559 Chapter 559: Long Chens marriage

    After the second kiss, the woman freed him and went back to the bed.

    "So, your name is Long Chen?" The woman inquired as she looked at Long Chen.

    "Yeah, that's my name," Long Chen responded.

    "I am Ming Run. I heard that my daughter told you everything, which is quite surprising since I didn't tell her to tell you yet. Anyways, since it had already happened and you agreed to help us, let's continue our talks. You can ask your questions first if you want to know anything before I start," She said as she gave the opportunity to Long Chen to ask his question.

    "Alright. Let me ask my question then. First, If I saved your girls, how do you expect to protect yourself after that. I mean, even after I bring the kidnapped girls here, what's stopping the Demon Clan from taking them again or just attacking you in anger?" Long Chen inquired.

    "We have our ways to deal with that. You don't have to worry about that," Ming Rin responded.

    " Fine then. Let me ask my second question then.  There's something that I am really curious about. I came here, and you decided to take my help, but what would you do if I hadn't come? Would you have surrendered your clan or fought?" Long Chen inquired.

    " That's something that I hadn't decided yet. I was about to take everyone's opinion about it before I decided something. Today was supposed to be the vote, but you appeared before that," Ming Rin responded.

    "My second question, if Infiltrate their place and take the item that I need, why should I free your girls? Why should I put myself in even more danger to help you since you don't even have what I need?" Long Chen inquired as he glanced at her with an interested look in his eyes.

    " Didn't you already promise to help us?" Ming Rin asked with a frown.

    "I did, but what I'm asking you is, why do you think I should keep that promise? It's me who is taking all the risk of entering their place. It makes sense if it's to take what I need, but it doesn't make sense for me to do this for you. It doesn't seem fair," Long Chen asked with a frown on his face. He couldn't help but glance at Ming Lan to see her expressions since he believed that she understood his intention.

    He was trying to get some extra rewards, if possible.

    Ming Rin looked at him, looking at his daughter amidst his conversation with her. She couldn't help but misunderstand his intentions.

    She thought that he was asking her to have hai daughter marry him.

    " So, you really won't help us save the hundreds of girls?" She asked again.

    " I will try to help, but I can't guarantee that I will do it if it's dangerous. I do need some motivation," He responded.

    'I can't give my daughter to a stranger, but so many lives depend on it. I can't be partial just because it's related to my daughter. If we don't do anything, those hundreds of innocent girls will die, and if I wage war, thousands more will die. This seems to be the only option, and it should be better than having her marry those monsters if he's really worthy,' She thought as she observed him.

    " Here, catch this," she let out as she threw a transparent crystal towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen raised his hand and caught that crystal.

    As soon as the crystal landed in his hand, it started shining in a green light that filled the entire room.

    "What's this?" Long Chen inquired as he looked at her in confusion.

    'Why did mother give him this? Isn't this something that's used to check if a person is worthy of marrying a dark fairy? The brighter the crystal shines, the more worthy that person is?' Ming Lan thought in confusion.

    'I have never seen the crystal shine so brightly. It's even shining in a green light that has only been seen at the time of our ancestor's marriage. Is he like the husband of our ancestors? The most worthy being to ever appear in this land after him?' Ming Rin thought as a frown covered her face.

    Long Chen was still standing in confusion as he looked at the shocked faces of Ming Lan and Ming Run.

    Ming Rin stood up as she walked closer to Long Chen.

    "I accept your wish. You are also the most worthy person to appear since the Ancestor's husband. I feel no sadness doing this. Here," She let out as she took off a necklace from her neck.

    Ming Lan's mouth opened wide in shock as soon as she saw that necklace. She opened her mouth to say something as she realized the misunderstanding, but it was too late. Ming Rin had already given that necklace to Long Chen.

    As soon as Long Chen held the necklace in his hand, it disappeared as if it was absorbed by his body.

    "Ah," Ming Lan let out a moan as she felt a connection being established with Long Chen.

    Long Chen also felt something inside. He felt as if he was more attracted to Ming Lan now and that there was some kind of connection between them now. He didn't feel the same level of feelings as Mingyu and his other women, but it was definitely more than something he had for Ming Lan before.

    "What did you do to me?" He asked Ming Run.

    "I have you what you wanted. My previous daughter is now married to you. Keep her happy, son-in-law," Ming Rin said as she took Long Chen and Ming Lan's hands. She gave Ming Lan's hand in Long Chen's hand.

    Long Chen was stunned as he heard her words.

    "What do you mean, I'm married now?" Long Chen let out in shock as he freed his hands and stepped back.

    " Oh, you might not understand how marriages work here. If you want to follow your traditions, tell us. We can do that too. She's already married, though. I'm out Dark Fairy Clan; the mothers decide who their daughters marry. As soon as our daughters are born, a necklace appears around our neck. We give this necklace to the man that we chose for our girl. The necklace is absorbed by the men, and the marriage is fulfilled as their bond is established," Ming Rin explained.

    "What the **. I don't care how it works here. Why would you marry your daughter to me?" Long Chen let out in a loud tone.

    Ming Rin looked at him in confusion.

    "What do you mean? Didn't you want to marry her in exchange for helping her? That's what you wanted, and I gave you my daughter," she responded.

    "I was asking for rewards like treasures and stuff, not for marriage. You didn't even tell me and had me married. I already have wives. It would be fine if I had fallen in love with her, but then that hasn't happened yet, and I'm already married?!"

    Long Chen couldn't believe what just happened to him.

    It was his first official marriage, and it was to someone who was basically a stranger.

    "You were asking for treasures?" Ming Rin looked at him with a weird look on her face.

    "Nothing can be changed now. She's married to you, and the necklace is already absorbed by you. She needs to stay with you and go with you when you leave. That's how the rules are. Also, I believe that crystal. You might not be happy with the marriage, but you're definitely worthy of my daughter, and you will keep her happy," Ming Rin muttered.

    " She will leave with me when I go?" Long Chen inquired.
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