548 Chapter 548: The Girls Action

    The girl with the semi-transparent wings again said something in an unrecognizable tone.

    "This back and forth will be the death of me. Someone, please bring a translator here," Long Chen let out in annoyance as he didn't understand a single word again.

    Long Chen just looked blankly the next time the girls said anything since he knew that he was just wasting time by talking to them.

    After some time of silence, the girls started talking amongst themselves with serious looks on their faces.

    Ultimately, they all nodded their heads.

    Even though Long Chen was able to hear their words, he wasn't able to hear what they were talking about. Their words were like some alien language to him, so all he could do was to guess things looking at their experience.

    After some time, the world turned back to look towards Long Chen.

    He couldn't see any extreme hostile expression on their faces, which he found to be a good thing since that meant that they weren't going to try to kill him.

    The girl that was in the lead started walking towards Long Chen.

    Her semi-transparent wings started fluttering as she started flying high into the air.

    She was flying near Long Chen as she looked at him.

    'Good. At Least now she will free me. The girl might be more sensible then I have her the credit to,' Long Chen thought.

    The girl reached out her hand towards Long Chen's head. Long Chen was wondering if the core of this place was closer to his heart, but suddenly, he felt as if a heavy thing hit his head.

    He instantly lost his consciousness. The girl had only used her hand to hit Long Chen's head just like last time.

    After making him unconscious, she waved her hand and the web that was invisible, freed Long Chen. Long Chen started falling, but the girl flew closer to him and held him firmly to stop him from falling.

    She gently landed on the ground with Long Chen in his embrace.

    "Niis Suhja Gamik?" The girl that stood near the leader asked.

    "Jinki Ghar Taki," The girl with the semi-transparent wings replied as she nodded her hand.

    The girls started walking away from the statue where Long Chen was flying.


    Around 8 hours had passed when Long Chen gained his senses only to hear the alien language again.

    It seemed like two women were arguing about something.

    He opened his eyes and looked to the front where a woman was sitting on a throne.  The woman seemed similar to the girl that had hit him. She also had semi-transparent wings, but her wings were bigger. She also looked more mature.

    Shockingly, her breasts were something that stunned him the most. They were the biggest he had seen. He even wondered how she was able to carry those oversized things around with her slim figure. Each of her mountain peaks seemed to be bigger than two of his heads combined, to say the least.

    The woman that seemed like the queen was wearing a tight-fitting dress that was stretching too much near the chest area that it made it seem like it could rip any second. The woman also has blonde hair like the girl that had hit long Chen.

    Long Chen looked to his right as he heard the second voice once more. He saw the same girl there.

    Looking at their wings, Long Chen believed them to be mother and daughter. They seemed to be arguing about something fiercely, but he couldn't understand anything.

    He looked at his hand and noticed that he was once again tied by the strange red rope. His legs and hands were both tied, and he was sitting on his knees in the big hall while another woman was holding his neck to keep him in place.

    'The queen might know the language of the outside, or she can know the ancient language. Xun, tell me how to say hello in the ancient language. Let me test something,' Long Chen told Xun through his thoughts.

    "Alright. Just say Ciujis," Xun told him.

    Long Chen nodded his head as he got ready to speak.

    "Ciujis," Long Chen let out suddenly, amongst the conversations of the mother and daughter.

    The Queen looked at him with a frown.

    'She seems stunned. It might be working. Let me talk more. Xun, give me the words for I'm Long Chen. Do you understand my words?' Long Chen said to Xun.

    Xun told him the words to say, and Long Chen repeated the words as he gave the queen his introduction and asked if she understood his words.

    "Wakki hulami," the Queen let out with a frown.

    'What for she say? Is she replied in the ancient language?' Long Chen asked Xun.

    "No. She didn't use any language that I can understand, at least," Xun replied.

    "So she doesn't know that. Let me just ask in a normal language as my last hope," Long Chen muttered.

    "My beautiful queen, I am Long Chen from the outside world. I've been stuck in between dimensions. I want to know if you understand my words. Please nod your head if you do," Long Chen said in a heavy tone.

    The Queen didn't say anything, nor did she nod her head.

    The Queen looked towards the girl that Long Chen believed to be her daughter.

    She pointed towards Long Chen as she asked her daughter something in that incomprehensible language.

    The girl nodded her head.

    "Hmm," The Queen also nodded her head as she sighed.

    "Yaya Ammali," The girl responded with a smile before she started walking towards Long Chen.

    She sat near him on her knees as well. Long Chen looked at her in confusion, wondering if she was going to hit her again. He had decided that if her hand came near her, he'd unleash his beasts.

    While Long Chen was looking at the girl suspiciously, her hand didn't come towards her. She instead brought her head closer to his head. Long Chen was still confused as to what she was trying to do when a kiss landed on his lips.

    The girl's lips touched his lips. He could feel the softness of her lips that felt like the software and sweetest lips that his lips had ever touched. He couldn't believe it, but his little guy had also started getting erect. It had been a long time since it had happened unintentionally, and just this one kiss had caused it, which made him stunned.

    The girl didn't remove her lips from Long Chen's lips, and Long Chen didn't want her to stop this kiss either. There was something good about this kiss.
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