540 Chapter 540: Remnants of the Pas

    "Should I try going through the lower floors? Since the lower floors have security on all higher formations, no special thing should be needed for them," Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    He stepped out of the formation. Since there was no way to go through here, he wanted to take a long way. Waiting here was worse than going through the long way. He believed that if his hunch were right, then he would definitely reach the Twenty-Fourth floor from the lower floor.

    Long Chen stepped on his sword and started flying. The sword flew towards the formation that was to lead to the twelfth floor.

    He wanted to go to the twelfth floor since he knew that it was the highest floor whose Map he could see using his disciple badge. That's why it was easier for him to find the formation of the Twenty-Fourth floor on the twelfth floor.

    He stepped inside the teleportation formation. This time, the formation started shining, and he was teleported to the twelfth floor.

    "What the heck? I think I just saw the formation shining," One of the guards that were standing near the formation leading to the 21st floor let out with a frown as he looked towards the formation.

    "You're hallucinating, man."

    " Did you not sleep? There is no one inside. The Formations don't get activated with air,"

    "Hehehe, were you busy last night with your wife?"

    The other knights started laughing at the knight that had spoken about the formation shining.

    The knight also started getting confused as he felt like it might have been an illusion.

    Long Chen was still standing in the formation, but he had activated his Shadow Transformation; thus, no one was able to see him.

    He left that place and started walking away from them with soft steps. After he reached far away, he brought out his Spirit Sword and started flying.

    He also looked at the map of the Twelfth floor and found the formation of the Twenty-Fourth floor.

    He flew straight in that direction while being more careful since this place was not empty like the 21st floor. This floor had many guards.

    After flying for a long time, Long Chen reached the southernmost edge of the 12th floor. Even though there were more people on this floor, Long Chen had still managed to reach near the formation of the 24th floor without any problem.

    The problem was that this place was surrounded entirely by the guards. Unlike the formation of the 21st floor, this formation had more guards. The formation of the 21st floor had guards, but there was a gap in between them, which made it easier for Long Chen to walk past them from inside the formation, but this place was somewhat different.

    The guards were sticking close to each other. There was no way for Long Chen to walk past them, into the formation. He couldn't fly either since he would need to use a Spirit Sword to fly or his Heavenly Demon wings, but both will attract the attention, unlike him.

    Long Chen took two steps back and got ready to jump. He had decided to jump into the formation from above their heads and land inside their circle.

    He started utilizing his Demon Monarch Physique to the fullest as he jumped.

    Long Chen jumped really high. He went right above their heads and landed on the formation. As he landed, the formation started shining, and he was teleported.

    The guards heard a sound of Long Chen landing, but when they turned back, there was nothing there.


    Long Chen found himself in a different place. It was a different floor, and it was clear from what he saw. While all the floors he had seen so far were filled with light, this floor was completely dark. It was as if no people were living here. It seemed like an abandoned floor as it reeked of death. There were also no guards outside this formation.

    He stepped out of the formation and looked around. Even though there was darkness everywhere, he was able to see everything clearly since he had the Law of Darkness. Darkness was his companion. He was more comfortable in the dark than he was in the light. It felt more like his comfort zone.

    He didn't bring out his Spirit Sword yet and simply walked ahead as he looked around.

    The floor seemed empty as far as his eyes could see. There were broken buildings and rubble spread everywhere.

    The ground was also covered in blood at many locations. Long Chen frowned as he saw all this. It seemed as if something big had happened here. All the clues he was seeing seemed like a sign of a slaughter that occurred here in the past.

    He walked into the rubble of a nearby building and saw something there. It seemed like a photo frame. The glass on top of it was cracked, and there was blood on it, but he could see that there were two people in the picture.

    There was a man who seemed similar to Long Chen's father, but slightly different.

    "Could this be his father? My real grandfather or some ancestor?" Long Chen wondered if the man in the picture was the father of his father. It was clear that his father inherited some of his looks from this man.

    He couldn't see the face of the woman since there was blood covering the face portion of the picture. He tried cleaning it, but it was absorbed by the image. He knew that it was impossible to see the image of the woman.

    He kept the frame in his storage ring and started looking around.

    He also found many more things, but they were all random like a kid's toy that was broken, a blood-covered dress, shoes of a man, and many more.

    After not finding anything significant, he left the place and started walking ahead.

    No matter how far he walked, all he saw was destruction. The whole floor was like this. He couldn't see any intact structure. After some more time, he finally saw a building that was still intact.

    Long Chen walked towards that building.

    The building only had two floors. Unfortunately, there were no windows. If there were windows, Long Chen would've been able to teleport inside with ease.

    There was only one door in the building, and it seemed to be made of stone.

    Long Chen tried using his Divine Sense, but even that couldn't see inside the building.

    'Something must be inside. Should I break the door?" Long Chen wondered as he looked at the stone door.
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