532 Chapter 532: Forcing Long Chen

    Mi Lao finished reading and looked at Ruan Yi weirdly.

    "It's simple. You need to kiss someone from the opposite gender that hasn't received a task, and you must convince them to not kill you with words or with your charm," Ruan Yi explained.

    'That's an interesting task. So she must convince the person not to kill her using her charm. It's a unique test. As for the kiss, it must be for creating a bond first to make it somewhat easy for her to try to charm the other guy. Wait a minute; she's last. Every guy has selected a task here before her. Did the creator not think of this? That's a big problem. There is no one left. She might be asked to pull out another paper,' Long Chen thought as he shook his head.

    He had just come up with an assumption that came crashing down right after as he heard Ruan Yi's words.

    "Only Mu Lin is the one that hasn't selected the task. He'll be the opponent in this task," Ruan Yi said as she looked at Long Chen.

    "W-wait a minute. I am not even taking a part in this trial. Also, I don't want to kiss her!" Long Chen refuted as he stood up.

    "It's a task written by the Temple Priest. It can't be changed. Also, it didn't say that the person needs to be the one taking part in the trial. Also, whoever tries to break this task will be killed by me personally, even if it's you, Mu Lin. Let her kiss you, and you can decide what to do after that after hearing her words," Ruan Yi told Long Chen.

    Ruan Yi was lying about killing Long Chen. He was too precious to be killed, but she said that to force him to follow along with the task. The Task of a Temple Priest was an important matter, after all.

    Long Chen sighed as he stood up. He believed that she might actually kill him. She was really a psychopath. She would kill him and then revive him with a Life-Giving Pill, but he didn't want to take the risk. If he were killed, his Mask of Mischief would stop working. He had no choice but to go along with this task.

    Mi Lao clenched her fist as she looked at Long Chen. No matter how much she hated him, it was about her life now. If she didn't do it, Elder Ruan might actually kill her, and she believed that she wouldn't even get a Life-Giving Pill in that case. Kissing someone she hated was better than dying forever.

    She changed her expressions as she started smiling cutely as she walked towards Long Chen.

    She stood before Long Chen with only a few inches of distance between them.

    "Big Brother Mu, you might not know this, but I had the biggest crush on you for a long time. Before you lost your memory, we used to talk a lot. I am not saying this because of this task, but honestly, I have been interested in you. And the way you used to look at me before you lost your memory made me know that you also liked me. How about we formalize our relationship? Let me be your Woman," Mi Lao said as she stepped forth and brought her lips closer to his lips.

    Her lips met his. Long Chen didn't hate this to the extreme, but he didn't like this either. Still, he was liking the thing it signified. The girl that killed Mu Lin was kissing him. He knew that she must hate him. To make her more annoyed, Long Chen wrapped his arms around her thin waist.


    Mi Lao's mouth opened a little in shock as she saw Long Chen embracing her. Her surprise changed to something much bigger as she felt something warm and soft, intruding her sweet mouth. It was Long Chen's tongue that he had inserted in her mouth to make the kiss even deeper.

    Mi Lao wanted to stab Long Chen's chest for dirtying her pure mouth, but she had to bear with it since something much bigger was at stake here.

    She let Long Chen use her tongue and her mouth to its fullest and taste everything while his hands roamed around her back.

    After five minutes of kissing, Long Chen freed her.

    "T-that was amazing, brother Mu. I look forward to continuing this session at night. You won't kill me, right?" Mi Lao asked cutely as she placed her hand on his chest and looked deep in her eyes.


    Suddenly, Mi Lao's eyes opened wide in shock.

    She lowered her gaze and saw a sword stabbed in her heart. The blade came out of her back.

    Long Chen moved the sword back as Mi Lao dropped to the ground.

    "I don't remember my past, but I'm sure of one thing. When you said that I liked you was a lie. You don't seem like a person I can like," Long Chen let out as he looked at her weak eyes. "Also, a girl that decides to kiss someone she doesn't even like is not someone I want to represent us in the Temple Sacrifice."

    Mi Lao's eyes closed, and she died.

    Ruan Yi stepped forth and placed a Life-Giving Pill in Mi Lao's mouth.

    "Congratulations, Mu Lin, you're the second person from our class to represent us in the  Temple Sacrifice." Ruan Yi declared.

    "Wait a minute! I am not even taking part in the Internal Trials, and I don't want to take part in Temple Sacrifice! I only took part in this task because you said that I had to. I don't want any spot!" Long Chen let out as he shook his head. He didn't want to take part in the trials, but it was as if the whole world was trying to force him to take part. He couldn't even understand how he suddenly got involved in it

    "It's too late now. The task clearly mentioned that the winner would get a spot. It didn't say that he must be the one that took part or not. I will convey your message to Temple Priests. They will decide if you need to take part or not. For now, you and Ru Shen will be the one representing us," Ruan Yi said as she glanced at Long Chen.

    'If the temple master said that we couldn't let you participate, then we'll cancel it. It has a big possibility once he knows about your recovery, but that's for him to decide,' Ruan Yi thought.

    Mi Lao healed and stood up.

    She glared at Long Chen like a bloodthirsty maniac.
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