554 Chapter 554: The artifac

    The first Dragon King became filled with hate. His kindness disappeared, and he became more cruel as he started to hate his weakness. Some people said that it was the moment when the Dragon King lost his mind. He used the bones of his son and the skin of his Dragon Form to make this throne and sat on it daily. He treated this throne as a reminder of what his weakness led to.

    The Dragon King also started waging war on the neighbors of the Dragon Realm, and he kept winning. He increased the power of the Dragon Clan. In the beginning, the Dragon Clan was considered to be the weakest God Beast Clan, but by the end of the First King's reign, the Dragon Clan had become known to be the strongest God Beast Clan. No clan could compare to them at that point.

    When the Dragon King gave his power to the second son and made him the king, he only told him one thing. It was to remember the fate of his brother and never to be weak.

    Since then, every Dragon King told this story when they transferred powers to the new king.

    The Current Dragon King also believed this philosophy, but he was not as strict as the First King. He used his brain first, but he did prefer to remove the obstacle using force. He also never forgave a mistake.

    The Dragon King was sitting on the throne when he felt something.

    He stood up abruptly as he looked around.

    "The Tenth God Beast," He muttered.

    "Previously, the others told me about it, but its energy level was so weak that I couldn't even feel it, but it had only been a short time, and I can feel it so clearly. It's growing up. I need to crush it before it can break the balance," The Dragon King muttered as he looked towards the window.

    "What I don't understand is why its energy disappears after it appears," He let out as he frowned.

    "Call all my generals here. Also, bring the Dark Dragons here," The Dragon King said as if he was commanding someone, but no one else was visible in the room.

    The King went back on his throne and sat down as he started waiting.

    After some time, two old men came into the great hall. Both of them had bald heads and no beards, but their faces made them seem like they were in their sixties. Both of them were wearing long black robes that had a long dragon carved on them.

    "You called us, My King?" The black-robed men said as they bowed their head before the King.

    "Tell me you felt the energy of the tenth God Beast as well," The Dragon King said as he looked at the men.

    "We did," Both of them nodded their heads.

    "How long have you two been working on tracking the tenth God Beast?" The Dragon King inquired.

    "Since the Tenth Star appeared in the Ancestral Sky," The Black Robed Men replied in unison.

    "So, you have been working on it for so long. Have you found it?" The Dragon King asked.

    "The thing is difficult, and we have made some progress..." The men were talking again when the Dragon King disappeared from the throne.

    The next moment, the two of them felt as if their throats were captured in the claws of death.

    The time seemed to have stopped as the Dragon King caught their neck. He raised them in the air and smashed them on the ground.

    "Answer what I asked! Have you found it or not!" The Dragon King thundered as he glared at them with his deep eyes that didn't seem to contain even the least bit of pity in them.

    "W-we didn't," The Two black-robed men said again at the same time. It was as if they shared the same mind or something. They always talked at the same time.

    "Then tell me why I have you alive if you can't even do the one thing you're supposed to be good at! That thing... is growing, and you haven't been able to track it even with all the resources of the Dragon Realm! Are the people of my Dragon Realm so useless?!" the Dragon King said as he glared at the men.

    Right at that moment, more people entered the great hall. They saw the Dragon King talking to the Dark Dragons, and they stopped in their tracks.

    "Stand in the side. Let me deal with them first!" the Dragon King said to the Dragon Generals, who followed the commands and stood on the side.

    "You two have still not answered me! Why am I keeping you alive if you can't do a single job!" The Dragon King again raised the two Dark Robed Men in the air and smashed them on the ground again while he tightened his grip.

    "We have a way to find it!" the Dark Robed men replied.

    "Speak before I kill you in anger!" The Dragon King said.

    "We... we have made something! We have made the artifacts that we can use to find him!" the two men replied.

    Dragon King released their throats as he walked back to the throne and sat on it.

    "Tell me about these artifacts," the Dragon King said as he sat on the throne.

    The Dark Dragons brought out a tiny box and gave it to the Dragon King.

    "I told you to tell me about them. Did you not understand my words?" Dragon King let out as he glared at the two men.

    "We have made these artifacts to track the energy of the Tenth God Beast. We used the small energy samples we had to make these boxes. As we said, the biggest problem is the signals that came out if the Tenth God Beast won't last for long enough for us to track it since the distance is very long and the time is really less each time," The Dark Dragons said.

    "We can't make the energy from that beast to last for longer, so the only option that remains is to decrease the distance. These artifacts fulfill that purpose. It can help us locate where the Tenth God Beast is, the next time his energy appears," The Dark Dragons said.

    "How will these work?" Dragon King inquired as he observed the box.

    "We need to place one of these boxes on each planet. Since we don't know which planet that tenth God Beast is in, we can only cover all planets. When the beast again releases its energy, the box on that planet will recognize it and send us that signal. Using that, we can easily find the planet that the beast is in. After that, it's much easier to pinpoint the God Beast since we would be able to shorten the distance once we know the planet it is in," The Dark Dragons responded.

    "Good. I like this idea. We will do that. How long will it take to prepare all the boxes?" The Dragon King inquired.

    "A few weeks at best," The Dark Dragons replied.

    "I want it done in one week. You only have seven days!" The Dragon King declared as he glanced at the Dark Dragons.

    He shifted his gaze to the Dragon Generals.

    "You all will prepare your best Dragons. I want them to leave for the mortal planets and lesser planets and realms on the 8th day. They need to plant the boxes there. As for you guys, you would go to the Immortal World, the Heaven, the Demon Realm, and the land of all of the other God Beasts personally to plant the boxes," the Dragon King said. "I don't care what you have to do; I need the boxes in every corner of the universe. The one that fails will die, and their whole family will be wiped off."
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