535 Chapter 535:Hall of Death

    "That's something that you would need to learn about, but there is a shortcut to know about it. The Disciple Badge is a really useful item when it comes to that. There are Maps of every floor that you have access to in your disciple badge. It would look a lot similar to this. It should be in your storage ring," Mu Yun said as she showed him her badge.

    Long Chen brought his disciple badge out of his storage ring and looked at it.

    "I don't see any map," He asked with a confused look on his face.

    "That's because you're not doing it right," Mu Yun said as she got the Dark Soul Swallow out of her beast bag.

    She took Long Chen and landed on the Dark Soul Swallow. The Dark Soul Swallow started flying towards the courtyard of Mu Yun.

    "You need to hold the card in your hand, close your eyes, and say the word "Map". A map of the current floor will be shown to you. You can see which formation leads to where in that Map," Mu Yun said.

    Long Chen nodded his head. He gripped the card in his hand as he closed his eyes. He wanted to try it right now.

    After closing his eyes, he muttered the word "Map."

    As soon as he said that, a floor map of the 21st floor appeared in his head where he saw all the formations and where it led to. He also saw the formation that had the number Twenty-Five shown on it. He finally knew which formation he wanted to target.

    He opened his eyes, and the map disappeared.

    "It worked," Long Chen let out with a smile on his face.

    "Of course it did. Anyway, these cards can only show you the maps of the floor you have access to. These things are really useful and important, so you must keep it safe," Mu Yun said in full seriousness.

    Her words raised another question in Long Chen's mind. He knew how to get to the floor of the Temple Priests, but he didn't know how to come back.

    If he went to the twenty-fifth floor, which he assumed to belong to Temple Priests, he would have a hard time coming back.

    Since his badge didn't have access to the Twenty-fifth floor, he would not be able to see the map of that floor when he's there, and it would be difficult to find the right formation to bring him back to the twenty-first floor.

    "I heard some things about the Temple Priests either. I heard that they are really important people in the Temple. Where do they live?" Long Chen asked.

    "They live on the Twenty-Third floor. Slightly above us," Mu Yun replied as she pointed towards the roof.

    The Dark Soul Swallow brought them to their courtyard and landed before the place.

    "Twenty-Third? I heard that the Temple Master lives on the top floor. If the Temple Priests live on the 23rd floor, then who lives in between them?" Long Chen inquired. It didn't make sense why Temple Elders didn't live on the second-highest floor, right below the Temple Master.

    "It's a secret," Mu Yun replied as she smiled.

    She held Long Chen's hand and got down from the beast.

    She sent the Dark Soul Swallow back into the beast bag.

    "You can go take that herbal bath. The medicine liquid is already prepared. We can continue after that," She told Long Chen as she entered the house with him.

    "Alright," Long Chen nodded his head as he walked inside the bathroom.

    He sat in the bathtub that was filled with medicinal water and recollected everything that he found out today. There was so much information that he was able to collect.

    He was really suspicious about the floor between the floor of the Temple Master and the Floor of the Temple Priest. There was definitely something there, and he was having a feeling that he needed to search it himself.  The problem still remained, though. He needed to find a way to know which formation led to which floor since he couldn't see the map of the 24th floor.

    He took off the Mask since the door was already closed. It was good to have his real face without the mask finally. He submerged himself in the water, including his head, to calm his mind. The tub was very big, and he didn't have any trouble immersing himself.

    After some time, he brought his head outside and moved his fingers through his hair to get the hair behind his head.

    After twenty minutes, he stepped out of the water and dried his body with a tower. He wore the Mask of Mischief again and got dressed. He liked these baths since he could feel that these strengthened him.

    He stepped out of the bathroom after activating his Mask of Mischief.

    Mu Yun was standing in the hall.

    "Let's eat something. Elder Gu also told me to feed you some special herbs to heal your memories. They might taste different, but they're really good for health so bear with them," she told Long Chen.

    She took him to the dinner table, where the dishes were already placed.

    "I think you might have a lot of questions since it was your first day of class; you can ask me anything while you eat," Mu Yun said smilingly.

    "I was somehow selected for the Temple Sacrifice. I was curious about what it was. All I know is that it is a dangerous thing. What exactly is it?" Long Chen inquired as he looked at Mu Yun.

    "It is something that's happening in our Temple after a really really long time. It is like an event to select a disciple from the temple that will be exploring the Mystic Realm with the Temple Priests," Mu Yun explained.

    "What is the Mystic Realm, and what would I need to do in the Temple Sacrifice to win?" Long Chen asked again.

    "Both of those questions are really vast on their own, but I'll try to simplify them for you."

    "The Temple Sacrifice is like a danger course inside the Hall of Death. The obstacles would be decided by the Temple Priests, so no one can say what obstacles there will be, but all I can say is that the Cultivation of a person won't play much importance. Also, all those obstacles will be deadly. The most dangerous part isn't the obstacles, though. If people die in the obstacles, it would be easy to revive them with the Life-Giving Pill, but not if they die inside the Hall of Death,"
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