539 Chapter 539: The Creator of Imperfection

    This place has been silent for a long time, but it was a time when things started changing. The Origin Energy in the Mystic Realm was suddenly increasing. The land that seemed desolate was finally beginning to change. Plants had started to grow out of the barren ground, and the hot air inside the Mystic Realm was becoming cooler.

    It was the start of a new cycle. This thing happened every thousand years whenever the Ancient Ruin was about to appear in the Mystic Realm.

    It was a sign. A sign that in two months, the Ancient Ruin will appear in the Mystic Realm. It was the sign that the people of the Ghost Temple eagerly waited to see.

    Just for this, they had assigned an Elder inside the Mystic Realm. He was supposed to inform them of every change in the Mystic Realm.

    The Elder of the Ghost Temple was sitting inside the Mystic Realm. He was resting when he noticed this change in the wind. He hurriedly stood up and observed his surroundings.

    After some time, a smile appeared on his face.

    "Finally, it is happening. I can leave this desolate land," He let out, excitedly.

    He swiftly left the Mystic Realm and went to inform their higher-ups.

    He straight away went to a Temple Priest and told him of the Change.

    The Temple Priest informed other Temple Priests.

    All the Temple Priests were excited. They left their place.


    The Temple Priests straight away went to the Temple Master to inform him of this event.

    The Temple Master was sitting on his throne when the Temple Priests arrived in his room.

    "Has it started?" The Temple Master inquired before the Temple Priests could even speak.

    "Yes. The change in the realm has started. It will be that time after two months. That place will finally appear once again, and we would be able to enter it," One of the Temple Priests said with a smile on his face.

    "Last time, we managed to reach the doorway of the Ancient Dungeon. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get in. Make sure that we get in this time to get what's inside," the Temple Master let out as he looked back at the Elders.

    "On a different note, have you still not finished translating the words that the last generation found on the entrance of the Dungeon when they entered?" The Temple Master inquired as he thought of something.

    "That's also something that we came here to take to you about. We believe that we have done it. We finally have a rough translation of those words," The Temple Priest replied.

    "You did it?" The Temple Master inquired in surprise.

    "Yes," the Temple Priests replied.

    "Good. Tell me what the words meant," The Temple Master let out as he nodded his head.

    "The one that destroyed the Natural Order, the Creator of Imperfection. A sin worth thousand deaths, but impossible. The Ancient that was supposed to make the world better, but the one that ruined it. Destined to live a thousand deaths. The River of Law, wiping the sins of the Heaven. When two combine, the world changes, destiny shatters, and death follows. The Rule is wrong. The Awakening is impossible. Death is Imminent."

    "That was the translation," The Temple Priests said.

    "Are you sure that it was the right translation? Some of the lines don't even make sense,"  The Temple Master let out with a frown on his face.

    "We understand that some of that doesn't make sense, but we didn't change the words and translated as well as we could using our knowledge and the work of our ancestors. We also used the things left behind by that person. We believe that more than ninety percent of the translation would be correct," The Temple Priest let out.

    "I thought that the words would give us some clue about how to enter or about the items that would be inside, but they sound like some nonsensical quote: whatever, Good work in the translation. Focus on the Temple Sacrifice. It should be finished before it's time for exploration. Everything should be done on time," The Temple Master said.

    The Temple Priests nodded their heads before they turned back and left the hall.

    Only the Temple Master was left in the hall, alone in the silence.

    "The words have an ominous feeling, but I am sure that there would be a world-changing treasure inside. There is no other explanation for there to be so many restrictions and formations to stop people from entering.  I need to get the thing at whatever cost. If it is really as amazing as I think it is, I would be able to do what I wanted to. This small world is too small," The Temple Master muttered as he glanced towards the sky.


    Long Chen was sitting on his bed. He could see that Mu Yun had entered into her room. She was now lying on her bed.

    Long Chen brought Mingyu out of the Fake World and gave her the Mask of Mischief.

    He kissed her once before he teleported outside the courtyard.

    He brought out his Spirit Sword and started flying in a certain direction.

    Although this floor didn't have any guards, Long Chen still remained careful as he flew closer to the top.

    After flying for some time, he reached his destination. He could see a Teleportation formation in front of him.

    According to the map he had seen, this was the formation that was supposed to take a person to the Twenty-Fourth floor.

    He lowered his sword and landed on the ground right before the formation. He sent the sword back into his storage and stepped inside the formation as he waited for the formation to start shining.

    He stayed inside the formation for a few minutes, but it didn't start shining.

    "What is happening?" Long Chen frowned as he noticed that the formation wasn't activating.

    He sat on the ground and started observing the formation carefully.

    "It hasn't been deactivated, then what seems to be the problem. Why can't I go up?" Long Chen frowned as he looked at the formation.

    "Could it be that it needs some kind of special method since it's not on a secured floor? There are no Guards here, so it should be the case. As a kid, I live here, as well. Many other Elders must have kids too. The Elders must have a different method to use the formations for going to higher floors," Long Chen came to a conclusion as he finished observing the formation carefully.
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