538 Chapter 538: Inside the Ruin

    These two people were sitting in what seemed like a beautiful white cloud. The cloud seemed like a real cloud, but it wasn't since it was impossible for someone to sit on the cloud. This flying cloud was something even more special. Its speed was very fast, as well. The cloud flew even more quickly than the speed of lightning.

    As the cloud moved ahead in the Dangerous Sea, it obviously came across many flying sea beasts that tried to target the people that were sitting on the cloud. Most of the beasts were really fierce and powerful, but they weren't able to do anything. As soon as the beasts moved near the cloud, they disintegrated into nothingness. It was the same for all the beasts.

    It didn't matter how strong a beast was. As soon as it came near the cloud, it died.

    There were two people who were sitting on the clouds. Both of them seemed like they were very young. These two people were dressed in white robes that didn't have any Sect's symbol. It seemed like they were rogue Cultivators, but this wasn't the truth. One of them was a person that Long Chen knew. That person was also at a very high position in a prominent sect.

    One of the two people on the cloud was Mu Fan, who had formed a friendship with Long Chen. Mu Fan was a disciple of the True Dao Sect that Long Chen met in the Port City. He also had a competition with Long Chen about Red Jade Crystal Betting  That was the place where Long Chen won the tickets to the ship. Mu Fan was also from the Mu Clan that handled the matters related to the Port City. He had a very well respected position in Port City. He was like the Prince there.

    The other person on the cloud was also someone that Long Chen had met before, but it was not a proper meeting. The boy had passed by Long Chen when Long Chen had left Long Xue Ying's Sect after kidnapping her. That boy was also the person that had created a lot of problems for long Chen.

    The boy had a necklace in his ears. The tip of the necklace was the Token of the Divine Heaven Sect that had been missing since the sect was destroyed.

    Since that time, the 20th token has never been found, and it wasn't used to enter the Divine Heaven Sect. At Least that's what people believed. That boy had the token for a long time. He was also the one that had sent the letters to the Supreme Sects, telling them that someone had killed their Elders outside the Divine Heaven Sect. That's where the troubles for Long Chen's clan started.

    Mu Fan was sitting on the cloud, looking at the boy that looked even younger than him. He noticed that the boy was looking at the necklace in his neck. He wondered if the necklace was unique. Instead of keeping his question to himself, he decided to ask the boy about it.

    "Master, Why do you look at that token so often? Is there something special in it?" Mu Fan asked the boy as he glanced at the necklace.

    "Something Special? I guess you can call it something special," The boy muttered as he glanced towards the sky. His face had some district emotion of sadness on it. It seemed as if he was reliving some memories that were not pleasant.

    "This is something that will decide the destiny of the world when the time comes. The balance of the Universe will rest on it," The boy added. "In some ways, it is even more important than you or me."

    "Really? Why only this token? Aren't the other nineteen tokens the same?" Mu Fan inquired. He knew that it was the 20th token already. When he had first seen the necklace, he realized that it was a token of appreciation of the Divine Heaven Sect since he had seen one of the twenty in the True Dao Sect before. When he asked the boy, he got the answers that it was the 20th token.

    "You won't understand it. It's too soon for you right now," the boy added. "Focus on the task I gave you. You have an important role to fulfill in the future."

    The boy glanced in a certain direction with a frown on his face as if he had seen something that didn't make him happy.

    'That Ruin is again going to appear in that place. Sigh, this thing should just stop appearing in places. I wish I could have intervened in that to stop anyone from going near the ruins, but I can intervene in anything related to that Ruin. Whatever is inside is definitely something that I can't comprehend. I can see nothing when I try to see inside the ruins. All I can see is that I will die if I interfere in this. I don't think I want to die so soon, since there are many things that I need to do. I'll just have to keep myself away from this matter,' The Boy thought as he looked in the direction of the Ghost Island.

    'I hope that these idiots fail to enter this time as well. If they succeed, then the world might change. I don't know if it will be for the good or for the bad, but the balance will break. I can do nothing but watch. I'm already taking a big risk by getting involved in the matters of Long Chen. If another thing comes into play, everything will be ruined,' The boy thought.

    "I will not disappoint you, Master" Mu Fan told the boy as he looked at him

    "Good boy," The boy smilingly replied.

    The boy started looking towards his destination as he muttered, "I'm coming to you, old friend."


    Far away from them, in the land of the desert, a man was wearing. The man was wearing a broken mask that only covered half of his face. He was the same person that had given Mingyu the destiny crystal, which brought her to her destiny.

    That man suddenly looked in the direction of the sea, but he didn't have any change in his expressions. There was a young man walking behind him.


    The Mystic Realm was a desolate place where nothing but the ruins of a long-extinct civilization existed. There were rubbles and stones everywhere along with many other things that showed that this place used to be filled with life, but now it only reeked of emptiness.
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