If only one of you succeed, only one person from this class will participate in the Temple Sacrifice," Ruan Yi said to the disciples

    ' If there is no one that succeeds, that none of you will be allowed to participate, and if there are more than two people that succeed, then we will have another event like this here until only two or less than two people are left standing," She added.

    She brought something out from her storage ring and placed that before her legs.

    "This box has the tasks for the Internal Trial that you need to do. All of you will come forward one by one and take a task paper out and read your task out loud while showing me. You must complete that task to win," She declared.

    "You can start coming in the same order as you went in the formation the last time." She let out.

    The box was the same size as the last box that had the paper slips inside it. There was also a hole on the top of the box that was big enough to insert a hand inside the box.
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