533 Chapter 533: Secret of Ruan Yi

    "So, he did succeed!"

    While Long Chen was focused on getting himself out of the list of selected candidates, the others were more shocked by the news that Ru Shen was the first person that was selected. It meant that he survived even after he entered the Swamp of Life. It was really big news for them.

    It was also possible that he died, and he was healed by Elder Ruan Yi, but he must've survived for longer than the time he needed to pass the trial.

    Either way, it was a surprise for everyone that had believed that he failed. Now that they knew that he succeeded, his proud figure in their minds grew ever so taller.

    "Is there really no way for me to not participate? I don't even have any memories of my skills or my Cultivation. I don't think I'm well enough to participate!" Long Chen ignored the commotion in the back as he continued protesting against Ruan Yi.

    "The decision is final. You are the one selected from our class. I'll also inform your mother when she gets here to take you. As I said, I can only convey your unwillingness to participate in the Temple Sacrifice to the Priest, and they can decide what to do next," Ruan Yi responded as she walked back.

    She went back to her seat. Long Chen also sat down, disappointed. It wasn't all bad, though. He knew that getting to a new realm might benefit him, and after he got into the higher circle of people, his chances of finding the truth can only increase.

    Ruan Yi sat on her seat as she glanced at the disciples.

    "Silence!" Ruan Yi let out loud as she noticed that the disciples were still talking.

    The disciples closed their mouths and started looking at her.

    "The Internal Selection is officially over. The two people selected are Mu Lin and Ru Shen. Both of them will be the one representing us in the Temple Sacrifice unless something unexpected happens. That's all. You guys can leave now," she said to the disciples.

    All the disciples stood up and started leaving. Long Chen also stood up. He wanted to go with them while trying to find an opportunity to talk to one of them, but before as soon as he stood up, Ruan Yi called out to him.

    Long Chen turned back and looked at Ruan Yi.

    "Come here," Ruan Yi said to Long Chen with an expressionless face.

    Long Chen watched the other disciples leave. He could only sigh as he walked towards Ruan Yi.

    He stopped before her.

    "Yes?" He asked her.

    "You can't leave. Your mother will be here to take you. Stay here till she comes," Ruan Yi said to Long Chen casually.

    'Was Mu Lin a Mama's boy? The other kids are leaving on their beasts while he needs to wait here for his mother?' Long Chen wondered, but he had no choice but to listen to Elder Ruan Yi.

    He went back to his seat and sat down.

    "I think she might have a crush on you."

    Just when Long Chen was getting bored, he heard Xun's voice.

    'Stop joking,' Long Chen replied.

    He knew that Xun was just messing with him. She often came up with nonsense out of nowhere.

    "I'm not kidding. She keeps glancing at you. Also, even though she acts strict, I think she was the most lenient with you," Xun said as she chuckled.

    'That's different. It's somehow related to Mu Lin's talents and his identity. He's the son of an Elder here, and his talent was definitely unordinary from what I understand from their reaction. I myself don't know all the details, but I'm sure I'll know soon,' Long Chen replied as he frowned.

    Long Chen and Xun were talking when a Dark Soul Swallow came flying and landed in the arena.

    Mu Yun got down from the arena.

    "How many times have I told you not to bring your beast inside my arena?" Ruan Yi let out in annoyance.

    "Calm down, Yiyi. I didn't bring it inside in the morning to maintain your dignity before the other Disciples, but it's just you and me right now. You can drop that bitchy attitude," Mu Yun smiled as she said to Ruan Yi.

    "You idiot, your son is still here. Anyway, I need to talk to you about something important in private," Ruan Yi replied.

    "So what? He already knew about your reality before he lost his memory. You have been like his Aunt since he was born after all," Ruan Yi let out as he chuckled.

    Long Chen looked at them, and he was stunned. He had assumed that all the Elders were close since Ruan Yi and the old man was so happy after seeing his potential, but what he saw now was deeper than it.  Ruan Yi and Mu Yun were basically like close sisters. They were just pretending in the morning.

    He didn't expect that looking at their attitudes in the morning. He finally believed that they were really good actors. They probably did it not to make anyone think that Ruan Yi was a lenient person. A scary teacher was more effective in a world where the strong preyed on the weak after all.

    "Wait a minute. I'll be right back," Mu Yun let out as he walked towards Long Chen.

    She stopped right before Long Chen.

    "How was your day, love?" Mu Yun inquired as she looked at Long Chen.

    "It was good," Long Chen responded as he stood up.

    "Did you remember anything? Did you get any memories back?" Mu Yun asked him.

    Long Chen simply shook his head.

    "Don't worry. The memories will come back. Even if they don't, we'll just make new memories. Mother will always be here for you," Mu Yun said as she patted Long Chen's shoulders.

    "Just wait a little more.  Your Elder Ruan says that she wants to talk about something important. After a talk with her, we'll leave," She said to Long Chen.

    "Hmm," Long Chen nodded his head.

    Mu Yun walked back to Ruan Yi

    "What is it about?" Mu Yun asked as she sat near Ruan YI.

    "It's about your son. He has recovered," Ruan Yi muttered as she glanced at Long Chen.

    "What do you mean he has recovered? I just talked to him. He still doesn't remember anything," Mu Yun asked in confusion. She didn't understand what Ruan Yi was saying.

    "Not that. You remember how his Cultivation stalled when he reached the fifth stage of the Earth Realm?" Ruan Yi inquired.
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