531 Chapter 531: Mi Laos task?

    "It can be an interesting battle if he's clever." He muttered.

    Long Chen couldn't help but shake his head as he saw the boy's next attack. He freed the sword and used his kick to target Ruan Yi's neck, but that too missed.

    'Idiot. You should've held on to the sword as you attack. Her movement would be limited if you had kicked while you were struggling to free the sword. Without you holding the sword, she's free to dodge,' Long Chen thought in annoyance as he sighed.

    It was exactly what happened since Ruan Yi lowered her body and dodged the attack.

    The kick passed above her head. Ruan Yi stood up and threw the sword away.

    The boy pointed his palm towards her chest as he fired a ball of black lightning using one of his skills, but he didn't do as good as he expected before somehow, that attack was dodged as well.

    He couldn't believe how Ruan Yi dodged his Martial Skills in such close range, but that was enough to impress Long Chen.

    "She's good in close combat," Long Chen muttered as he nodded his head. He couldn't help but wonder if he would be able to win against her if he was in the place of the boy, and he believed that he could.

    While Ruan Yi was handicap and he was allowed to use his skills, it was easy for him to kill her, but if she wasn't giving a handicap like this, then the whole equation changed.

    The battle between Ruan Yi and the boy continued. While it was a small battle for others, for the boy, it was a battle for his life. Every passing second felt like an hour to him as his heartbeat kept increasing since he realized that one minute was about to be over.

    He gave his all on his last attack as only three seconds were left, but he failed. Ruan Yi again survived. It was the most important sixty seconds of his life, and he hadn't been able to touch Ruan Yi, let alone to attack her.

    He dropped down to his knees as he already knew what was going to happen. The one minute was already over. Ruan Yi flew in the sky after the one minute was over and landed before the boy with the sword in her hand.

    "Disappointing," She muttered as she stabbed a sword in the boy's chest.

    Blood rushed out of the boy's neck and filled his mouth. Ruan Yi pulled the sword out and watched the boy fall to the ground. Blood kept spilling out of the boy's mouth, and chest as the light of his life disappeared.

    The boy died on the feet of Ruan Yi.

    After the boy died, Ruan Yi turned his body over and placed a Life-Giving Pill in his mouth.

    The chest wound of the boy healed as he gained his life. He sat up as he furiously coughed out. Blood came out with every cough. His mouth and throat were filled with blood. After coughing for a few seconds, he was able to get all the waste blood out of his body.

    "Your performance was disappointing. Even animals fight better. You just kept going in blindly. I intentionally gave you so many openings, but you couldn't see any of them since you were blindly attacking," Ruan Yi sighed as she reprimanded the boy.

    The boy could only lower his gaze in shame.

    She looked towards the order disciples

    "You must all remember. When you face a more experienced opponent, going in blindly rarely helps. You need to take the time and make a proper plan on how you can come out on top in the battle. You can be intimated, but you shouldn't be blind! Remember this lesson as it might save your life one day," Ruan Yi told everyone.

    "Hahaha, isn't this the same thing I always tell you? Learn something from her."

    Long Chen was looking at Ruan Yi when he heard Xun's words, which made his face twitch.

    'I'll learn something from you. Just try appearing before me when we're home,' Long Chen replied to Xun in annoyance.

    "Go back," Ruan Yi told the boy that was still sitting on the ground as she started walking back.

    The boy stood up and dragged himself back to his seat. All those people that had attempted the trial were covered in blood, but it didn't seem like anyone was uncomfortable enough to change their clothes.

    Long Chen wondered if it was because they didn't really care or if it was because they didn't want to offend Ruan Yi by asking her permission to change their clothes.

    "Next," Ruan Yi let out.

    Again, the process of death began. Disciples kept coming forth and continued selecting the horrifying skills that resulted in their death.

    Long Chen had seen almost all of them die right before his eyes. Some of them died in a cruel manner, whereas some of the deaths were weirdly funny. It seemed as if whoever wrote these tasks was getting bored writing about cruel ways to die, and they started writing some funny ones as well.

    Long Chen saw everyone that inserted their hand in the black box of death die. The only person he didn't see die was Ru Shen, who was taken to the Swamp of Life while other Disciples stayed behind.

    The process continued, and it was finally the turn of the last person. It was the turn of Mi Lao.

    Mi Lao stood up and walked closer to the black box of death. She inserted her hand in it and pulled out a black box.

    She unfolded the paper and read it.

    "Double Trouble?" Mu Lao let out in confusion as she showed the paper to Ruan Yi.

    "There's something written on the back. Read that," Ruan Yi reminded Mi Lao as she noticed words of the back.

    Mi Lao turned the paper back and started reading it.

    "Kiss a person of the opposite gender that hasn't selected a task from the Task Box yet. You must kiss them and convince them not to kill you afterward. As long as that person listens to you and decides not to kill you, you win. If that person kills you, you lose, and that person is selected without having to pick a task. You can't oppose that person or try to dodge. If that person tries to kill you, you must stand there and die, or the Elder is to kill you personally. In that case, you won't get any Life-Giving Pill."
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