555 Chapter 555: God Star Power

    " You need to understand the importance of this mission," he continued as he warned the Dragon Generals. "No failure will be tolerated!'

    The Generals nodded their heads as they declared to the Dragon King that they would definitely finish the mission.

    "Leave now and prepare what you need. I don't want to see a single second of delay on the 8th day," The Dragon King declared as he looked at the guards and the Dark Dragons.

    All of them left the hall and left.

    "Your Majesty, do you think that the generals can successfully plant those boxes everywhere? It seems difficult for them to enter places like the Demon Realm and the Heavens. The White Tiger Clan's realm is also difficult. It might spark some outrage if they caught out men sneaking inside," Someone said, but no person other than the Dragon King was visible inside.

    "It can be a test for them in a way. If they are Successful, then fine, if they fail, then I'll go personally," the Dragon King replied as he closed his eyes.


    There were many beast clans in the universe. Some of them were really powerful, and they were considered the Royal Beast Clans. The Royal Beast Clans were like the upper echelons of the Beast Clans. They were the ones that were at the top of the hierarchy amongst the beasts. There were over fifty Royal Beast Clans that were known to exist.

    There were Nine Clans that were above the Royal Clans, and they were known as the God Beast Clans. They were like the gods when it came to beasts. All of them had the god grade bloodline, but only the Kings of those clans had the true power of a god star, which was passed down from generation to generation by the kings.

    Amongst the Nine God Beast Clans, there was not a single clan that wasn't surprised after the Tenth God Beast Star appeared, which shone even brighter than the other Nine God Beast Stars. There was not a single God Beast Clan that wasn't searching for the Tenth God Beast.

    All of them knew what it meant. Since the Tenth God Beast Star was shining brighter than the other God Beast Stars, it meant that the Tenth God Beast had a bloodline that was much closer to the Origin. It also meant that the Tenth God Beast had much more potential than them. If the Tenth God Beast could reach its full strength, it might be able to dominate all the God Beasts.

    The appearance of the Tenth God Beast Clan was on the horizon if the Tenth God Beast wasn't stopped, and they all worried about that. The balance that was established after so long would be destroyed if the Tenth God Beast decided otherwise. It was better to wipe the Tenth God Beast instead of letting it become stronger. At least that was what most of the God Beast Kings thought.

    This was why all of them were searching for the Tenth God Beast. Still, not everything was fine.

    Even though all Nine God Beast Clan wanted the same thing, they were not cooperating with each other since they had another plan in mind as well. There was a benefit associated with finding the Tenth God Beast first, and all nine of the God Beast Kings wanted that benefit.

    They were hoping to find the Tenth God Beast first while it was weak so that they could absorb its strength. If the Tenth God Beast was naive, then it was easy for them to make it give their power to them. All of them were hoping for that possibility.

    The search for Little Snow had increased, and it was starting to get worse as the God Beasts grew more and more eager.


    Long Chen was still in the space between the dimensions, inside a room of the Dark Fairies. He found it to be more like a luxurious Prison since the door was locked, but he didn't mind since being closer to them was much better for his end goal than being outside. He had also prepared a plan for himself, which he was going to enact.

    He had called out the Snake Monarch and conveyed to him that he needed to use his special ability on the person that entered the room after his signal.

    The Snake Monarch got smaller and god in the corner of the room as he started waiting for the person that Long Chen talked about.

    Long Chen also continued waiting for Ming Lan to come back.

    According to Ming Lan, she went to discuss about Long Chen with her mother, so it was possible that she was going to take the whole day, but he stayed hopeful that she would be fast.

    Even though he had prepared himself for a long wait, he was not actually bored since the Snake Monarch kept talking constantly. Long Chen previously believed that he got bored fast if he didn't cultivate or speak to someone for quite some time, but he realized that Snake Monarch was two steps ahead of him.

    It didn't even take ten minutes of waiting before the Snake Monarch started talking as he started getting bored. Since that moment, he has never stopped.

    Most of the talking topic revolved around various stories that the Snake Monarch told Long Chen about his conquers of land and fairy-like ladies, but Long Chen knew that he was bragging about almost anything. He was not even amazed anymore since he knew the Snake Monarch for a long time, and he understood him. He knew that the Snake Monarch was able to brag about anything without feeling the least bit of shame.

    It was like his character, and Long Chen felt some familiarity. He remembered that in his past life, he had a friend as well who was just like the Snake Monarch when it came to shameless bragging. That guy talked about dating beautiful models and traveling to various exotic countries on vacations and many more things. Still, Long Chen found that guy to be fun since he liked hearing the bits of that guy's imagination. It also meant that they never ran out of things to talk about since Long Chen played along.

    "And that's how I escaped getting married to that witch. Life's tough when you're as handsome as me, but you can't understand my pain. No one can," The Snake Monarch let out as he sighed.

    "Are you saying that I'm not handsome?" Long Chen inquired as he glanced at the Snake Monarch with a frown.

    "You are handsome, but only to the limits of a mortal; meanwhile, this King's handsomeness has no limits. That's the difference, but you shouldn't feel bad. I'll put you in the second rank, right after this King, who is the first. That's a good spot even though the difference between the first and the second is like the difference between the sky and the earth," The Snake Monarch responded.

    "Shh, someone's coming," Long Chen replied as he warned the Snake Monarch suddenly after he felt some strange movement outside the door.

    The Snake Monarch went silent as it got alert.

    The door of the room opened, and a person stepped inside.

    It was a girl that had blonde hair. There were semi-transparent wings on her back that looked really beautiful.

    Another person walked inside with her. It was a woman that brought Long Chen to this room in the beginning.

    Long Chen was expecting the girl to come alone this time too, but he was disappointed to see that she came with the company of another Dark Fairy since it created an obstruction in his plan.

    He sent a mental note to the Snake Monarch to just wait for now.
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