536 Chapter 536: Secret of Mystic Realm

    "The hall of death is a dangerous place. As soon as someone dies inside the Hall of Death, their soul is destroyed by the Hall. Since their soul is destroyed, even the Life-Giving Pills can't revive the disciples. That's why the Temple Sacrifice is so dangerous. Death means permanent death there unless you have the special artifact of the Temple Master," Mu Yun explained.

    "That's why you shouldn't participate in it," Mu Yun said to Long Chen. "At Least not until you get that artifact from the Temple Master."

    Long Chen nodded his head.

    "Back to the topic.  The Hall of Death is complicated to explain, but the Mystic Realm is even more difficult. The Mystic Realm is something really miraculous. It's like a different world altogether. We don't know how it was made or how it came into existence, but its entrance was there when the First Temple Master came here. Just because of the Mystic Realm, the First Temple Master established the Ghost Temple here on this island," Mu Yun explained to Long Chen.

    "Interesting. It must be a space tunnel that appeared because of some strange event and established a link with another world. They must call this different world the Mystic Realm," Xun said in Long Chen's head.

    "Hey, you're not eating," Mu Yun let out as she noticed that Long Chen hadn't started eating yet.

    Long Chen picked a spoon and started eating.

    "What is inside the Mystic Realm?" Long Chen asked as he continued eating.

    "Inside the Mystic Realm is a different world, I believe. There are ruins of what seems like a lost civilization. One of these ruins is a very special place that the Temple Priests want to explore. That Ruin is very strange. Even though we can enter the Mystic Realm any time, but that Ruin is never there,"

    "It only appears once in a thousand years. The last time it appeared was a thousand years ago, and the next time it is supposed to appear is about to come soon. There are many traps and formations outside the Ruin, but the Temple Priests were able to get very far inside the ruin, but they weren't able to pass the last few formations. That's what they are trying to do this time, and they will take a disciple with them. They believe that there is something really important inside the Ruin, and that's why they give it their all to get in," Mu Yun said. "Even I wonder what there could be."

    'So it's about a ruin. Why would they take a kid, though? If they wanted to sacrifice a kid inside, they wouldn't select a good disciple of the temple. It must be something else,' Long Chen thought.

    "That's all the information I have on that," Mu Yun finished explaining.

    Long Chen nodded his head. He kept eating the herbal soup as he continued asking some questions related to the classes and some other basic things about the Temple that might come in handy to him. He asked all his questions that he could ask as a kid who didn't remember, but he didn't ask anything that might raise suspicions.


    While Long Chen and Mu Yun were talking, there was another place where a discussion was going on.

    It was the highest floor of the Ghost Temple.

    An older man was standing in the room.

    It was the same old man that had been there in the formation room When Long Chen had his potential tested.

    There was another person before him that was sitting on a flying throne

    The throne was not lying on the ground. It was flying mid-air.

    The person that was sitting on the throne was a man that seemed like he was only in his early forties.

    The man was the Temple Master of the Ghost Temple and the strongest being in the Ghost Temple.

    "Is this really what happened?" the man asked with a frown.

    "Yes," The old man replied.

    "Hah, that man's son has recovered. I guess it is indeed good for the future," the man muttered.

    "What should we do about him? Should we tell the others that he has recovered?" the old man asked the Temple Master.

    "He has just recovered his potential, but we don't need to be in a hurry. Let him cultivate for some time first. If his Cultivation speed is anywhere near what it was when he was young, then it would be fine to tell others," Temple Master responded.

    "Very well," The old man nodded his head.

    "You can go. Don't tell anyone else," The Temple Master said.

    The old man turned back and left the place.

    A few minutes after the old man had left, another person walked inside the room.

    It was a young woman who looked like she was in her late twenties.

    "What do you wish to talk about?" The Temple Master asked.

    "I got the names of people taking part in the Temple Trial. One of these names is quite interesting. One of the two disciples from Ruan Yi's class is Mu Lin. She told me that I needed to talk to you about this. She told me that only you could decide if he was allowed to participate or not," the woman said.

    "He's taking part? Well, that would be interesting, but it would be dangerous as well. I can't let something happen to him. But I can't stop him either since it might be something helpful to him. I guess I understand why she sent you to tell me about this," The man said as he smiled. "She wants me to let him participate while giving him that thing. She's clever, I must say."

    "She's your daughter after all," The woman responded as she rolled her eyes.

    "Hahaha, right. Very well. Let him participate. I'll handle everything else," The Temple Master said as he nodded his head.

    "Alright," The woman said as she left as well.

    The man sat on his throne as he looked at the necklace in his neck.

    "Looks like we'll have to separate for a few days," the man let out as he shook his head.

    "Big guy, your son has finally recovered. He went through so much, and you didn't even know. At Least now you can't get angry with me when you come back. I was getting worried that you would destroy this whole planet because your son has lost his potential here."

    "You were always like this. I know that you wouldn't mind your son dying to get stronger, but anything else, and you'll start raging. I hope that you stay where you are, though. There's no need to come back to this small planet," the Temple Master muttered.
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