530 Chapter 530: Ruan Yi on the field

    "Can you convey one of my messages to her in return?" Ruan Yi asked Mi Yin.

    "Sure, Elder Ruan," Mi Yin nodded her head.l again.

    "Tell her to go f*ck herself," Ruan Yi said in a tone loud enough that everyone in the arena heard her words loud and clear.

    Mi Yin's expression changed as she heard Elder Ruan telling her to convey a message to her master about **ing herself. She didn't know how to react. She just stood there blankly, not understanding what just happened.

    While the other Disciples were silent in shock, there was one person that could be heard laughing.

    While there was a serious atmosphere, Long Chen couldn't help but laugh as he heard Ruan Yi's response.

    He was trying his best to hear what Mi Yin and Ruan Yi were talking about. Since Mi Yin spoke in a whisper, he wasn't able to listen to what she said, but he felt that it was a serious matter. Ruan Yi's reaction was so out of expectations that he couldn't help but laugh at it.

    Mi Yin couldn't help but clench her fist as she saw Long Chen laughing. Mi Lao also had the same reaction as she saw Long Chen laugh.

    Everyone else just looked back and forth between the laughing Long Chen and Ruan Yi that was glaring at him. They wondered if Long Chen would be beaten this time for laughing at an Elder or not

    "I'm sorry, My apologies. It was just too unexpected," Long Chen controlled himself as he stopped laughing. He apologized to Ruan Yi.

    "Elder Ruan, I don't understand if you're joking or being serious. Can you confirm if  that's the real message that you want me to convey?" Mi Yin asked as she looked at Ruan Yi. She still didn't believe that Ruan Yi was serious.

    "That's a message as real as it can get. Convey my message to your master. That's all," Ruan Yi also stopped looking at Long Chen as she replied.

    "Very Well. I'll convey your message to master. Thanks for giving me your time, Elder Ruan," Mi Yin said as she started walking away. She couldn't help but take a subtle glance at Long Chen before she left.

    Mi Yin walked out of the arena and brought her flying beast out as she flew away.


    "Alright. Stop wasting time. We have to continue the Internal Trials as well. There are still a lot of people left. The person after Ru Shen, come forth and pick a task," Ruan Yi said as she brought out the black box of death once again.

    'She didn't say that Ru Shen succeeded in his Trial. Did he really fail?' Long Chen wondered as he glanced back at Ru Shen. The others were also thinking the same thing. Previously they thought that Ru Shen was waiting for Ruan Yi to announce it, but she didn't announce anything about him, which could only mean that he also died.

    The next person in line was a boy. The boy stood up and walked to the black box and pulled out a paper

    He unfolded the paper and read it out loud.

    "Battle the Elder that handles your class for five minutes without dying," He said with a wry smile on his face. He was laughing at his bad luck inside his heart.

    Some of the disciples started chuckling since it was somewhat funny that he had to face Elder Ruan. The others sighed at his misfortune since he was already dead in their eyes. There was no way that Ruan Yi would go easy on him despite knowing that it was a trial.

    Ruan Yi sighed as she stood up.

    "They also involved me in their tasks. The Priests really like torturing the disciples. Since that's the task you choose, that's what you'll have to do," Ruan Yi muttered as she stood up.

    She walked away from her hut and into a more empty land.

    "Since you're a disciple and it's your trial, I give you one minute. I won't fly, I won't use any Martial Skills, and I won't attack you during that one minute. I won't even use my Cultivation in that one minute. As long as you can kill me in that one minute, you won't die. If you fail to kill me, the second that minute is over; you'll die," Ruan Yi told the boy as she placed her hand behind her back.

    'She's giving him a handicap. That's not bad. All she can do is dodge, but I doubt she will dodge too much. Even though I know, she won't die, but that's really stupid. She's the one that had a Life-Giving Pill. If she dies, who will revive her?' Long Chen thought of a weird scenario that had a rare possibility of occurring.

    "Your time starts now," Ruan Yi declared.

    The boy that was facing her clenched his fist as he brought his sword out of his storage ring. He started running towards Ruan Yi with a sword in his hand.

    Since Ruan Yi said that she wouldn't fly and that she would not attack him in the next sixty seconds, he wanted to confront her in close combat since he believed that the probability of her dodging was the least when he confronted her in close combat. Long Range Martial Skills were easy to dodge for someone like her, but not close one.  He didn't want to waste even a second of his minute.

    Also, he believed that she wouldn't run when he engaged her in close combat as she's the reputable Elder. That would be bad for her reputation if she runs or dodges. He wanted to utilize everything he could to the best of his abilities.

    His movement speed was fast since he was using his Cultivation to move ahead. In an instant, he appeared before Elder Ruan as he thrust a sword towards her chest.

    Elder Ruan didn't even move her feet and only raised two of her fingers as she caught the blade of the sword of the boy. It stopped the sword from touching her.

    "Y-you said that you wouldn't attack," The boy let out as he tried to free his sword.

    "I'm not attacking," Ruan Yi said as she glared at the boy. She didn't release his sword.

    'She didn't say she won't defend herself. She just said that she wouldn't use her martial skills or Cultivation. She can defend herself while using her physical attributes, but still, there are many openings to send her on the backfoot. I wonder if the boy can see that or not,' Long Chen thought.
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