543 Chapter 543: Weird Plan

    The formation started shining and brought Long Chen to a different place altogether.

    He appeared in a different place, and he noticed the guards surrounding the formation. As his shadow transformation was activated, he was not only invisible, but his aura was also non-existent.

    He stood right behind the guards, but they couldn't feel him. The only way Long Chen was going to get caught was if he deactivated his Shadow Transformation or if he thought about killing the guards and his killing aura leaked. Since Long Chen didn't want to target the guards, he didn't have any killing intent towards them. As for his Shadow Transformation, he still had some usage left.

    The formation was once again heavily surrounded. He understood that this was probably more guarded because this was the formation of the Twenty-Fourth floor. No one wanted anyone to go to that floor. Long Chen had noticed that the formations of the 23rd to 26th floor were the most guarded.

    That narrowed his search. Even if he was on a floor where he had no authority, he could still find the formation of the higher floors due to the guards. That would bring his chances of finding the right floor very high.

    He jumped from inside the formation to far away, outside the barrier of the guards, and started to leave. After he was far away, he tried using the map of his disciples' badge to see if he was on an authorized floor, and surprisingly, he found the map. He was able to see the map of this floor. He also found out about the floor he was in.

    Surprisingly, he was on the 6th floor. Instead of going to the higher floor, he had come down to a floor that was way lower.

    He found the formation of the 25th floor and started moving towards it on his Spirit Sword.

    The 6th floor was more like a big garden and a farm. It was a place where they grew the plants that bore fruits that were served to disciples. They farmed on this floor to get many materials, which was surprising considering the fact that this floor was actually not the real soil. If they were able to grow such Spiritual Herbs and fruits on fake soil, then they were pretty amazing.

    As Long Chen moved forward, he saw fields that were filled with three. He saw a wide variety of trees, all of which bore some kind of fruit.

    There were many rare herbs as well, but he ignored them all as he flew towards the formation. Since it was night, no one was out at this time. The guards weren't patrolling either since the way to come here was all secured through the formations.

    Long Chen reached the formation of the 25th floor, but a frown appeared on his face as he saw that the formation was broken. A plant had grown out of the ground where the formation was made, which disturbed the formation lines of the teleportation formation.

    There were no guards here either.

    "What the heck are they doing? Since the guards aren't here, they know that the formation is broken. They should've repaired it at least. On another note, why is a plant growing out of a stone floor?" Long Chen muttered in confusion as he frowned.

    The Spirit Sword came closer to the ground, and Long Chen got off the sword. He sent the Spirit Sword back into his storage ring and walked closer to the formation. More specifically, he was walking closer to the flowers that had destroyed the formation that was growing out of nowhere.

    The plant was black in color, but there were some grey specks on it, all around.

    "I don't think I know this plant despite my knowledge of spirit grade alchemists. It was able to grow out of a stone floor. It only makes me more intrigued.

    "Xun, do you know anything about this plant?" Long Chen asked suddenly.

    Xun appeared near Long Chen and looked at the plant. There was a subtle smile on his face.

    "I do know about it. It's a pretty special flower," she replied as she smiled.

    Long Chen stepped on the formation and reached out his hand towards the plant.

    As soon as he touched the plant, he felt something deep inside him.


    Long Chen's Martial Space has been silent for a long time.

    The Red Core was still flying in the sky of his Martial Space.

    The Law Seed of Illusion and the Law Seed of Darkness were floating near the ground. The law seed of darkness was pitch black. It just seemed as if there was nothing there. It was just like the space had disappeared there, and all that was left was a black spot of nothingness.

    The law seed of illusion, on the other hand, seemed illusory. It was like a mist. It was appearing and disappearing simultaneously as if it was real and not real at the same time.

    Right beside these two seeds, there was a small sapling floating.

    This Small Sapling was entirely made of space laws. It was what the Law seed of space had grown into after Long Chen's comprehension of Space Law had increased right before Orion had attacked Zhiqing's Caravan at the beginning.

    All of it happened a long time ago. It was before Long Chen had tamed Orion. Since then, his comprehension of Space Law had stagnated. Not only his Space Law, his Seed of Illusion Law hadn't grown much either.

    Far away from these law seeds, Long Chen's Martial Soul was standing in its beautiful Armor with its eyes closed.

    Surprisingly, The Heart Demon of Long Chen was right in front of the Martial Soul. He was sitting on one knee before Long Chen's Martial Soul.

    Both Long Chen's Martial Soul and his Heart Demon looked like Long Chen. Both of them were identical to him. There were only a few differences.

    The Heart Demon had horns on his head while the Martial Soul didn't. Another significant difference was just the personality. It seemed as if the Martial Soul was clearly proud as it stood tall. There was also some arrogance as if nothing mattered before it. That was all when his eyes were not even open.

    The change that was happening was not these two. These two stayed like this. Neither Long Chen's Martial Soul moved, nor his Heart Demon.

    What changed was the Sapling of Space Law.

    As soon as Long Chen touched the small plant that was growing out of that formation, the Sapling of space law inside his Martial Soul started shining.
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