550 Chapter 550: Dark Fairies

    "Gusta Sanu Malibi," The girl said as she looked at him while pointing her fingers towards his face.

    Long Chen took a deep breath before he gave a long sigh.

    "Look, lady, I've said it once, and I can say it a hundred times. I don't understand a single word that you say, and I am not going to learn anytime soon," Long Chen let out with a frown on his face. He didn't even know why he even tried explaining since he knew that nothing would get in the girl's head. It was like he was wasting his time.

    The girl didn't say anything this time. Instead, she started walking closer to him and sat beside him as she looked at him.

    "Don't tell me that you really want me?" Long Chen asked in confusion as he saw her sitting near him. Long Chen was already somewhat doubtful as she had kissed him before. He wondered if the girl actually liked him.

    The woman again brought her face closer to his and gave him a kiss.

    'Just what is happening here? Are they going to have the princess marry me?' Long Chen thought, but he didn't push the girl back. 'This might be an opportunity to integrate into their place and find out what I need.'

    Instead of pushing her back, he kissed her back as he wrapped his arms around her back.

    Surprisingly, the girl was the one that pushed him back this time.

    "Hey, you were the one that kissed me first," Long Chen let out as he looked at her.

    "That was to understand!" The girl replied as she glared at him.

    "Understand what? You can't kiss anyone so fr... wait a minute, did you just talk in my language?" Long Chen asked with a stunned look on his face.

    "Yes. I spoke in your language. That's why I kissed you twice," The girl said.

    "Kissing can help you understand the language of others?" Long Chen asked her.

    " Why do you think I would kiss a person that looked like an ugly male! I had to work so hard to convince my mother to get the permission since only me and my mother have this power. It was all to learn your language," The girl said as she rolled her eyes.

    'Oh right, now when she mentions it, I remember. I once heard that amongst the many dimensions between spaces, there lives some strange species that have strange powers. One of the powers that I heard about was learning languages of other species through kisses," Xun suddenly said to Long Chen.

    'Well done, Xun. So fast,' Long Chen responded jokingly.

    "Let me tell you; people call me handsome back home. You have your definition of handsome and ugly twisted I think," Long Chen replied to the girl as he shook his head.

    "Anyway, it's good that you understand now. Tell me where I am. Also, what's your name?" Long Chen asked the girl.

    "You are in our land. You need to answer my questions. Who are you? You do seem similar to them, but you don't have wings or the ears." The girl asked in return.

    "Alright. Since you're the host, I'll answer your question, and then it's your turn to answer me," Long Chen told the girl before he started giving her some more explanation.

    "I am Long Chen. I am from a different world. I was traveling to a different world, but I accidentally ended up in this place. I don't know where I am, but it seems like someplace between the spaces," he explained.

    "Now, answer my question. Who are you, and where am I?" Long Chen asked.

    "Someone from a different world? That sounds unbelievable," The girl replied with a suspicious look on her face.

    "You already said that you hadn't seen someone like me in this place. At Least you shouldn't be so doubtful that I'm not from here. Also, you should answer my question, lady," Long Chen said as he glanced at the girl.

    "My name is Ming Lan. You are in the land of the Dark Fairies," The girl replied.

    "The land of Dark Fairies? Do you guys have anything related to space that can help me go back? I tried, but I am trapped in this place. I think I need something related to space. It can be a plant or anything. Do you have any idea about something like this?" Long Chen asked the girl.

    "Space? I do know something about that, but why should I help you?" the girl asked as she looked at Long Chen.

    "Ah, just think of it like doing a good deed. You don't seem like a bad person. I'll give you something good in return before I leave," Long Chen said.

    "So, you really don't know anything about this land?" The girl asked him again.

    "I only know that it's the land of the Dark Fairies and that too, because you told me," Long Chen replied.

    "I can promise you that I'm not an enemy or a bad guy. All I want is to leave this place and go back home. Help me," Long Chen said to the girl as he held her hand and looked in her eyes innocently.

    "I'll talk to my mother. Stay here in the meantime and don't create trouble," The girl said as she turned back to leave.

    She was just about to leave when she looked back and frowned.

    "How did you free your hand?" she asked.

    "The rope was hurting my hand, so I removed it. I am not going to do anything. I'll be a good guy and sit here," Long Chen said as he sat on the bad with his hand on his knees like an innocent child.

    The girl looked at him for a short second before she left and closed the door.

    "It would be good if she helps me. This would make things so much easier," Long Chen muttered as he laid on the bed.

    "Xun, do you know about Dark Fairies?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "Nope, I only heard some vague, generalized things about the realms between dimensions and the species living there. I only know about a few more powerful Species by name and traits, and the Dark Fairies shouldn't be one of them since I don't know about them," Xun replied to Long Chen.

    "They seem like good people. They haven't actually tried to harm me other than making me unconscious a few times," Long Chen said in a low tone.

    "Oh, right. Why aren't you coming out? Don't tell me you're scared of me now," Long Chen said as he suddenly noticed that Xun was replying but not appearing before him now.
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