537 Chapter 537: Leaving the Continen

    It was already night on the Ghost Island, and Long Chen was on the bed in his room. He was waiting for it to be the right time to leave, but there were some problems at the moment that made him unable to leave.

    He wanted to leave as soon as he could, but using his Divine Sense, he saw that Mu Yun and Ruan Yi were still outside, drinking. Their celebration was going on. Since Long Chen had recovered, Mu Yun invited Ruan Yi to celebrate, and their celebration was still not over. They were drinking and talking.

    He could still leave using his teleport, but he didn't think that it was safe to leave Mingyu behind when both of those women were in the house, awake. It was dangerous in that situation.

    It was different when Mu Yun might come to check on him, but if she decided to invite him outside for whatever reason because of Ruan Yi, then it was going to be very dangerous. He didn't wish to take that risk. He wanted to stay here until Mu Yun left.

    Long Chen sat up and brought out the badge of Mu Lin. Since he was idle, he decided to make use of this time for preparation after he left. He wanted to make sure about the formation of the Twenty-Fourth floor once again. He had decided that it would be his target today. Since the 23rd floor belonged to the Temple Priest and the 26th floor belonged to the Temple Master, the two floors that he had suspicions on were the 24th floor and 25th floor. He wanted to start on the 24th floor.

    There was a problem about coming back from there, but he had decided that for coming back, he'll take a random guess of any formation. Whatever formation he selected would take him to a different floor, and he could try that until he reached the floor where he could see the Maps. As long as he was on any lower floor, it would be fine. As long as he reached on the floor, he had the authority of; then, he could find a way back to this floor. If he wasn't on the lower floor, he could try again.

    The Shadow Transformation and the Law of Illusion were going to his primary weapon of success, according to him. His plan was not to go barging in but to be as sneaky as a ghost. He was sure that he could do that as long as he was careful.

    Another hour passed away. It was the time when the celebration finally ended.  Ruan Yi stood up and bid her farewell before she left the courtyard. She started flying back.

    Now only Mu Yun was left in the hall. Mu Yun and stood up.

    Long Chen was keeping an eye on her using his Divine Sense when he saw Mu Yun coming towards his room. He laid down on the bed and covered his body. He only exposed his sleeping face. He started pretending to be sleeping.

    Mu Yun opened the door of his room and stepped inside the room. She walked closer to him in silent steps.

    She sat near his bed on her knees as she faced Long Chen.

    She reached out her hand and softly touched the cheeks of Long Chen, who was pretending to sleep.

    "Today is the happiest day of my life. You finally have hope. You finally got what you wanted. Please get your memories back so that you can enjoy your recovery and the revival of your dreams," She muttered as she smiled.

    She moved her head forward and kissed the forehead of Long Chen before she stood up and left the room. She didn't forget to close the door softly so as not to make any noise.

    After she left the room, Long Chen opened his eyes and looked towards the door. He sat up.

    'Poor woman, She doesn't even know that her son is already dead. I can't help but feel sad for her. This is how the life of a Cultivator," Xun appeared near Long Chen and muttered as she looked towards the door.

    "Don't feel sad. That's just life. People live, and people die. Some die young, and some die old. It was unfortunate that she lost her son, but there is nothing that could be done about it. The dead don't return to life. I had already seen it at the start," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    "At the start?" Xun inquired with a frown.

    "It was when I killed the city guards for the first time under the influence of my heart demon. It was so frustrating. I hated myself for doing that. It was even worse when I saw their kids, wives, and parents crying at their funerals. It was the first time I had killed someone that was not in my revenge target, and I went through the growth. As a Cultivator, we kill, and we die. These are the only two options," Long Chen said.

    "Life is more fragile in this dog eat dog world. We can't worry enough about our life and the life of our loved ones. If we start worrying about others' lives, then it would be even more chaotic. I'm kinda glad of the Dark Sacrifice in that regard," Long Chen muttered. "It removed a potential weakness."

    Xun looked at him and nodded her head.


    Back in the Port City of True Dao Sect, Another ship was ready to depart towards the new continent. The first ship was still in the middle of the journey, but the True Dao Sect had many ships, and a ship departed every month at least. One such ship was about to depart in a few minutes.

    The people that had the tickets of the ship were all inside the ship. All the checkings were finished as well.

    The ship captain gave the signal, and the ship started moving towards the New Continent, the continent of Hope and Dreams, if all the travelers.

    There were two more people that wanted to go to the Continent that was known as the Land of Dreams for the people of this continent. They were also ready to leave for the new continent. These two people didn't have the tickets, though.

    They didn't even try to buy the tickets since they knew that they didn't need it.

    These two people didn't need the tickets because they weren't traveling through the Ship. They were leaving but using a way that no one could have imagined.
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