556 Chapter 556: Enacting the plan

    "Have you discussed it? What did your mother say?" Long Chen asked Ming Lan as soon as she entered the room. He was curious if he was about to get an honest answer or not.

    Ming Lan looked at Long Chen and started frowning. She looked around as if she was suspicious about something

    "What happened?" Long Chen asked in full seriousness. He wondered if she had realized that there was someone else in the room at the moment or not

    "I smell something strange in this room. There seems to be a strange scent lingering in this room. Did someone else come here after I left?" She asked Long Chen with a suspicious look on her face.

    "Nope. You can ask your Guards if you doubt me. You can also search the room if that's what you want. Tell me if you find someone. As for the scent, I don't smell anything. It might be your imagination," Long Chen said as he smiled casually while he stretched his arms while projecting the air of confidence.

    "Fine. Anyway, I have some news. That's what I came to tell you. Mother said that we are willing to trust your words and help you. We will give you what you want, but you must do something for us in exchange," Ming Lan said to Long Chen.

    "I don't see any trust in your actions. If you trusted me, you wouldn't come with her as a guard. I feel like you're trying to use me somehow," Long Chen let out as he frowned. He was trying to get her to send the other women outside

    Ming Lan glanced back at the women she brought with her and then looked back at Long Chen.

    "That's not true. She's just here to accompany me," Ming Lan replied.

    "Actions speak louder than words, Princess," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    "Fine then," Ming Lan responded to Long Chen before she started looking back.

    "Mihha Hisjki Julkan," She said something to the woman who was standing behind her.

    Long Chen didn't know what she said, but it guessed that she was telling her to wait outside. He believed that he was right about them needing them, and that was what he used in his favor to get the girl alone with him in the room.

    "Ni," The Woman replied to Ming Lan in an unconvinced tone as if she was not ready to leave her alone.

    Ming Lan started talking to get again in their language.

    After some time, she gave up as she left the room.

    The woman closed the room after she left, according to Ming Lan's orders.

    "Is that enough to prove our faith?" Ming Lan asked Long Chen.

    "It sure is. So, what do you want me to do for you in exchange for giving me what I want?" Long Chen inquired.

    "That's something that I can't tell you yet. It would be conveyed to you when it's the right time. You might need to wait a week or so to know, though. For now, I just came here to tell you that we are willing to cooperate with you and that you need to stay ready to help us, too," Ming Lan told Long Chen.

    "So you won't tell me anything?" Long Chen asked again.

    "Not yet," Ming Lan said as she shook her head. "But soon. Just wait for a week."

    "Well, you might not want to tell me things right now, but let me tell you some things. Treat that as a life experience," Long Chen said as he stood up.

    'Do it not,' He told the Snake Monarch.

    The Snake Monarch instantly got into the action as it used its bloodline skill and restricted Ming Lan in space.

    Ming Lan realized that something was wrong when she felt some force keeping her in place. She wasn't even able to move her lips now.

    "First, I'm not a person with patience. I need to go back as soon as I can, and I'm not willing to waste time. Second, It's nothing personal. I'll free you before I leave," Long Chen said as he stood up.

    He started walking closer to Ming Lan.

    He brought out the Heart Devouring Insect as he stood near Ming Lan.

    Ming Lan's pupils widened as she saw the caterpillar-like insect.

    "This little guy is Cati. Don't be scared of him. Soon, he'll be the person that will be staying in your heart," Long Chen let out as he reached out his left hand and stretched the top of Ming Lan and placed the Heart Devouring Insect inside since he didn't want her clothes to be ruined as that would just raise suspicions.

    While Cati started drilling inside Ming Lan's chest, Long Chen held her dress stretched away from her chest to keep it from getting spoiled by the little bit of blood.

    Even though Cati was able to enter someone's heart without having them experience any pain, there was some bleeding involved, which healed in a few seconds generally. Even though it was a few seconds of bleeding, Long Chen didn't want it to spoil Ming Lan's dress.

    After Cati entered her heart, he took a cloth piece from the bed and placed his hand in Ming Lan's chest as he wiped the blood before he released her dress.

    "Now that he's inside, let me tell you about it and about me," Long Chen said as he walked back to the bed.

    "That little guy is a fierce Beast from my world, and it is connected to me with a mental link. It has a brain of its own too. So, if it hears you talking bad about me or anything that can get me in trouble, it will kill you in an instant. If you try taking it out, it will kill you. Also, if I thought about killing you, it would kill you. In short, you can't take it out, and you can't scheme against me, or you will die. I can give you a sneak peek of its strength if you want," Long Chen let out as he explained about the Heart Devouring Insect.

    "I am going to free you from the bindings. If you open your mouth before I tell you to, you will get the worst pain of your life in your chest. If you keep your mouth closed for a few seconds, I would understand that you're ready to listen to me and follow my words," He added.

    'Free her,' he told the Snake Monarch using his thoughts.

    The Snake Monarch stopped using his bloodline ability, and Ming Lan was freed.

    As soon as Ming Lan was freed, she opened her mouth. It was unclear if she was about to say something to Long Chen or to call for help, but as soon as her lips opened, she felt a terrifying pain in her chest. She was about to scream in pain, but Long Chen appeared before her and closed her mouth with his hand. Only whimpers came out.

    "I told you that it's not a game. Treat this as a warning. The next time, it would be straight death," Long Chen whispered in Ming Lan's ears.

    "I only want to go back. I don't want to harm anyone, and as I said, after I get what I want, I would free you, and I will take the little guy back. Think of it as my back-up plan to keep myself safe since I'm in an unknown territory. Oh, I forgot to mention one thing. If I die, you will die then too. Just listen to my orders and share information that I want, and we can both go on to live happy lives," he said again while he had Ming Lan in his arms.
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