551 Chapter 551: Changing Little Snow I

    "There's no reason for me to come out," Xun replied in a neutral tone.

    "Anyway, do you believe what she said?" She asked Long Chen.

    "Not a hundred percent, but yeah, I find most of what she said believable. I'm still doubtful about the space-related object. Maybe she's telling the truth, or maybe she's lying. We'll find out soon," Long Chen replied as he shook his head.

    "Yeah, It doesn't seem like she's going to hurt you, but it just seems too simple. Why would they help a stranger like that for no reason? Especially someone who's from a different species? Something seems out of place here," Xun said as if she was thinking out loud.

    Long Chen stood up and walked towards the door. He tried opening it and found it locked.

    "Just as expected," Long Chen muttered as he turned back and walked back to the bed.

    "Anyway, to answer your question, They won't help a stranger for no reason. No one would be that kind. At Least not kind enough to the extent of kissing that said stranger from a different Species. They need something from me as well. That's what I think," Long Chen replied as he shook his head.

    "I think the same. Not everything is rainbows and unicorns here. There is probably greed behind those innocent places," Xun muttered.

    "Whatever, it doesn't matter what they want. As long as it helps me get to my objective, I'm fine with it. In the meantime, I can learn about their strengths and their weaknesses so that j can attack them if the time comes when they try to go against me," Long Chen muttered softly as he laid on the bed.

    "I want to be done here as fast as I can and go back to the Ghost Temple. So many important things await there, and I can't succeed without knowledge of this place. Since you don't know about this place, I can only depend on them for the moment," Long Chen replied as he shook his head.

    While Long Chen was waiting inside the room, he kept hearing the sound of footsteps coming and going outside the room.

    It was like the guards were marching outside the room, probably to keep an eye on the room.

    "I think I have an idea, but I don't know if it will work on them. I need your suggestion. If it works, this thing will be a whole lot easier," Long Chen said to Xun.

    "What idea?" Xun asked Long Chen as she appeared before him again.

    There was still some shade of red visible on her face.

    "Cati, I haven't called the little fella out in a long time. I want to know if I can use him against these Dark Fairies. I want to know if he can affect them like he affects Cultivators and humans," Long Chen suggested as he glanced at Xun.

    "The Heart Devouring Insect? I think he should be effective here as well, but there's a risk of it failing," Xun responded.

    "Do you think you can afford to take that risk?" Xun inquired as she looked at Long Chen with a frown.

    "That's true; if it fails, then I would basically be establishing my enmity with the Dark Fairies, but if it succeeds, I'd have access to an insider," Long Chen muttered as he thought about it.

    "What's the chance of success if I try it?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "If you can help the Life Devouring Insect get inside their heart, the chances of success should be over ninety percent," Xun replied.

    "That's a fair number. Alright. I'll do it," Long Chen said as he nodded his head.

    He walked towards the door and knocked on it.

    He kept knocking, but the door didn't open.

    "Looks like they are told to ignore me. I can only wait inside. I'll have to wait until Ming Lan comes in. Since she's the only person that understands my language, this plan can only work with her," Long Chen muttered as he sat on his bed again.

    "I need someone else for this as well, but I low-key don't want to bring him out. He's going to start cursing me as soon as he comes out," Long  Chen let out as he looked at the ring with a wry smile on his face.

    He sent his consciousness inside the Beast Region of his Ancient Ring and started looking around it.

    'So many resources, but I can't enter this place. The resources can't be taken out either. It would be so good if I could have a bite of some of these rare herbs or cultivate in this place,' Long Chen thought as he looked at the various herbs in the region.

    "Oh, there's Little Snow. This little fella doesn't even think about me now, I guess. She can come out anytime she wants, but she just says inside nowadays. Let me have a talk with her first," Long Chen muttered as he noticed Little Snow sleeping in the beast region.

    He brought her out of the Ancient Ring.

    Little snow landed on his lap as she came out of the Beast Region.

    "Uwu," She whimpered as she looked at the face of Long Chen.

    "You little girl, have you forgotten me? Why don't you ever come out to meet me?" Long Chen asked as he stared at the fluffy creature in his hands.

    "Mmm," Little Snow laid in Long Chen's lap as she enjoyed him rubbing her head.

    "It has been quite some time, but you still look as old as you were before. Is this what you're going to look like when you grow up?" Long Chen asked Little Snow, even though he knew that she wouldn't answer.

    Little Snow looked at him in confusion.

    "Let me give you an example. Just look at Orion. When that guy was little, I'm sure he was just as small as you, and now he's so big. Are you going to be as big as him?" Long Chen asked Little Snow.

    It seemed as if Little Snow heard his words. Her eyes started shining in red color as she started getting bigger.

    Her fur also started chanting color as it started becoming darker from a snow-white.

    "What the **?!" Long Chen exclaimed in shock as he stood up suddenly.

    Little Snow landed on the ground, but it continued getting bigger. After some time, she stopped changing. Her fur was the darkest shade of black that seemed even darker than night. Her claws were even sharper than the claws of Orion. Her height was the same as Orion, though.

    She looked just like Orion now, only more fierce. Long Chen couldn't believe his eyes as he saw what had just happened before him.

    "W-what the **? Can she change her place with Orion?" Long Chen asked with an impossible look on his face as he looked inside the Beast Region.

    He thought that she had probably teleported inside the Beast Region and called Orion here, and he was hallucinating about her changing shape.

    He also had a notion that she was able to create an illusion.

    Long Chen was even more shocked when he found the real Orion sleeping in the Beast Region.

    Long Chen looked back at Little Snow, who was looking like Orion.

    "It must be an illusion. You have an illusion element as well," Long Chen muttered as if giving him an excuse. He reached out his hand.

    Since he had the law of Illusion, he knew that weakness as well. The Law of Illusion made someone see something that wasn't actually there, but the truth was easily exposed when one tried to touch it since the illusion was just an illusion. It was impossible to touch it.

    Long Chen believed that when he tried touching Little Snow, he would find out that she had the same shape, and Orion was just an illusion.
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