541 Chapter 541: Seeing Inside

    Long Chen scanned his surroundings once again using the Divine Sense to make sure that no one was in the surroundings. He didn't want to be caught when he was less careful.

    He walked closer to the stone door and placed his hand on the stone door to get an understanding of the structure. He wanted to see if it was possible to break the stone door or if it was something else that looked like a stone door.

    "It feels like a normal stone door. Why is my Divine Sense not able to see inside the place then?" Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    "Should I really break it?  I would be screwed big time if there is someone from the Ghost Temple inside this place. This whole floor seems to be abandoned, so the chances of someone living here are really rare, but still," Long Chen frowned as he observed the door.

    "Whatever, I'll do it. I came here to search every place. I can't go back after seeing the most suspicious place. It would be bad if this were the actual Prison where they had him," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    He took five steps back as he brought his King's Sword out of his storage ring.

    Long Chen held the sword after quite some time. He felt good holding the sword in his hand. It was as if the sword was his companion, but the feeling was not as tense as the feeling he got when he held the mysterious knife in Mu Yun's courtyard. He still wondered what that was all about. It was as if that knife was calling out to his blood, making it restless.

    He had already decided that when it was the time to leave, he would try to steal that knife. Since he was taking the knife, he would also leave some letters behind. The letter would just explain that his son was going out on an adventure. Since he was taking something precious from Mu Yun, he wanted to leave her with hope. He didn't want her to know that her son was dead.

    "It is quite strange. Xun, Since using the Dark Sacrifice, I should've lost all empathy for people that were not related to me and the ones that were not close to me. Why is it that I still feel sympathy for Mu Yun and anger for Mu Lin?" Long Chen wondered as he asked Xun.

    Xun appeared near Long Chen and replied to him with a thoughtful look on her face.

    "I have no idea, but there's a possibility that they might be related to you? That seems to be the only explanation. Since the mother of your father was probably from here, maybe she was related to Mu Yun? It doesn't matter, though. The Dark Sacrifice is a complicated thing. What I told you, and what you understood, was only the simplified form since you have only formed a Law Seed. You will understand more when your Law Seed grows," she said.

    "Whatever. I will definitely get to the end of it later," Long Chen replied before he put his focus back on the stone door.

    He got into a Sword Stance as he got ready to attack the door.

    "Seven Forms of Saint Sword: Fifth Form-Chaos!" Long Chen muttered as he swung his sword. As soon as his sword moved, a dark red arc of light came out of his sword and flew towards the stone door.

    The attack was filled with chaotic energy that made the air around it unstable as it passed through.

    The rubble that was lying on the ground was blasted away because of the power of the attack. The attack continued forth, leaving a deep crevice on the ground.

    Soon, the attack landed on the stone door of the building. Dust flew everywhere as the door was hit, which made it difficult for Long Chen to see what happened to the door. After the cloud of dust settled somewhat, Long Chen was able to see the entrance.

    What he saw only made him frown. The stone door was still not broken. It was still intact, but there was now half a meter deep crevice on the stone door.

    "Just how thick is this door? Even after the attack drilled in half a meter, it still didn't end?" Long Chen muttered with a frown.

    "I'll move it a step higher. I just hope that there won't be too much damage to the inside after I use the stronger ones," Long Chen muttered.

    He shook his head as he again got ready to attack.

    He got into a sword stance once more as he firmly planted his feet on the ground and straightened his back.

    "Sixth Form of Saint Sword: Havoc!" Long Chen let out softly as he directed most of his qi towards the sword in his hand.

    He swung his sword, using all his strength. Most of the Qi that was stored in his arms passed through the sword and strengthened the dark arc of light that left his sword.

    The attack was not chaotic like the last attack. In fact, it didn't even seem like a dangerous attack. The dark arc of light silently moved towards the door. There was no effect of the attack on the surroundings as it passed. While the last attack seemed like an angry bull, this attack seemed more like a silent panther. It was fast, but moved in total silence, just like a hunter.

    Even though it felt like the attack took a long time to travel to the door, in reality, it only took an instant. The attack landed on the door.

    As soon as the attack landed on the door, Long Chen heard a loud blast. It was as if the silent panther had suddenly turned into a fierce lion as it destroyed everything.

    The impact was so powerful that even Long Chen was forced back a step.

    He noticed that the door was broken, finally.

    The inside of the building was filled with a cloud of dust because of the blast, but at least Long Chen had a way to enter now.

    He didn't walk inside blindly, though. Since the door was broken, he believed that there was an opening for his Divine Sense to scan inside.

    He started using his Divine Sense, and it worked. He was able to see inside this place and everything that was inside. Unfortunately, he didn't like what he saw as his expressions changed.

    "Those bastards! They actually..." He said with a look of disbelief as he clenched his fist.
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