557 Chapter 557: Demon Clan

    "Since you already felt the pain, I'm sure that you will understand what can happen. My intentions are good, but the result will be bad if you don't cooperate," Long Chen let out as he released the girl and walked back to the bed.

    The girl looked at him for a brief moment.

    "You can speak," Long Chen told her as he saw her glaring at him.

    "I should never have trusted you," the girl let out as she sighed.

    "That's what I said. Don't trust the strangers. They will do anything to keep them safe. That's why I didn't trust you fully, either. Now, your life is linked to my life. If I die, you die," Long Chen told Ming Lan as he glanced at her.

    "Alright, enough time is wasted already. Tell me what's actually happening here. Do you actually have the item that I need? Also, What do you need me to do, and what's the item that I need. I'll try to be fair and keep my side of the deal and help you if it's not dangerous for me," he added.

    "I don't know what that thing is, but there is a story about an object in our land which talks about a sword that controls space," Ming Lan replied.

    "You're talking about stories now? I guess you really were bluffing. You don't have what I need," Long Chen said in disappointment.

    "Cheh, that girl really fooled you, I think. Sigh, what kind of man are you to believe the words of a pretty girl? Learn from this king. The prettier the woman, the more descriptive she is," Snake Monarch couldn't control himself as he started speaking.  He didn't like the fact that he was the only one that was in the room, while still out of the conversations.

    "Who said that?" Ming Lan let out in surprise as she looked back and noticed a snake-like creature flying in the air. Her expressions turned weird as she jumped closer to Long Chen and hugged him tightly with a feared look on her face.

    "Are you scared of snakes?" Long Chen asked Ming Lan as he saw her hugging him in fear.

    The Snake Monarch had gotten back to his Original Shape already.

    " I don't think you can stay silent even if your life depends on it. Look what you did, you scared her," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly.

    "That's right. That's the reaction I expected. This girl clearly knows how to behave. This King is the most terrifying being in the universe. She needs to be scared of this King. Also, why would this king stay silent? Are you jealous of this King's heavenly voice?" The Snake Monarch let out proudly as he started laughing.

    "Let me clear up a few things. First, Only a crazy person would be jealous of you. Second, she didn't fool me. I was already suspicious. And lastly, not all beautiful women are bad. Just look at Mingyu and the others," Long Chen explained.

    He placed his arms around Ming Lan, who was still shivering.

    "Calm down. He is not harmful. That little fella just looks scary, but he wouldn't do anything to you. I won't let anything happen to you while you're with me," Long Chen said as he rubbed her back to comfort her.

    "He won't eat me?" Ming Lan raised her gaze as she looked in Long Chen's eyes.

    "Puh, who would eat you. You think too much of yourself," The Snake Monarch let out as he looked at her in annoyance.

    "See, you heard him. He won't eat you. Also, he's a vegetarian. He doesn't eat meat. As I said, I won't let anything happen to you. You are safe near me," Long Chen said in a calm tone.

    "He's not the Nadaka?" Ming Lan inquired as she looked at him.

    "What's Nadaka?" Long Chen inquired with curiosity on his face.

    "They are the mythical creatures that eat Dark Fairies," Ming Lan explained.

    "You already said that they are mythical creatures, so might just be a story. That fella is called the Snake Monarch. He's not the Nadaka or anything like that, and he won't eat anyone. We have been together for a really long time, and other than herbs and other materials, he hasn't eaten anything," Long Chen responded.

    Ming Lan freed Long Chen and started looking back towards the Snake Monarch. She still looked hesitant.

    Long Chen held her hand to give her courage.

    "I promise you that he won't harm you," He said.

    Ming Lan nodded her head.

    "Back to the topic, Tell me what you were planning to have me do for this fool's endeavor?" He inquired as he started asking questions about the things they wanted to have him do.

    "We didn't lie about giving you what you need. Although we ourselves don't have what you need, but we do know where that thing is. Our objectives have the same destination. If we had received what we wanted, you would have received what you wanted," Ming Lan explained vaguely.

    "Don't be Vague anymore. You already know that It's not how it'll work here. You need to tell me everything. If I fail, then you will die. Remember that," Long Chen said as he looked in Ming Lan's eyes.

    "Alright. So the thing that you need is in the hands of the Demon Clan. According to the stories, the Demon Clan have had that thing in their safe for thousands of years. It is fair that it keeps them connected to their ancestors outside this land. What we wanted you to do was also related to the Demon Clan."

    " The Demon Clan is the overlord of this world. They rule the land and do as they wish. The thing is that the Demon Clan and our Dark Fairy Clan have been on opposite sides. Even though we are weaker, we have been resisting their oppression, but a few weeks ago, the Demon Clan has kidnapped many girls from our clan, and they put forth a condition to return them safely," Ming Lan said as she looked down in order to hide the wetness in her eyes.

    "What condition?" Long Chen inquired with a frown on his face.

    "Their condition is for our clan to surrender to their clan and for me to become the concubine of the Young Master of the Demon Clan," She replied.

    "I get it. You can't retaliate since that would put the people of your clan that are kidnapped by then in danger, but you guys don't want to agree to their conditions either. So you want me to infiltrate that place and free the girls, is that right?" Long Chen inquired as he glanced at her.

    "Right," Ming Lan replied.

    "What made you think that I, a man that had lost his consciousness two times after being attacked by you, can do this?" Long Chen replied with a wry smile on his face.

    "When you were unconscious, we were bringing you to Mother to have your punishment decided since you were an intruder, but as soon as we entered, it happened," Ming Lan let out.

    "What happened?" Long Chen asked in confusion as he didn't understand a single thing.

    There is a formation at the entrance of the Clan Mansion. It's a formation that measures the power of any new person that enters the clan. It's kind of like a protection against intruders, and it has many more benefits. When we were bringing you inside the clan, the formation activated and showed us that you're not that simple. The formation was destroyed while it was trying to measure your strength, which meant that you had a lot of power hidden inside you," Ming Lan explained. "That's when we decided to get to know you and take your help."
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