549 Chapter 549: Poor guy

    After some time, the girl removed her lips from his lips and started looking towards the queen.

    The girl pointed towards Long Chen as she started talking in that incomprehensible language to the queen.

    Long Chen was still sitting back in confusion, failing to understand what just happened here. He was suddenly kissed by the girl, and now she was ignoring him.

    "When I said previously, I was only joking, but it looks like the girls really want you. You must be very happy now," Xun appeared in front of Long Chen and said.

    The Queen stood up and pointed towards Long Chen and said something to the girl. The girl lowered her head and nodded.

    She looked back and said something to the woman that was keeping Long Chen in his place.

    The woman made Long Chen stand up and started pulling him outside.

    Long Chen didn't resist and let her take him. He knew that it was not the right time to resist. He also wanted to see where she would take him. This was able to give him the opportunity to see this place, and he could also escape if she were taking him to a prison since fighting the woman alone was much easier than fighting multiple women.

    The Queen and the Semi-transparent winged girl stayed behind as they continued talking.

    "The kiss, it must be something here. There must be a meaning behind this," Long Chen muttered as he glanced back.

    Long Chen was being taken through the beautifully made hallways

    "Urgh, that hurts!" Long Chen complained as he suddenly made a pained noise which attracted the women's attention.

    The woman looked towards him with a frown on her face.

    Long Chen continued making the pained noise as he looked at his hand as if the rope was burning his hand.

    "Hey, lady, remove the rope. It's hurting me," Long Chen said. He knew that she wouldn't understand his words, so he was trying to convey his emotions.

    Even though he wasn't actually feeling any pain, he was trying to see if he could get her to loosen the ropes around his hand because they were actually tied much more tightly this time.

    The woman looked towards his hand.

    "Hmph," She snorted before she ignored him and continued pulling him with her.

    "You're so cruel. I don't like you. I don't think you'll ever get married with that stingy personality," Long Chen complained as he looked at her.

    The woman didn't reply and continued taking him somewhere.

    Long Chen kept using his Divine Sense, but he noticed that his divine sense was limited to the hallway, and it wasn't able to pass through the walls. He wasn't able to see anything significant.

    The woman took him to what seemed like a beautiful room. The room had a comfortable bed, but other than that, it was completely empty. There was no window in that place.

    "Are we having a honeymoon here? I must tell you that I have like 4, no wait, five wives already," Long Chen said to the woman as he looked at her in confusion after she brought him inside the room.

    The woman didn't say anything as she left the room and closed the door before she left.

    Long Chen sat on the bed as he sighed.

    "At Least their rooms are comfortable. I don't think their prison would be this comfortable. It must be a normal room," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    He brought Xia out of the fake world and got him to free her hand before he sent her back.

    "This feels much better now," Long Chen said as he stretched his arms.

    "You said that you have five wives," Xun appeared near him and pointed out something she found strange.

    "Yup, I have five wives unless I'm forgetting someone. There's Mingyu, Zhiqing, Xue, Mei, and Xun," Long Chen let out with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "Now that I think about it, it's so strange that I have so many women. The number does feel more when I speak about it out loud," Long Chen muttered as he let out.

    "Cheh, Keep me out of that list. I'm not your wife, I'm more like your master," Xun replied, shaking her head.

    Long Chen held her hand and pulled her closer as he made her sit in his lap.

    "Then become my wife," Long Chen whispered into her ears.

    "Can you stop annoying me? I'm not going to be related to a kid," Xun replied, but she didn't make any effort to get off of Long Chen's lap.

    "I'm not a kid. I'm a man, and you're my woman. You might be older than me in age, but that doesn't change the fact. You've been with me the longest, and I've never looked at you as anything less than someone I cherish deeply, possibly even more than Mingyu since you were there for me when I was literally nothing," Long Chen said as he brought his lips closer to her ears.

    "You have helped me on so many occasions and annoyed me on even more occasions. You made things easy on occasions and made things difficult on other occasions. Still, I don't think there is anything that I would share about our journey and no better partner other than you whom I would rather prefer," Long Chen said as he hugged her and rested her head on her shoulder.

    "Don't disappear today," Long Chen said in a low voice as he gently kissed the neck of Xun.

    Xun's face turned red as she started getting restless as if she wanted to leave and not leave at the same time.

    Long Chen kissed her cheeks neck; then, he softly kissed her forehead. He kissed her nose and slowly brought his lips closer to her lips.

    Long Chen was about to kiss her when the door suddenly opened. Xun heard the sounds and disappeared.

    Long Chen's kiss landed on empty air.

    "Wrong timing, lady," Long Chen let out as he glanced towards the door.

    He saw a girl standing there. It was the same girl that had hit his head twice. She had blonde hair and a beautiful face. Her semi-transparent wings looked beautiful.

    Long Chen noticed that the girl wasn't looking towards her face; instead, her gaze was lower.

    Long Chen looked down to where she was looking and noticed that his little guy was standing tall.

    "You really should've come after a few hours. Because if you, this poor guy will have to cry himself to sleep now," Long Chen let out jokingly.
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