529 Chapter 529: Expose Him?

    The Giant Tiger Swan landed in the Arena of Elder Ruan Yi.

    All the disciples got down and started walking towards the seats.

    "There is a way to know the difference. It is to..."

    "Hey, Sun, have you decided to become the tutor of the kid with Amnesia. Come on, come with me instead. Let's practice a friendly close combat battle without any harmful attacks,"

    While the boy was about to answer, another boy came forth and placed his hands on the shoulders of the boy and pulled him away.

    "I was just about to get my answers," Long Chen muttered as he watched the boy going far away with other friends.

    Long Chen walked towards another person as he tried to talk, but that person also chose to talk to their friend and ignored Long Chen.

    He tried many times, but everyone was busy talking in their small groups. Most of the conversations were about Ru Shen and the Swamp of Life.

    Long Chen wasn't able to get anyone to answer him. He could only give up for now. It was somewhat annoying, but he couldn't burn the bridges here with other Disciples.

    'I thought Mu Lin had a bad equation with the girls, but I guess he didn't have any relationship in the class. Let alone girls; even guys weren't acting like his friends. That guy really seemed to be alone. It'll take time," Long Chen thought as he sighed.

    He was just standing in the middle of nowhere, looking around, trying to think how he could get his answers when suddenly, he heard Mi Lao's voice.

    "Sister!" Mi Lao let out loud as she started running towards a person.

    Long Chen glanced back and saw a person coming towards them from the entrance of the arena.

    It was a girl that looked like she was in her early twenties. She had beautiful hazel eyes and long silver hair. The girl was wearing a long blue dress that covered her beautiful legs. She was just as tall as Long Chen and looked pretty.

    Long Chen looked at the girl, and he could see that she seemed somewhat similar to Zhiqing, but her eyes and hair were different. There was also some difference between their faces. While Zhiqing's face had a vixen-like charm, the girl before him had an innocent charm, but Long Chen could feel something strange from her.

    While the girl looked innocent and kind, he could feel that she wasn't as good as she seemed. It was just a feeling he was getting, but he could feel that she was entirely different from the inside than she looked from outside.

    The girl was also quite strong for her age when it came to Cultivation. She was a Fourth Stage Sky Realm Cultivator already.

    "Sister!" Mi Lao exclaimed as she hugged the girl tightly.

    "She is his sister? They don't look identical in the least. One must've gone on Father while the other one inherited her looks from her mother. Whatever, I don't have anything to do with them," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    "Sister, that idiot is still looking at you again. Why don't you tell everyone how shameless he is? Expose him!" Mi Lao said to the silver-haired girl. The Silver-haired girl was Mi Lao's big sister. Her name was Mi Yin.

    Long Chen managed to hear her words despite them being some distance away from him.

    'Wait a minute? Is this the girl Mu Lin was blamed for harassing? Mi Lao sounded serious when she killed him, but I read Mu Lin's thoughts. He didn't do it. Could it be that the girl lied to her sister and used her to kill Mu Lin?' Long Chen thought as a frown appeared on his face.

    "Don't say that here. Let's leave that for a later discussion. I'm here to meet Elder Ruan. Is she not here?" Mi Yin asked Mi Lao as she looked around to find Ruan Yi.

    "She is not here. She took Ru Shen to the Swamp of Life," Mi Lao replied.

    "Swamp of Life? Why did she take him there?" Mi Yin inquired as she frowned deeply.

    "It's part of our internal trials for the selection of Temple Sacrifice," Mi Lao answered as she started explaining everything.

    "Oh, Your Trials started today. Ours was yesterday," Mi Yin replied as she nodded her head.

    "Really? Are your trials over? Who was selected from your class?" Mi Lao inquired in excitement.

    "I and Wang Zun. We'll be taking part in the Temple Sacrifice from our class," Mi Yin replied as she smiled.

    "Congratulations, sister," Mi Lao excitedly held her hand as she congratulated her sister.

    "Come and sit. The Elder said that she would be back soon," She said as she pulled Mi Yin with her towards the seats.


    Mi Lao didn't forget to snort in disgust as she walked past Long Chen.

    Long Chen also walked back to his seat and decided to wait for the Elder to come back. He believed that when Ruan Yi came back, everyone would silently sit on their seats. Then when Mi Yin talked to Ruan Yi, he would be able to ask his question to the boy that had a seat beside him.

    Long Chen had just sat on his seat when he sensed something. He looked towards the sky and saw a person coming towards him.

    It was Ruan Yi who was flying with Ru Shen. She was back already.

    Everyone ran to their seats and sat down in a hurry

    Ruan Yi landed on the ground with Ru Shen.

    Everyone looked at Ru Shen to see if he was fine or not, but he looked fine. He only looked a little weak, and as if he had lost a little weight, but other than that, he seemed perfectly fine.

    He still had an emotionless look on his face as he walked back to his seat.

    "Did you succeed?" Someone asked Ru Shen as soon as he sat, but Ru Shen didn't reply. He didn't even look towards that person and simply closed his eyes.

    "Mi Yin, why are you here?" Ruan Yi asked as she noticed Mi Yin.

    Mi Yin walked closer to Ruan Yi.

    "Greetings, Elder Ruan. My master sent me here to convey one of her messages to you," Mi Yin replied as she greeted Ryan Yi.

    "What message?" Ruan Yi inquired.

    Mi Yin stepped forth and whispered something into Ruan Yi's ears.

    "Is that really what she said?" Ruan Yi asked again with a frown on her face.

    "Yes," Mi Yin nodded her head honestly.
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