547 Chapter 547: Terra Returns

    "Now we're both caught. This is so messed up. How the hell do I get out of here then? The attacks don't work on whatever this is, swords can't touch it, and I can't leave it. I'm not even sure if the Dark Sacrifice will get me free or not. I can't risk that," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "How about you stay there? Let the women come here. They would have a way to get you out. You can bring out Xia to help you fight them when you're free. You can have a better chance to get free from them," Xun replied after thinking for a while.

    "That does seem to be the better option. I guess I can only get caught again," Long Chen nodded his head as he said.

    "There is one risk in it, though. There is a small chance that they will kill you directly instead of freeing you," Xun reminded Long Chen.

    "The chances of that happening are too low. If they wanted me dead, they could've killed me after they made me unconscious. Also, I'll release Snake Monarch and the others if they tried to kill me. He won't be able to free me from this, but he can definitely help Orion kill them," Long Chen replied.


    Back in the home continent of Long Chen, there was something significant taking place.

    Long Chen was a part of the Dark Soul Sect, but this fact was still not exposed to the others. The Dark Soul Sect had managed to keep that secret very well, but something else had happened near their location.

    A portal opened near the Dark Soul Sect, and a person came out of the portal. It seemed less like coming out and more like being thrown out.

    The person fell down on the ground. That person stood up and looked around.

    "Where the heck am I? I was following the lead to find my brother. As soon as I entered that room in the ruin, a strange light appeared, and I came here. Where exactly is this place? This is definitely not our home world. The energy here is different. Is this the place where my brother came to?" The person muttered.

    It was a person that Long Chen would have recognized if he was here. It was Terra that King Chen had met during his First Awakening Mission of the Bloodline Temple. Terra was the son of the chief of the Elphia Tribe, Tensha. He was also the first person that Long Chen had met there.

    Terra had a big brother that had gone outside years ago before Long Chen arrived there. His brother hadn't returned at all. Tensha and Terra were on the trail to find the eldest son, but it hadn't worked for a long time.

    Finally, one day, Terra found out something about his brother on the search to a faraway land. He found out that the people had seen someone who looked like him enter the ruins years ago. He believed that the person was his brother, so to find the truth, he also entered the ruins.

    He had searched almost every place of that ruin, but he didn't find anything. Just as he stepped in one last room, a bright light flashed before his eyes, and he found himself here.

    "This must be the place. Since he was not in our land, he must be in this place. I need to find him. I also need to find a way to go back to home with him," Terra muttered as he looked around.

    He saw the Dark Soul Sect at some distance from him.

    He started walking towards that place. He was hoping to find someone here whom he could talk to and find out where he was.

    Terra reached near the entrance of the Dark Soul Sect, but as soon as the guards saw him, they attacked him without giving him a chance to speak.

    "There it is! Another one of those strange monsters. He looks just like the last one! Capture him or kill him!" The guards let out as they attacked Terra.

    Terra was attacked by so many people that he couldn't even resist. He was also much weaker than the guards here. He was easily captured.

    "You are the legendary humans. I am from the Elphia Tribe. I am not an enemy. We are friends of Humans! Why are you attacking me?" Terra asked, but the guards didn't reply. It was unclear if they couldn't understand his words or if they ignored his words.

    They took Terra to the Elders, who further conveyed the message to higher-ups.

    Ultimately, it was decided to keep this strange creature in the Prison just like they kept the last creature there. The guards took Terra to the cell and locked him right beside the cell of the second similar humanoid monster they had caught long ago, trespassing near their area.


    Long Chen stayed in the net, waiting for the girls to get to him. Soon, he could see them entering his Divine Sense range. The girls were walking towards him.

    "Strange. They have wings, yet they don't utilize them. Could it be that they cannot fly constantly?" Long Chen wondered as he looked in their direction.

    "I should send Xia back as well. She can be a good surprise again," Long Chen muttered as he sent Xia back into the Fake World.

    "It would've been so good if I could enter the fake world too. I wouldn't need to wait here for the enemy to capture me," Long Chen sighed as he shook his head.

    "Well, the Enemy is a cute girl. I don't think you're actually as upset as your show. The sadness would've been real if you had to wait here for hot guys. Accept it. The situation could've been worse," Xun let out as she rolled her eyes.

    "Well, they are indeed cute. The girl with semi-transparent wings is especially cute, but I would much rather prefer to be free than be caught by anyone. And yes, that includes hot women. I wouldn't mind being caught by you, though," Long Chen let out jokingly.

    After some time, the girls got there.

    The girl in the lead was the girl with semi-transparent wings. She looked at Long Chen suspiciously.

    "Huus gala kina wen?" The girl said something in a questioning tone.

    "Look, lady, I've already told you that I don't understand a single word that you say. Also, if you're talking about the girl that was with me, then she left me behind and ran away. Can you please free this poor guy?" Long Chen asked as he glanced down at the women.

    The girls looked at him in confusion.
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