552 Chapter 552: Secret of Little Snow I

    He reached out and touched Little Snow, but just as he touched her, his expressions changed.

    Long Chen found out that this wasn't an illusion. What he was seeing was actually there. Little Snow had turned into a Devil Hunter Beast.

    He looked towards Xun, hoping to find an answer from her, but she seemed even more shocked than he was. She kept muttering that it's impossible.

    "Xun, what's actually happening here?" Long Chen asked her.

    "Something that should be impossible! How could it happen! It doesn't make sense!" She muttered as she looked at Little Snow blankly.

    "What's impossible? What's happening? Tell me!" Long Chen asked her. He was getting impatient while he was worried.

    "The Ancient Myriad Beast!" Xun muttered the four words as she pointed towards Little Snow.

    "Ancient Myriad Beast? What's that?" Long Chen asked her.

    Xun took a deep breath as she tried to calm her beating fast.

    "Before I tell you anything, I need to confirm if Little Snow is actually the Ancient Myriad Beast or not. Can you tell her to go back to how she looked before?"  Xun told Long Chen.

    Long Chen looked back at Little Snow that looked entirely different than the fluffy little creature.

    "Little Snow, can you go back to the way you looked before? Leave this look to Orion. I like you better the way you were," Long Chen told Little Snow with a wry smile on his face.

    Little Snow looked at Long Chen and nodded her head. Her red eyes turned back to their normal color as she started getting smaller. Her body started changing shape. Her claws started disappearing, and her fur started becoming white from black.

    After a few more seconds, she was back to her cute little look.

    Long Chen picked her up in his arms and started rubbing her soft head as she started whimpering.

    "Now that's the way I like you," Long Chen told Little Snow.

    He looked back at Xun.

    "She's back. Can you tell me now?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    Even though Xun had tried to calm herself down, she was still not entirely calm.

    "It's right. She's the Ancient Myriad Beast. Even in my dreams, I wouldn't have expected that the egg would have an Ancient Myriad Beast," Long Chen muttered.

    "What's an Ancient Myriad Beast?" Long Chen asked her. He still had no idea what she meant. All he understood was that she was not an Ethereal Moon Cat, and she was a different species that was able to change shape. Even though it was a pretty unique power, he couldn't understand why Xun was so shocked.

    "Let me tell you a story first. You will understand after that. I heard about this from the Master when he was talking to someone," Xun replied.

    "Your Master? Do you mean the Original Owner of this bloodline? The story must be epic then. What's the story?" Long Chen asked her.

    "It's about the two Ancient Beasts. They are what you call the Ancestors of the 9 God Beasts," Xun said as she sat beside Long Chen.

    "The story goes like this. When there was nothing in this world, there were two beings. You can call them the True Gods or the Ancient Beings. Those two beings were the ones that created the Universe. They create nature, planets, lives, basically everything you can imagine. They were the true creators. You can already imagine how strong they must be since they could create the whole universe," Xun said.

    "Really Strong," Long Chen muttered as he thought about it. He could only imagine how strong they must be.

    "Yes, but no one knows about them. I don't even know how my master knew about it, but he talked about some argument between the two beings before they disappeared from the face of this universe, never to be found. Master said that it was a possibility that the two of them fought and ended up killing each other," Xun explained.

    "That's an interesting story, but how does that relate to the two Ancient Beasts and Little Snow?" Long Chen inquired as he glanced down at Little Snow.

    "It is said that when the two beings fought, their blood drops fell. An Ancient Beast came into existence from the blood drop of one True God whole another Ancient Beast came into existence from the blood drop of another True God," Xun told Long Chen.

    "The Ancient Beings disappeared after that day. The Two Ancient Beasts that were born from their blood drop grew up.

    "One of the two Ancient Beasts was the Ancient Myriad Beast, who was said to be the protector of Darkness, and the second one was the  Ancient Rainbow Phoenix, who was said to be the protector of Light. The story talked about their battle that lasted for millions of years. Can you guess who won?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    "Who?" Long Chen asked. He hadn't heard of this story, so it was new for him. He had no idea who would have won.

    "No one won. In the end, they both killed each other. That's why I had heard from the Master, but I never knew that he had the Ancient Myriad Beast in his egg. I'm starting to believe that he lied about some of the story," Xun said as she looked at Little Snow.

    "Interesting. I never knew that there was such a story behind this little fella. He has the blood of a Real God. I can't believe I was able to tame it. How is this possible?" Long Chen asked with a frown.

    He didn't understand how it was so easy for him to tame a beast that literally gained life from the blood of the First Ancient Being.

    "Little Girl, you're so special. Was that you who fought or your father?" Long Chen asked as he looked at Little Snow with a smile on his face.

    "She's the Ancestor of the God Beasts, which is not good," Xun told Long Chen as he looked at him with concern.

    "Why is it not good?" Long Chen asked her as he looked at her with a frown on his face.

    "Because the God Beasts will try to kill her if they find out about her existence," Xun told Long Chen as she shook her head.

    "Why? She's either their Ancestor or the kid of their Ancestor! Why would they kill her?" Long Chen asked with a frown on his face.

    "Because of the Power. Xun had the potential to become much more powerful than them. They would be worried. The strong don't like living in uncertainty. They wouldn't prefer to see someone become stronger than them as it would make them the second tier existence. They won't be the rulers, but the minions of Little Snow of she grows to the same level. They would definitely try to kill her. I am sure of that," Xun told Long Chen.

    "When humans can attack him because of his potential, then the beasts are still beasts. They would not let someone like an Ancestor Beast Prosper in the universe if they find out," Xun said.

    "Fine then, it's not like they can find her. No one will know that she's an Ancient Myriad Beast as long as she doesn't change her shape," Long Chen responded.

    "Little Girl, you can go back and rest for now. I'll bring you out later," Long Chen muttered as he kissed on the forehead of little snow before he sent her back to the Beast Region.

    "I don't think you understand the importance of what you have in hand. It can literally change the future of the universe. A beast that can take the shape of any God Beast or even someone unseen before. There are so many things that can change because of her," Xun muttered.
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