545 Chapter 545: Space Law is Active

    Xia carried Long Chen away and only stopped after Long Chen told her to stop.

    She put Long Chen down on the ground.

    "Can you untie the ropes?" Long Chen told Xia.

    Xia nodded her head as she stepped forth and started untying Long Chen's hands. After some time, Long Chen's hand was untied.

    He used his hands to untie his legs as well.

    Long Chen started looking at the ropes and noticed that they looked pretty normal. There was nothing odd about these ropes that he could see. Still, the ropes hadn't broken when he tried to free himself last time, which made him curious.

    He tried breaking it again, but it didn't work this time either. The rope was too strong.

    "I guess It's just impossible. Whatever, I'll tie them up using the same thing next time," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head. He sent the rope in his storage ring.

    "Good work Xia. You saved me," Long Chen thanked Xia as he rubbed her head.

    "It was Xia's duty, Master," Xia replied as she smiled.

    "Good. You can go back and rest," Long Chen said as he sent her back in the storage ring.

    "I definitely need to find a way to go back. Mingyu is still in the Ghost Temple. If I don't get back, she will most probably be caught," Long Chen muttered with concern.

    He started frowning before he suddenly came up with an idea.

    "I know that I said that I wouldn't use Spatial Travel unless absolutely necessary as the two times I used it was the two times I was almost killed. But this situation is as urgent as it can get. I need to go back," Long Chen let out.

    He pointed his finger towards the front and tried to activate the Law of Space to firm a spatial portal back to the Ghost Temple, but the thing didn't activate.

    He frowned deeply as he once again tried to use it, but the result was the same. Neither his eyes changed color, nor the space law was activated.

    "Could it be that we're not in the needed range of the Ghost Temple?" Long Chen wondered as he looked around.

    He tried using the teleport to test if it was a problem with his space law or if it was the distance thing.

    He looked ahead and tried teleporting to where he was looking, but it didn't work either. None of his space-related skills was working.

    "What the ** is wrong with my skills. Why is none of my space-related skills working?!" Long Chen let out in annoyance.

    He tried using his other skills. He was able to make a Qi from his swords. His Heavenly Demon Wings were also fine.

    He also tried using the Seven Forms of sword saint. Although he only used the first form, it worked as well.

    "All the skills seem to be fine. What is happening here, then?" Long Chen asked as he frowned.

    "Could it be that my Law related skills are affected here?" Long Chen muttered.

    He tried activating his Shadow Transformation, which was a skill that he got after comprehending the Law of Darkness, but that skill worked as well.

    "It seems to be the space laws only. Why? Xun, explain to me. I need to go back at all costs!" Long Chen let out in annoyance. Just then, he noticed the girls that had wings on their backs entering into the range of his Divine Sense.

    Long Chen brought out his Spirit Sword and started flying away.

    "Xun, answer me," Long Chen let out again after thinking for a while.

    "Let me think first. This thing is too complicated. I'll give you an answer soon," Xun replied.

    After a short time, Xun came to a conclusion.

    "We might be in a different spatial dimension. It's kind of like a different world," Xun told Long Chen as she appeared near him.

    "A different dimension? What does that have to do with me not being able to use my space law. No matter what dimension, my space law shouldn't be affected. It's a supreme law, after all. Also, my other laws are working," Long Chen told Xun as he shook his head while he continued flying.

    "If my assumption is correct, then it's not your that space law isn't getting activated. The problem is that it's already activated, and that's why you can't use it," Xun explained.

    "What does that mean, it's activated? Why can't I use it then?" Long Chen asked.

    "It's because you haven't been teleported to this place. Since this place exists between the spatial dimensions, you have been forced here. Your space law is working at its full capacity to keep you here so that you aren't ejected from this space back to where you came from," Xun replied.

    "What the heck? So it's my own space law that's the problem? It's keeping me here? So I don't need to do anything. As long as it stood working, I'll get back to where I was?! Tell me a way to stop it from working then," Long Chen inquired excitedly.

    "I don't know. It's the first time I'm with someone that has comprehended the Space Law. I have no idea what's happening here," Xun replied.

    "Then why the ** would you tell me to touch that plant of you didn't know anything. I'm in this stupid mess, and that's not even the worse. The biggest problem is Mingyu, who is alone in the enemy's den. She will be in such a deep mess if she is found out," Long Chen let out in anger.

    "You don't have to worry about Mingyu. Since we're between spaces, the time here doesn't affect the outside world. It doesn't matter how much time you spend here. When you leave this place, you'll go back to the same thing and to the same place," Xun answered Long Chen, which lessened one of his worries.

    "That's better. At Least her life is safe while I'm in this place, but still, why can't I stop my law of space? Why is it keeping me here? Also, what was the plant that I touched?" Long Chen asked with a frown.

    "You will get most of your answers as I tell you about the plant. Firstly, the plant is called the Space Enhancement Plant. For normal people that don't know about it, it's a plant that keeps the space of a place stable and prevents the distortion in space from occurring," Xun said as she started explaining.

    "As for the people that know about it, it has an entirely different meaning altogether," She added.
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