526 Chapter 526: First Death

    A girl stood up and walked towards Ruan Yi. She inserted her hand inside the box and took a folded paper out.

    "Open and read it," Ruan Yi said to the girl.

    The girl unfolded the paper and started reading the content.

    "Go and hit E...e...e..." The girl was stunned as she read the first four words. She couldn't even continue as her face turned pale.

    "Speak!" Ruan Yi thundered.

    The girl was sweating already as she looked back and forth between the paper and the face of Ruan Yi.

    "Go and hit Elder Gan violently," She said ultimately.

    "So that's what you got. That is indeed one of the toughest ones, but since you raised your hand knowing the dangers and decided to participate in it, then you must do it. There is no escape anymore. You need to attack Elder Gan and come back alive. Otherwise, you'll fail," Ruan Yi explained as she shook her head.

    "I-i don't want to do it. I take my name back. I don't want to participate in Temple Sacrifice," The girl let out as she stuttered.

    Ruan Yi looked at the girl as her murderous aura appeared and shrouded the girl. The girl dropped down to the ground and started shivering in bone-chilling fear.

    "That's impossible. You raised your hand, and now you need to do it; otherwise, I'll kill you myself. This place is not for cowards that don't even have the courage to do as they said," Ruan Yi thundered in anger as she glared at the girl

    "I-i will do it. Please stop!" The girl exclaimed as tears appeared in her eyes.

    Ruan Yi retracted her murderous aura.

    "Good. Come, I'll take you to the place of Elder Gan. Everyone will be watching you perform the task," Ruan Yi let out as she placed the task box back in her storage ring and brought the Giant Tiger Swan out of her beast bag.

    All the disciples got on the giant flying beast after they got Ruan Yi's orders. The beast started flying and landed outside another arena of similar size.

    A middle-aged man was sitting in the center of the arena with his eyes closed. He seemed to be cultivating at the moment.

    "Go inside and attack him. If you manage to come back alive, you'll succeed," Ruan Yi told the girl that got the task.

    The girl held the paper in her hand and started walking towards the Elder that was sitting in the arena alone. Her feet were shaking, and her heart was thumping like crazy.

    Elder Gan was cultivating at the moment. He was one of the Elders that didn't cultivate inside his place during the day. Instead, he liked to do it outside his courtyard.

    The girl reached near the Elder. Since Elder Gan was cultivating and the girl had no real killing intent towards the Elder, he didn't know that she was there.

    The girl raised her fist that was shaking. She clenched her teeth as she punched the shoulder of Elder Gan lightly.

    A fist lightly landed on the shoulder of Elder Gan as gently as it could.

    As soon as the fist touched Elder Gan, a powerful aura appeared from his body that blasted the girl five meters back. The girl coughed out a mouthful of blood as she crashed on the ground.

    "Arrogant Girl!" Elder Gan thundered as he opened his eyes. The girl instantly froze in her place as soon as Elder Gan's bloody gaze fell on her. She was so scared that she couldn't even open her mouth.

    Elder Gan raised her hand towards the sky as he used one of his skills.

    A small golden palm appeared on the sky above the girl's chest. The palm landed on the girl and crashed on her chest. The girl's chest caved in as her chest bones broke. The girl died instantly.

    Elder Gan raised his hand once more as another golden palm appeared above the girl. This time, the Golden Palm was much larger than the girl. It was ten meters long. If the palm fell on the girl, it was easy for all her bones to be smashed to powder. Elder Gan didn't care that the girl was dead. He wanted to destroy her remains as well for the sins of messing with him during his Cultivation.

    Before his palm could land on the girl's body, a barrier appeared around her. The Golden Palm crashed on the barrier. The Golden Palm and the barrier were both similarly powerful. Both of them were destroyed as they faced each other. The girl was still safe on the ground, though.

    "Ruan Yi, What do you think you're doing?!" Elder Gan let out as he looked towards the sky and saw Ruan Yi flying above the girl.

    "Calm down, Gan; this was an Internal Trial of my class for the Temple Sacrifice. You know that the Higher-ups had selected the tasks. The task this girl got was to hit you and come back alive. She's already dead. It's over. There's no need to destroy her body, or I won't be able to heal her even with the Life-Giving Pill," Elder Ruan Yi explained.

    "The Internal Trial? So that's what it was. Of course, this girl was destined to fail since she got the task to hit me. It should be a task to test the cleverness of the disciple, and she didn't even open her mouth to say anything after hitting me. Such an idiot girl. Take her back," Elder Gan let out as he walked back to his place and sat before his courtyard.

    Ruan Yi landed on the ground. She opened the girl's mouth and fed her the Life-Giving pill. The girl recovered as her body healed completely.

    The girl slowly opened her eyes.


    The other Disciples were watching everything from outside. They saw the girl die, and Ruan Yi later revived her.

    "See? They won't let us die during the class. She was scaring us. There is no danger of dying," One of the disciples muttered.

    "There is. If Elder Gan had used her second attack first, she would be dead beyond repair. She would've died. She was very lucky," Mi Lao commented as she shook her head.

    Long Chen stood there, wondering how he would've handled the task if he was in her place. Elder Gan was a Heaven Realm Cultivator, so fighting him would be stupid and would have exposed his identity for no reason.

    'I would have used my words to stop the Elder. That seems to be the only option.' Long Chen thought.
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