558 Chapter 558: Meeting Mother

    "If you knew that I was so dangerous, why did you keep me before your mother? Were you not worried that I would harm her or others if I were strong?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Nope. We also had another test, which was to measure your intentions. It was to check if you had any negative intentions towards the clan or the Dark Fairies or not. It turned out that you didn't. Still, we were really alert. If you had tried to do anything suspicious, you would've been killed before you could do anything. When you didn't try to do anything, it was once again clear that you weren't against us," Ming Lan explained.

    "So you used this long plan just to get the help of a stranger. I hope you know that it's how your mother would have died if you were wrong. Never trust the formations more than your safety. See where your trust brought you? Now, you're basically my servant who will die if she betrayed me," Long Chen told Ming Lan.

    "I don't mind. I know that you won't kill me. It's as you said. You're looking out for your safety, and I understand that. I also believe your words that you will free me after you're done. We are not against you just like you're not against us," Ming Lan responded.

    "That's good to know. So, how far is the Demon Clan?" Long Chen inquired.

    "It will take us fifty minutes of flying, but since you can't fly, it will take you longer," Ming Lan replied to Long Chen.

    "Who said that I couldn't fly?" Long Chen chuckled as he looked at her in confusion.

    "You can?" Ming Lan inquired with a stunned look on her face.

    "How do you think I got stuck that high in that invisible web? I thought it was clear by that," Long Chen let out as he shook her head.

    "Oh, right. Now that you mention it, that is only possible if you were jumping really high or flying through that location," Ming Lan placed her fingers on her lips as she nodded her head.

    "Anyway, tell me everything you know about the Demon Clan. I want to know if it's the same Demon Clan that I heard about," Long Chen asked Ming Lan.

    Before Ming Lan could start speaking, Xun started talking as she rejected the notion of Long Chen.

    "It's impossible for them to be the same. The real Demon Clan lives in the Demon Realm, which is ruled by the Demon Emperor. They won't come here to live in this place when they have a realm that's considered equal to Heaven when it comes to the Origin Energy. They shouldn't be linked to the ones from here, and even if they are, at best, the Demon clan of this place would probably be half-bloods or even lesser when it comes to purity," Xun told Long Chen.

    'That's what I think as well, but it's better to be sure,' he responded.

    "The Demons are the most vulgar species. They love murder and chaos. They don't take a step back from a fight, but they are clever as well. They try to play things safe and try to take over the land using their brain. They are very protective of their clan members and respect their lives, but they don't treat the other lives in the same manner.  They will wage war if one of them is killed, but they expect no retaliation when they kill someone. A lot of the clans have been completely wiped out by them," Ming Lan started explaining.

    "They live in a place which is surrounded by a strange barrier which keeps everyone out. It's impossible for us to enter, but I believe that you can enter," She added

    "Why do you believe that I can enter if no one else can enter?" Long Chen asked Ming Lan.

    "According to our information, that barrier is made while keeping in mind all the species of this land. That's why no one here can pass through the barrier other than the Demons, but since you're not from a species of this land, you can enter it," Ming Lan told Long Chen.

    "Are you sure that they have the space item that I need?" Long Chen asked again.

    "I'm ninety percent sure. According to our information, they should have it. Also, my mother said that they have it," Ming Lan said.

    "Alright. Take me to your mother. If we don't do anything, I'll have to wait for a week, according to her. Tell her that you told me what I need to do and that I agreed. Also, tell her that I want to talk to her personally to get the information directly from her," Long Chen told Ming Lan.

    "Alright. I'll tell her and arrange a meeting for you. It should be tomorrow morning," Ming Lan said to Long Chen as she stood up.

    Long Chen nodded his head as he told her that she could leave.

    Ming Lan left the room.

    Long Chen had the night for himself, and he wanted to spend it in Cultivation since he realized that he was close to a breakthrough.

    Long Chen sent the Snake Monarch back to the beast region and started cultivating, and after just an hour of Cultivation, he achieved a breakthrough to the 9th Stage of Earth Realm.

    "Interesting. I don't feel much Qi in this place, but my Cultivation speed is faster here. There must be Qi here that I can't feel," Long Chen muttered as he took a deep breath and continued his Cultivation.

    The night passed away, and the morning arrived.

    Ming Lan arrived in Long Chen's room to take him to her mother. She was alone this time as well, but as Long Chen left the room, he saw quite a few guards there.

    He followed Ming Lan and ignored the guards. He was escorted to the room of Ming Lan's mother.

    He was expecting to meet her in the great hall, but he was surprised to see that it was her bedroom, as Ming Lan explained to Long Chen.

    The guards stayed outside while Long Chen and Ming Lan entered alone.

    As Long Chen entered the room, he found it empty. There was a white bed in the room, but no one else here.

    Just as he was about to ask Ming Lan where her mother was, a mature-looking woman came out of a different room. Her hair was dripping wet, and she was wearing a white gown.

    The woman had long blonde hair and a beautiful face, just like Ming Lan.

    "Jisk Uiska?" the woman asked something to Ming Lan, but Long Chen didn't understand it.

    Ming Lan also replied something in a similar tone.

    The woman nodded her head as she stepped forth.

    She stepped closer to Long Chen and placed her hands on Long Chen's cheeks as she brought his face closer to hers as she kissed him.

    Long Chen understood that it was their skill that helped them understand his language. Ming Lan did the same thing as she kissed him twice before.

    Even though Long Chen knew that it was just them understanding his language, he enjoyed the kiss thoroughly. The woman's lips tasted similar to Ming Lan's lips, but there was something different. It was as if he was drowning in the strange sweetness that was mixed with a little saltiness.

    The kiss lasted for a few seconds, but Long Chen felt as if it was much longer.

    The woman removed her lips from her lips as she breathed in the air.

    After a few seconds, she again closed Long Chen's lips with her lips.

    Long Chen didn't misbehave. He wanted to embrace the woman so that he could kiss her better, but he didn't do it. He could also feel her soft breasts squeezed in between them.
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