562 Chapter 562: Loving the new wife

    "Wait a minute. You kissed my mother, as well. Did you think of it like that and enjoy it too?" Ming Lan asked as she thought about it.

    "Of course, I liked it. Your mother is a really pretty woman, but it was before we were married," Long Chen replied as he smiled wryly.

    "Anyway, let me introduce you to my mother and my grandfather," Long Chen told her to divert her mind.

    He sent his consciousness inside the Fake World and brought out his mother and his grandfather.

    "Before you guys say something, let me introduce you to Ming Lan. She's my wife," Long Chen told his mother and grandfather as soon as she came out.

    "Another one?" Both Long Ren and Sima Ziyi exclaimed with a shocked look on their faces.

    "I guess you took the meaning of the words too literally," Long Ren let out with a wry smile on his face.

    "What words?" Long Chen inquired in confusion.

    "The more, the better," Long Ren responded as he shook his head.

    "Well, it's not bad, and I don't mind as long as you love them and they aren't upset with your decision. Have you told the girls?" Sima Ziyi asked Long Chen.

    "Yeah, I told them. They didn't seem mad, but I'll still make it up to them," Long Chen replied.

    "That's good then. I have another daughter in law now. Just do it on a limit, right. I don't want you to have too many wives. They all need your time. Keep the number less than thirty if possible,"  She told Long Chen.

    "Thirty?" Long Chen exclaimed with a wry smile on his face.

    "I don't think I can and will get close to that number. I'm happy with what I have, and I'm not looking for more," he added.

    "Anyway, we can understand why you didn't invite us to your previous marriages, but that didn't you invite us to this one too? I'm beginning to believe that you don't really care about us," Long Ren said.

    "That's not it, grandpa. I would've invited you if I knew about it. It all happened so unexpectedly, and so fast, I didn't have time to tell you. She's a really good girl, though," Long Chen told his grandfather and his mother as he held Ming Lan's hand.

    He didn't tell them how it happened and how it was an accidental marriage since he didn't want to worry them to think anything less of Ming Lan. He was trying to make it seem like it was a love marriage. He needed to be exact with his women, but he could lie a little about this to his parents as to how he got married was of no importance here.

    Long Ren and Sima Ziyi spent the next hour talking to Ming Lan. The one that was talking the most was Sima Ziyi as she asked her about herself. She was really curious about her new daughter in law and wanted to make her feel like family.

    They also talked about her wings since normal humans didn't have this. Long Chen told them that she was of a different species that had wings. It was surprising for them to know about different species that were just like humans as they had only heard about them in legends, but they believed it.

    Long Chen also told them that he would introduce them to her mother later after he went to meet her.

    After some more time, he sent them back to the fake world.


    Long Chen took a deep breath as he sat on the bed.

    "So, how was meeting with my family," Long Chen asked Ming Lan.

    "It was really good. They were so accepting and kind. I felt like I was talking to my real family," Ming Lan said as he innocently smiled.

    "They are your real family, and you are my real family now," Long Chen told Ming Lan.

    "Thank you for accepting me. I know that it was difficult since it wasn't what you wanted, but you still accepted me as your family. Thank you," Ming Lan said as she walked closer to Long Chen and gave her a light kiss.

    The kiss was short and only lasted a few seconds.

    "Was this right? The expression of love through the lips?" Ming Lan asked Long Chen with a curious look on her face.

    " It was not good. Not good at all," Long Chen replied, and when he saw the disappointment on Ming Lan's face, he continued. "When a husband and wife are alone in the room, the short kiss doesn't convey it properly."

    " Let me teach you how to do it," he said as he held her hand and pulled her closer. Both of them fell on the bed. Ming Lan was on top of Long Chen.

    Long Chen looked into her eyes as he brought his face forward and closed her red lips with his while he wrapped his arms around her smooth lower back.

    He kissed her for a long time before he freed her lips to give her the chance to breathe properly.

    Ming Lan took a deep breath as she looked in Long Chen's eyes with her eyes that were misty.

    "Did you feel the love in it?" Long Chen asked her.

    "I felt it. I want to feel more," Ming Lan said as she took the lead this time and placed her lips on  Long Chen's lips. Another long kiss ensued as time progressed.

    Long Chen slowly lowered his hands and placed them over Ming Lan's butt. He kept reaching out one of his hands until it was on her sacred region between her legs, rubbing it while his other hand squeezed her butt.

    Ming Lan opened her mouth as she moaned in pleasure.

    As Ming Lan's lips opened, Long Chen sent his tongue inside her mouth on a crusade, which fought a tough battle with her tongue while Long Chen tried to savor the taste of unusually sweet tongue.


    Three hours passed away. Long Chen was lying on the bed. Ming Lan was lying on her stomach beside him. She had her eyes closed as if she was sleeping because she was tired. None of them were wearing any clothes at the moment since they had just finished what seemed like their first night of marriage.

    Long Chen looked to his side and saw the sleeping face of Ming Lan.

    He brought his face closer and kissed her cheeks. He didn't try to wake her up and let her sleep.

    He sat up and got dressed before he sat on the bed.

    "We're in a foreign land, and you're having a honeymoon," Xun let out in annoyance as she appeared in front of Long Chen.

    Long Chen held her hand and pulled her closer as he made her sit on his lap while he hugged her from the back.

    'Xun, even Lan'er had it with me, and she's my sixth wife. You're my first wife, and still, you haven't gone through it. What are you waiting for?' He told Xun.

    "You really want to get a beating, don't you," Xun responded as she tried to free herself. "Uhmm, this Darkness Law really screwed me up by giving you an ability to touch me."

    "Why, shouldn't I be allowed to touch my wife?" Long Chen told Xun as he kissed her cheeks softly.

    "I'm not your wife," Xun replied.

    "Do you really believe that? Tell me the truth, and I'll free you," Long Chen told Xun.

    Xun didn't say anything, but she kept trying to free herself.

    "I know that you like me too, but I'll wait till you accept that from your lips. Till then, let me just embrace you occasionally. I'll be happy in just that," Long Chen whispered in her ears while his arms were wrapped around her slim stomach.
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