534 Chapter 534: Recovered

    "I do remember it like it was just yesterday. I still remember how sad Mu Lin was that day. He never stopped hoping it was all just a bad dream that was soon going to be over. He didn't stop Cultivating either, but nothing worked. Finally, it was concluded that his potential was either destroyed or obstructed for some reason when the Formation showed Gray color when he was tested for potential," Mu Yun said as she reminisced about that time. She couldn't help but sigh.

    "Exactly. He has recovered," Ruan Yi said as she smiled.

    "Again with that statement. What does it... wait a minute! Are you saying that his potential has recovered?!" Mu Yun exclaimed in shock as she stood up.

    Ruan Yi nodded her head as she repeated the same words while her smile changed to a grin. "He has recovered."

    "I was having the disciples have close combat without the use of any skills or Cultivation. Mu Lin's performance was really miraculous. His reflexes, his movement, and his attacks. It was as if I was seeing a glimpse of the old Mu Lin when he was at his best. That made me think that there was a possibility that he had recovered." Ruan Yi started explaining.

    "That's why I took him to have his potential measured, and guess what color it showed?" she asked with an amused smile on her face.

    "What color?" Mu Yun asked as she clenched her fist in excitement. "Anything above grade four would be amazing for me."

    "It showed no color even after the formation was activated. You know what that means, right?" Ruan Yi inquired as she chuckled.

    "H-higher than grade 7? He has recovered," Mu Yun let out as a tear of happiness fell down from her eyes.

    "Yes. He has an immeasurable Potential. As for his talent, we already know how frightening it is. All I can say is that he is recovered. The Temple Master must be getting informed about it now," Ruan Yi explained.

    "My son has recovered. He won't have to be sad anymore," Mu Yun let out as she glanced back at Long Chen.

    "Yes. He can finally live the life he was destined to live. Maybe one day, he can even get on the level of his father as well," Ruan Yi said as she looked upwards.

    "I'll have a celebration in my courtyard tonight. You must come. You have given me the best news of my life," Mu Yun said with a beautiful smile on her face.

    "Oh right, there's one more thing that I think you need to know,"  Ruan Yi suddenly said. "It is pretty important, as well."

    "What other thing? Tell me it's another good news," Mu Yun inquired with a frown.

    "It can be a good news depending on the right point of view. Anyway, I held the Internal Selection of my Class today," Ruan Yi let out.

    "Don't tell me that he was selected," Mu Yun asked with a deep frown on her face.

    "Ah, he was selected. It was like destiny. It should've been almost impossible for him to be selected, but that's what we ended up with. As I said, it can be great for him if it's his destiny to take part in it," Ruan Yi explained with a wry smile on her face.

    She started talking about how it happened.

    "No! I won't let him take part! You know how dangerous the Temple Sacrifice is! If he dies, there's no coming back! I'm not letting him take part, no matter what happens," Mu Yun instantly refused.

    "It is dangerous, but you know that he is special. The Temple Master won't let anything happen to him. I'm sure he will give him his most precious artifact to protect him. If Mu Lin has that, then even if he dies in the Temple Sacrifice, we'll be able to revive him! It is not that dangerous if it's him! There is literally no danger of death if it's him since the Temple Master won't give that artifact to anyone, but if it's Mu Lin, he will do it. It can be really good for him. You know that I'm right," Ruan Yi insisted.

    "No. He doesn't even remember anything. He doesn't know anything he learned before. He has no chance of winning," Mu Yun said as she shook her head again. "There's no need for him to take part in it."

    "There is still time for the event. He can learn the important things. You know that the dangers for Mu Lin are almost nonexistent. You need to let him grow. He has recovered, and he is destined for greatness. Maybe that's why destiny brought this opportunity to him when he wasn't even participating. Just think about it. Also, you can decide after the Temple Master comes to a decision. If he doesn't give him that artifact, then you don't need to have him participate," Ruan Yi suggested.

    Mu Yun looked conflicted, but she didn't reply.

    "Alright. I'll think about it," She said after thinking for some time.

    "That's good. So, is the celebration for his recovery still on, or did this news make you change your mind?" Ruan Yi asked as she smiled wryly.

    "You have to come tonight. No excuse. I'm going now," Mu Yun said as she tapped Ruan Yi's head. "I'll see you later."

    Mu Yun went back to Long Chen.

    "Let's go back, love," She told Long Chen.

    Long Chen stood up and went with Mu Yun to the  Dark Soul Swallow. He had heard the conversation between Ruan Yi and Mu Yun, and finally, he had a clear idea about the past of Mu Lin. Most of his assumptions were correct, as well. He was indeed a talent that was important in the sect.

    'What a pity that he died like that,' Long Chen thought, unaware of what the future held for both of them.

    The Dark Soul Swallow took them to a Teleportation Formation.

    "Mother, Can I ask you something about these formations? I got some information from some other kids, but I'm still confused about some things," Long Chen asked Mu Yun while she was keeping the Dark Soul Swallow in her beast bag outside the formation.

    "Sure. What do you want to talk about?" she inquired as she entered the formation with Long Chen.

    They appeared in the formation of the 21st floor.

    "I know these formations take us to the floors we want to go to, but I still don't understand how I can differentiate between them. If I want to come to the 12th floor from the 11th floor, how can I know which of the twenty-six formations take me to the 12th floor?" Long Chen inquired.
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