553 Chapter 553: The Dragon King

    "She is a good girl. She won't do anything I don't tell her to," Long Chen let out as he shook his head. "Don't worry about her."

    "Now that I think about it, Since the Ancient Myriad Beast exists, there's also a possibility of the existence of the Ancient Rainbow Phoenix. I sure do hope that we don't meet her. The story makes it seem like it will be our enemy if that appears," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    "That's for certain," Xun replied. "They were born to be enemies. It doesn't matter if Little Snow is the same Ancient Myriad Beast or its descendant, but I am almost sure that the hostility would be deeply rooted in their bloodline."

    "It matches your side quite well, though. The Ancient Myriad Beast is known as the Protector of Darkness. She ended up with someone who comprehended the Law of Darkness. That seems like the best option. If we go by that logic, the Ancient Rainbow Phoenix might end up with someone who is on the side of light," Xun said as she smiled.

    "Light, huh. Maybe there would be light as well somewhere in this world. I highly doubt it, though. There is not a single person in this world that is so pure that he would be considered light. I don't think a person like that can exist either. Every single being in this universe must have a little darkness in their heart. Everyone has greed, desires, or anger. It's much easier to be swallowed by the darkness than it is to stay on the side of light," Long Chen responded as he laid on the bed.

    "Just look at the Ancient Rainbow Phoenix. You said that it was the protector of light, but did it not fight another living being for petty reasons like Ancestral enmity? That already shows that the guardian of light also had the darkness," he added.

    " Maybe what you say is true, but anything is possible in this world. Even the people with darkness in their heart can be the carrier of light since the light is more about the principles I think. Anyway, I can only hope that there won't be someone like that since the Law of Light can counter your Law of Darkness. If there is a person who has the Law of Light and the Ancient Rainbow Phoenix, he can be pretty dangerous to you," Xun replied as she reminded Long Chen of the dangers.

    "That's just a small rare possibility. I don't think it's possible unless my luck is that bad. Even if it is possible and a person like that exists, I just want to tell you one thing. No light can defeat me! I won't fall before I reach my destination. Even if the son of God comes to face me, I'll face him with equal strength. I might die, but I'll die fighting, and I will kill that person before dying," Long Chen said as he looked at the roof.

    "Hopefully, that moment won't come, but that's not the only problem of the future. There's a storm, and it is going to be..." Xun muttered as she sighed before she could complete her sentence.

    She disappeared and didn't say anything else.

    Long Chen laid in the bed as he thought about what just happened.

    He had believed that he knew Little Snow, but what he saw had turned his perception upside down. Little Snow had the bloodline that was even higher than a normal god grade. He hadn't even heard that level of bloodline yet, but according to Xun, Little Snow had the Ancestor level bloodline.

    He wondered what the grade of his own bloodline was. He previously believed that it was just short of God Grade, but now he was also starting to doubt that.

    "Little Snow is going to be so powerful when it grows up. A beast take can transform into any beast. She might be able to become a dragon or a phoenix too. It can even be something unheard of. Now that I know that the Ethereal Moon Cat isn't her true form, I can't help but be curious about her real form. What is the real form of the Ancient Myriad Beast? Does she know it herself?  So many possibilities, but I can't have her show off too much, if someone finds out about her, I would be in trouble," Long Chen muttered.

    "I'm already having trouble dealing with mortals. I don't want to attract the God Beasts to kill me too," He let out as he sat up.


    In a far far away place, a blue-haired man was sitting on a Blue Throne.

    The Throne was made of bones and dressed in the skin.

    This was the Throne of the Dragon King, who was the king of the Dragon Clan. The Dragon Clan was one of the 9 God Beast Clans. It was considered to be the strongest clan amongst the nine God Beast Clans, but most people considered them to be one of the two overlord clans along with the White Tiger Clan.

    The man who was sitting on the throne looked like he was in his early forties. The man had long blue hair that came down to his shoulders.

    The man didn't look bulky, but people knew that this person was not someone they could offend. The man on the throne was the King of the one of the strongest God Beast Clans. He was the Dragon King himself, the overlord of the Dragon Clan, and one of the Nine God Stars.

    He used one of the Nine God Stars previously, but now he was one of the ten God Stars since another star had appeared that signified the birth or the appearance of another God Beast King.

    Only the really powerful beings knew about the appearance of the 10th star, though, so most of the beast still thought that there were only nine God Beast Kings.

    What most people didn't know was that the throne that the Dragon King was sitting on was not made of ordinary bones. It didn't have ordinary skin either.

    The bones and the skin were of a superior being. It was the bones and the skin of the dearest son of the first Dragon God King. It was made from the skin of his son as a reminder. It was to be a reminder never to be merciful to someone.

    Only the Dragon Kings of their generations knew the story about the throne, and it was kept a secret intentionally.

    The first Dragon King was a merciful king that didn't like killing. He was also addressed as the most kind-hearted Beast God.

    This kindness was what became his biggest mistake one day, though.

    One day, someone came to the Realm of the Dragons to take something. The person was captured, but since the thing that the person was taking was basically useless, and the crime wasn't so bad, the Dragon King didn't punish the person and let him leave the Realm with just a warning.

    This was what became his biggest mistake and something he regretted till his last moment since that person once again entered the Dragon Realm.

    That person not only entered the Dragon Realm, but he also sneaked inside the Royal palace to steal.

    The Son of the Dragon King was still a kid at that time. The Dragon King's son saw the thief, and the thief killed the little kid.

    The thief was caught and killed, but the loss of his son affected the Dragon King badly. He started to feel like it was all his fault. If he had killed that person before, his son would be alive. He got drowned in his guilt and stayed like that for a long time.
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