544 Chapter 544: Fairy

    The Sapling of Law of Space started shining even more brightly.

    Long Chen felt something strange as soon as he touched the flower.

    Before Long Chen could think anything, he saw everything turn white before him.

    Instantly, he felt as if his head was hit as everything turned black.


    There was a long period of silence before Long Chen opened his eyes.

    As soon as he was able to see, the first thing he saw was the bright sky. The sky was mostly clear, but a few clouds could be seen. This scene stunned him since he was supposed to be in the Ghost Temple. The sky wasn't visible inside the Ghost Temple. Even if he was not in the Ghost Temple, it should still be night unless he was teleported outside the Ghost Temple, and he slept all night.


    He tried sitting up, but he felt the pain in his head as if his head was hit by a heavy thing before. He also couldn't move his hand since he realized that his hands were tied. His legs were in a similar condition. They were tied as well.

    He sat up and looked at his hands and his legs. He was right. His hands and legs were tied with some red rope.

    He looked around and saw a person sitting behind him.

    It was a girl that was sitting behind him. The girl was looking at him weirdly as if she was looking at something strange.

    The girl seemed like a normal girl if one was to ignore the two fairy-like wings on her back.

    Her wings seemed to be the same shape of a butterfly's wings. The wings were sparkling as well, and they had a star symbol on both sides. The wings were also semi-transparent.

    'Ah, Xun? Where am I? Don't tell me it's my third trial and I'm teleported to a new world' Long Chen thought in his mind.

    "It's not a trial," Xun replied as she narrowed her eyes while looking around.

    'Good. Now can you please explain where I am?' Long Chen asked with a frown. He wanted the answers since he didn't know what had happened to him. This whole thing was too weird.

    "You are in... I have no idea," Xun replied in a severe tone after thinking for a while.

    'Was this because of that plant? I'm definitely teleported to a strange place. How can you tell me to touch it without knowing where it would lead me?' Long Chen inquired with an annoyed look on his face.

    "You should focus on the matter at hand. I know as much as you know about this place. As for why I told you to touch the plant, I'll tell you later. It's not the time to talk. I can see more people coming," Xun said as she appeared near Long Chen and pointed towards the front.

    Long Chen saw more people coming towards him from a distance. All of them were girls, and they all had similar wings. The only difference was that their wings had different colors, and they didn't seem semi-transparent like the one wing of the girl that was sitting near him. There were around twenty such girls coming in their direction.

    Long Chen looked at the fairy-like girl that was looking at him like he was a strange creature.

    "Where am I?" Long Chen asked the girl with a wry smile on his face. He wanted to get some answers from the girl before it was crowded.

    The girl was taken aback when she heard Long Chen speak. She looked at him weirdly.

    "Abaks Mukaba Likansi Niijs?" the girl let out as she looked at Long Chen.

    "Ah, I don't understand a single word you're saying. Can you not speak my language?" Long Chen asked again.

    "Mahjja Husjja Gukani Malakna!" The girl replied.

    'Xun, what the heck is she speaking? You have more knowledge of languages. Translate for me," Long Chen said to Xun.

    "She is saying, ah, she, I basically have no idea. This is the first time I'm hearing her language," Xun let out after thinking hard for a long time.

    "This is useless then. You can't understand what I say, and I can't understand what you say. Let me use the hand gestures then. Maybe I'll be able to convey my words through my hands," Long Chen let out as he activated his Demon Monarch Physique to break the bindings on his hand, but he wasn't able to break it.

    It didn't matter how much he tried, but the ropes didn't break. It was as if the ropes were made from something that was impossible to break.

    "Ah, Hello? Can you free my hand?" Long Chen said as he raised both his hands to highlight the rope towards the girl.

    The girl just looked at him in frustration as she replied, "Tuma Shanta Ganji Bhal."

    "She doesn't understand anything. I wish I had some app to translate my words. You are mostly useless here, and I can't free myself. This is problematic," Long Chen muttered as he glanced at Xun.

    "I'm not useless. It's just that this is a situation where I'm not particularly helpful," Xun responded.

    "That's the literal definition of being useless here, you idiot," Long Chen let out as he sighed.

    "Oh wait, there is someone that is not useless," Long Chen suddenly thought of something.

    The women that were coming in his and the girl's direction were still fifty meters away when he put his plan into motion.

    He sent his consciousness inside his Ancient Ring and brought Xia outside. Xia was very powerful, and she had a defense that was equivalent to the heaven realm, at least. She was also a person that could be most useful here because she was the most powerful amongst everyone he had in the fake world.

    He brought her out of the ring.

    Xia appeared before him.

    Seeing Xia appear out of thin air, the girl that was sitting near Long Chen was shocked. She stood up and moved five steps back.

    The other women that were coming towards him were shocked as they saw him. They started running towards them.

    "Xia, pick me up and get me the hell out of here," Long Chen commanded Xia.

    "Yes, Master," Xia picked up Long Chen and started running in the direction Long Chen was telling her.

    Long Chen's Divine Sense was still working, and he was able to see his surroundings. He told her the direction which he found to be empty through his. Divine sense.
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