560 Chapter 560: Fighting Ming Rin

    "Yeah, that's the rules. That's why our dark fairy clan had no men. Whenever a Dark Fairy is married to someone, she needs to leave with her husband and live in his place," Ming Rin responded.

    "This is getting even crazier. Why are you still here, then? You should've been in your husband's place," Long Chen told Ming Run.

    "I don't have a husband. I haven't married," Ming Rin replied.

    " How do you have a child, then?" Long Chen asked, but he soon guessed that it was probably from an affair. She didn't need to marry to have a kid.

    "Dark Fairies give birth to their kids without the need of a husband.  We can use our heart blood to form an egg where our baby comes out from. It is different when they are married, though. Then they give birth normally according to their husband's Species," Ming Rin responded as she explained.

    "So Ming Lan is born without the need of a man? Whatever, that's not a problem. The problem is that I'm married, and you didn't explain to me before doing it," Long Chen responded as he sighed.

    "I apologize, but I can't do anything about it. It has already happened," Ming Rin replied with a wry smile on her face.

    Long Chen looked back at Ming Lan and saw her blankly looking at him.

    "Do you accept this marriage?" Long Chen asked Ming Lan.

    Ming Lan didn't say anything and just nodded her head.

    "Fine then. You are my wife from now on, but let me remind you. I have five wives already," Long Chen told Ming Lan in full seriousness.

    "Four!" Xun screamed his head.

    "You'll be my sixth wife," Long Chen ignored Xun's protest and continued.

    Ming Lan again nodded her head.

    "You were acting so shocked and refuting, I thought that you already had a love interest and you wanted to be loyal to her, but you already have five wives?" Ming Rin asked Long Chen.

    " As I said, if it were because of feelings, I wouldn't have any problem, but I don't like the forced thing," Long Chen replied.

    "You'll develop feelings with time. My daughter is the best girl in the whole world," Ming Rin said proudly.

    "All my women are the best girls in the whole world," Long Chen replied as he shook his head.

    "Well, you kinda agreed to my words. Since my daughter is one of them now, anyway, are you going to save the girls, or should I give you the treasures you were hoping to get?" Ming Rin asked Long Chen.

    "It's fine. It doesn't matter how it happened, but you're my family now. I am not going to ask for treasures from my family. Oh, right. I must also remind you of something. Since this place is between the spaces, I might not be able to return after I leave with your daughter," Long Chen told Ming Run.

    "It's fine. I'm happy as long as my daughter is happy. Just keep her safe," Ming Rin told Long Chen.

    "I already told her that I'd keep her safe as long as she's with me, and now that she's my family, I'll keep her even more secure," Long Chen replied to his new Mother-in-law.

    "You do talk so calmly now, but have you thought how you'll explain all this to your family?" Xun said to Long Chen.

    'That's what I'm worried about as well. I'll just be honest and tell them what happened,' Long Chen replied.

    "I know that it's bad, but I find it kind of funny that you left Mingyu back to explore the sect for the night, and in the sunrise, you'll return with the sixth wife," Xun chuckled as she told Long Chen.

    'So you accepted that she's my sixth wife. I knew that you realized this,' Long Chen responded to tease Xun in return.

    "So when are you leaving to save them? I'll send a small team with you," Ming Rin said as she attracted Long Chen's attention.

    "It's fine. I don't need any team. I work better when I'm alone. I'll just take Ming Lan to show me the place," Long Chen replied as he rejected the offer.

    "As for leaving, I want to finish it as fast as I can since I need to go back. I'll leave for the Demon Clan tonight," he added.

    "Are you sure you don't want to take anyone else?" Ming Rin asked him.

    "I'm sure. When it comes to stealth, I have full faith in me," Long Chen responded.

    "Fine then. I will put my faith in you too. Keep my daughter safe. I'll arrange for the horses,"  Ming Rin said as she sat back on the bed.

    "There's no need. We'll fly," Long Chen replied as he shook his head.

    "I did hear that you can fly, but it's too far. I don't want you to deplete all your energy before you even get there. Take the horses. It will just delay the journey by a few days," Ming Rin insisted.

    "We won't be out of energy. I will use my flying beast," Long Chen told her.

    "Beasts that can fly and are big enough to carry two people? Those things exist?" Ming Rin asked in surprise. Even Ming Lan was stunned.

    She had seen the Snake Monarch fly, but it wasn't big enough to carry even one person, let alone two. The beasts that could carry people and fly were the stuff of imaginary stories here. Some species could fly themselves while others used land beasts, but the flying beasts were never seen before.

    "Of course they exist, and yeah, I have a flying beast. You can see it when we leave if you're really curious," Long Chen told Ming Run.

    "I would be there," Ming Rin responded.

    "Good. Now that it's clear, let's get back to the topic at hand. I was mainly here to know more about the Demons and their land. I want to know everything you know about them," Long Chen turned serious as he started talking about demons.

    They spent the next two hours in Ming Run's room, talking about the Demon Clan and their place. They talked about their nature, their strengths, and their weaknesses. They even talked about the hierarchy in their land.

    After the two hours long discussion, everything was clear. Long Chen now had a clear idea of what he was dealing with. The only thing he didn't know was their strength. He couldn't see the strength of anyone here, probably because they had a different type of Cultivation as they were a different species, unknown to him.

    He didn't even know if they were stronger than him or weaker. Both of these things needed a different approach. If they were stronger, he needed to sneak inside and be careful; if they were weaker, he could just commit a slaughter and get what he wanted. That way, he could also remove a threat to the Dark Fairy Clan.

    "Can I have a battle with you? I want to see your strength and compare to get an idea about how strong they can be," Long Chen asked Ming Run.

    "Fine. We can have a practice fight in the evening. Lan'er knows the place. She'll bring you there," Ming Rin nodded her head.

    "Alright," Long Chen nodded his head as he stood up and started to walk towards the door. Ming Lan followed him and left the room.

    As Long Chen stepped out, he was greeted by tons of guards again.

    Most of them were still looking at him just as suspiciously.

    "Can you tell them to stop looking at me like I'm a criminal?" Long Chen asked Ming Lan.

    "Well, you are a stranger, so we need to be alert around you," The woman that had taken him to his room for the first time responded.
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