528 Chapter 528: Secret of Formations

    'Does she really have to make it that obvious, or did I beat her too bad and she lost her mind?' Long Chen thought with a frown.

    He believed that if someone wanted to kill another person, they didn't need to make their killing intent so obvious. It was like letting the enemy know that you wanted to kill him. The girl was too inexperienced. Her beloved that she would definitely die if she stayed like this.

    He once again ignored her as he started talking to a guy that was sitting beside him.

    "Hey, As you know, I don't remember anything other than a few things. Can I ask you some things to know some basics of this place?" Long Chen asked the dark-haired boy.

    "Sure, I can help," the boy replied casually as he glanced back at Long Chen.

    "Ahmm, guys, are you coming or not? We need to follow the orders of Elder Ruan and go back. If she comes back, you'll be in deep trouble. We'll leave without you if you don't come in a few minutes," One of the people on the Giant Tiger Swan reminded the people that were on the ground, talking.

    The guys started walking towards the Giant Tiger Swan as they heard the reminder, but they didn't stop their discussion.

    Long Chen was still on the beast as he asked his first question to the dark haired boy.

    "What is so bad about the Swamp of Life? I mean, what will it exactly do to Ru Shen?" Long Chen asked in curiosity.

    "The Swamp of Life is a terrifying place that you should never go to. It sucks the life out of the ones that enter inside it until they are dead. From what I heard, It was as if their bodies started decaying until people died. I heard that this experience is accompanied by a soul-chilling pain. There are many more things, but that's the gist of it," the boy replied in fill seriousness.

    "Oh. That does sound bad," Long Chen replied as he tried to continue the conversation without asking other questions. He continued talking about it like other people were talking about Ru Shen.

    All the disciples were sitting on the Giant Tiger Swan when it started flying.

    The Giant Tiger Swan flew through the floor and took them toward the arena of Elder Mu.

    "What is the hierarchy of the Ghost Temple? Who is higher than the elders? Are there departments for handling various things like matters related to the outside world, Punishment, etc.?" Long Chen asked the Dark Haired Boy after making sure they they were in friendly terms.

    "Even though I don't know the true depths of the hierarchy, but I do know the basics. There are many positions below the position of the Temple Elder, but there are only a few positions that are higher than the Temple Elders," The boy replied as he placed his hand on his chin.

    "There are Temple Priests that are higher than the Temple Elders. They are like the core of the sect. They handle various things related to sect and the matters of outside as well. Template Priests are kind of like the true heads if there are any branches. I don't know much about them since I've only heard about them, but I haven't seen them. We might get to see them during the Temple Sacrifice. They should be there since it's an important eveny,"

    "There is only one person higher than the Temple Priests, and that person is the Temple Master. No one has seen the Temple Master either. I heard that the Temple Master lives on the top floor of the Ghost Temple alone and doesn't leave that floor much," the boy explained to Long Chen.

    'The Temple Priest... They must be involved since it was a big matter, I think. If anyone knows about it, it should be them, but their strength... How can I get the answers from them?' Long Chen frowned as he thought about it.

    'If the temple master lives in the Ghost Temple top floor, then the Temple Priests should live in the second-highest floor,' he guessed.

    "I saw many teleportation formations when I was coming here. They must all lead to a different floor, right?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Yeah, the formations lead to different floors. There are no stairs in Ghost Temple, so everyone uses the formations. There is also one more thing. Only formations that take us to higher floors will have guards before them on most of the floors. Like we are on the twelfth floor. The formations that lead to the first eleven floors won't have any guards. When we are on the eleventh floor, the formations leading to the first ten floors won't have guards. That's how it goes. It's easy to go to the lower floors but tough to go to Higher ones."

    "You don't need any permission to go to lower floors, but when going to higher floors, you'll need to pass through Temple knights that guard the formations," The Dark Haired Boy replied.

    "What is the permission? Do we get something like an authority permit?" Long Chen inquired.

    "You already have one. Your disciple badge should be the proof of your authority. The front side of it will have your name and your image while the back side will have the floor authority that you have," The boy replied as he showed Long Chen his card.

    'Disciple badge?' Long Chen wondered as he brought something out of the storage ring of Mu Lin.

    It was a small Metallic Card that had Mu Lin's image in the front. It had his name and his mother's name. It reminded him of the ID cards from the earth.

    Long Chen flipped the card and looked back.

    "One to twelve and Twenty-one," Long Chen muttered.

    "Yeah, that makes sense. I have the authority of Level One to Level Twelve just like you, but you have an additional authority of Level Twenty-one since that's where your mother lives," the boy explained to Long Chen.

    'There are a total of twenty-six floors, and I have the authority of Level Twenty-one. I need to go higher, but I can't go there legally. Fortunately, the Elders floor is different. There are no Guards on formations there. As long as I understand which formation takes where I should be able to get anywhere,' Long Chen thought.

    "How to know which formation leads where? If I'm on the first floor, how will I know which one brings me to the twelfth? Is there something to differentiate them?" Long Chen asked the boy.
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