561 Chapter 561: Telling the family

    "Wait a minute. How can I understand your words?" Both Long Chen and the girl said at the same time.

    Long Chen was confused about it. According to his information, the dark Fairies needed to kiss to understand a different language, but that girl hadn't kissed him. How could she understand his language, and how could he understand her language?

    He soon understood it. He guessed that it must be because he was married to a Royal dark fairy.

    His assumption was validated when Ming Lan responded to him.

    "It's because you're married to me. You can now understand and speak my language, as well. That's what you were subconsciously speaking just now," Ming Lan explained.

    She looked towards the others and told them what just happened.

    "He is not a stranger anymore. He is my husband, and by my mother's blessings, we have just married. Please treat him with respect," Ming Lan said.

    Shocked gasps could be heard everywhere as her words stunned everyone.

    She and Long Chen left the shocked women behind as they went to his room.

    Long Chen and Ming Lan entered his room.

    While Long Chen sat on the bed, Ming Lan stood before him.

    "Why don't you sit?" Long Chen asked as he saw Ming Lan standing before him. "Have a seat."

    Ming Lan sat beside him.

    "Why didn't you tell me about that necklace?" Long Chen asked Ming Lan as he glanced at her.

    "I was about to warn you, but I was too late," Ming Lan replied.

    "Are you really fine with being married to me?" Long Chen inquired as he looked in her eyes to see what she felt.

    Ming Lan nodded her head.

    "You're my husband now, and I won't regret anything," Ming Lan replied as she nodded her head.

    Long Chen nodded his head.

    "Alright, then. I won't regret it either. You're my woman now," He let out.

    "Don't move now," he added.

    He extended his hand towards her chest. Ming Lan closed her eyes as she guessed hai intentions. Long Chen touched the top of her dress and inserted his hand inside.

    After a few seconds, he retracted his hand. Cati was on his finger.

    Ming Lan opened her eyes and saw what Long Chen had done.

    "I don't need to keep my woman a hostage. You're free now," Long Chen said as he smiled before he sent his Cati back.

    "Thank you," Ming Lan thanked Long Chen as she smiled happily.

    "There's no need to thank me for that," Long Chen replied.

    Long Chen had even more trust in her now since he could hear her thoughts now because of his skills. He wasn't able to previously because her thoughts were in s strange language, but now that he could understand her thoughts, he knew that she didn't have any wrong feelings for him.

    "Let me introduce you to my family and the others now that we have time," Long Chen informed her as he looked towards the fake world ring.

    "First, let me introduce you to my three wives. The fourth one is outside, so you can't meet her right now," Long Chen told Ming Lan.

    He brought out Zhiqing, Xue, and Mei from the Fake world.

    All three of the girls appeared before them and looked around in confusion.

    "Are we on Ghost Island?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen.

    "Who is she?" she let out as she pointed towards Ming Lan.

    Xue and Mei were silent like last time.

    "We are not on Ghost Island. Also, I called you out to introduce you to her. Something strange has happened, and I thought that I should tell you," Long Chen replied as he looked at the girls.

    "What happened?" Zhiqing asked with a frown on her face.

    "Well, what happened is that I was on Ghost Island. I was trying something when I was teleported to this land that exists between space. And then..."

    Long Chen started the explanation and told everything that happened since he arrived.

    "And that's how I was married without even realizing it, and now I have another wife," He finished as he sighed.

    Zhiqing, Xue, and Mei, all of them looked at Long Chen blankly.

    "So you were married just like that? This..." Zhiqing let out after a brief moment, but she couldn't find words to say as this whole explanation was so unexpected.

    "Fine. I believe you. There was nothing that you could do, and since it has already happened, I won't oppose it," She said as she sighed

    Xue and Mei also supported Long Chen.

    "Where is Mingyu?" Zhiqing inquired as she didn't find her here.

    "She's back in the Ghost Temple. She is taking my place in bed there, but she won't be in any danger. The time of that world is stopped and won't move as long as I'm here," Long Chen replied.

    "You'll have to tell her too. Don't forget to call me out when you tell her. I want to see her reaction," Zhiqing said with a childlike smile on her face as if she was excited to see the teacher scold Long Chen.

    Long Chen couldn't help but smile wryly.

    "Alright. I'll bring you out so that you two can team up to take a bite at me," he replied.

    Zhiqing grinned in response.

    She walked up to Ming Lan and held her hand.

    "Welcome to the family. You are really lucky that you found a husband like him. He's the kindest and the most caring person towards his family amongst everyone that I have seen. I know how lucky I am to be with him, and now you share that happiness too," She told Ming Lan with a smile on her face.

    Ming Lan was surprised to hear her support and acceptance. She thought that Long Chen's other women would hate her for barging into his life like this, but they were quite supportive.

    "Welcome to the family, little sister," Xue and Mei also welcomed Ming Lan.

    "Thank you," Ming Lan thanked the both of them with a bright smile.

    "Oh, right. You haven't told mother either, have you?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen as she looked back.

    "Not yet. I wanted to inform you guys first. I'll bring mother and grandpa outside after you guys go back," Long Chen told them.

    " You don't want to tell us all together?" Zhiqing inquired.

    "It's better to do it with fewer people so that no one is overwhelmed. Also, I wanted to hear your independent reaction. If you were angry, you might not be able to express it before mother and grandfather. Similarly, they won't be able to truly express themselves with you around. That's why I'm doing it separately.  I introduced you to her first, and now I'll introduce her to mother," Long Chen told them.

    "Alright. That does make sense," Ming Lan said with a thoughtful look on her face.

    "Alright. Don't delay informing the others because of us. You can send us back," Zhiqing said to Long Chen.

    Long Chen stood up and walked up to Zhiqing.

    "Thank you for being so understanding," He said as he kissed her lightly. She hugged him firmly before he sent her back.

    Long Chen gave a kiss to Xue and Mei before he sent them back as well.

    "Why did you give them a kiss? Don't you already know their language?" Ming Lan asked Long Chen.

    "That's not how it works outside. The kiss is not performed to understand language. It's done because it's a way to get close to your lover. It's only fine between lovers as a firm of, I guess expressing the feelings," Long Chen replied.

    "Between lovers?" Ming Lan muttered as she touched her lips.

    "Yeah, that's why I was surprised when you suddenly kissed me. I thought you liked me," Long Chen replied as he chuckled.
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