563 Chapter 563: Fighting Mother-in-law

    They sat like that for quite some time, close to each other like they were the other half of each other. Long Chen was able to hear her breathing as well.

    "Can I hug you properly?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "Only once," Xun replied in a low voice.

    Long Chen freed her, and Xun stood up. Long Chen also stood up.

    Once again, her back was facing him. He turned her towards him and hugged her. Xun's chest was not too big, but it was not too small either. Long Chen was able to feel her mountain peaks as he hugged her firmly.

    "Can I kiss you?" He asked her again.

    Xun stayed silent for a long time before she opened her sweet lips and said, "Only Once."

    There was some struggle in her voice clearly.

    Long Chen looked in her eyes and closed her lips with her lips as his hand roamed around Xun's back.

    As Long Chen kissed Xun, it was as if the whole world had gone silent. No one else existed in the world other than those two. Nothing else mattered in the world other than those two. No one else deserved their attention other than the person they were kissing.

    Long Chen kissed Xun for what seemed like an eternity before he released her lips.

    "I love you," Long Chen told Xun as he looked in her eyes.

    "I... I..."

    Xun was struggling to say something as her face turned a shade of crimson. She disappeared as she went back to the ring without replying.

    "I don't hate you either," She said in his head.

    "The shy Xun is really cute," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    He went back to the bed.

    Long Chen sat on the bed as he waited for Ming Lan to wake up from her sleep.

    He decided to spend his free time in Cultivation.

    Long Chen started to cultivate.

    Around three hours passed away before Ming Lan woke up. Ming Lan got off the bed and wore her clothes as she kept glancing at Long Chen with a red face.

    Long Chen was still cultivating, so he didn't know that she had woken up.

    Another hour passed away before Long Chen stopped his Cultivation.

    He had broken through to the ninth stage of Earth Realm Cultivation, and he was trying to use this place to increase his Cultivation as much as he could.

    He opened his eyes as he looked to his left to see if Ming Lan was still sleeping or not, but she was up. Ming Lan was looking at Long Chen.

    "You woke up. How was your sleep?" Long Chen asked Ming Lan.

    "The best I have ever had," Ming Lan told Long Chen with a beautiful smile on her face.

    "That's good. Also, it should be the time we decided to meet your mother. Should we go?" Long Chen asked Ming Lan.

    "Yes," Ming Lan nodded her head as she stood up.

    Long Chen also stood up and left the room with her. Ming Lan was holding Long Chen's hand as her fingers were intertwined with his fingers. They walked through the corridor, attracting the gazes of many Dark Fairies.

    Ming Lan told Long Chen to the second floor. They stood before a golden door that was twice the size of Long Chen in height, and it was wide enough to allow two Dark Fairies to enter together.

    Ming Lan opened the door and entered with Long Chen.

    Long Chen sat in a big hall that was circular. The floor had a radius of thirty meters, which seemed to give them enough space to fight. The room was really tall, as well.

    "You're here. I was waiting for you."

    Ming Rin was standing in the hall already.

    "Sorry for being late," Long Chen apologized with a wry smile on his face.

    "It's alright. It's the first day of your marriage. You were probably being intimate in your room and forgot the time," Ming Rin said as she chuckled.

    Ming Lan's face turned even redder as she lowered her face.

    " Looking at the reaction Lan'er, I think I was right. It's good to see that you're getting along well," Ming Rin told Long Chen as she smiled.

    "Let's start the battle. I don't know the specialty of your species and how the Dark Fairies battle, and you don't know how I battle, so it might be somewhat troublesome. That's why I suggest that the both of us only use ten percent of our powers when attacking. After we get the hang of it, we can increase the attack power," Long Chen suggested.

    "That sounds good," Ming Rin replied as she nodded her head.

    "Lan'er, You should stand in the back," Long Chen told Ming Lan as he glanced back.

    Ming Lan freed Long Chen's hand as she walked back. She stood closer to the wall.

    "Don't injure each other," Ming Lan let out loud as she reminded Long Chen and Ming Rin.

    "You can go first," Ming Rin told Long Chen as she got in a defensive position.

    "Alright. I'm coming in," Long Chen let out as he ran towards Ming Rin.

    Long Chen started with a physical attack without putting any Qi in his attacks. All he used was his brute strength and his physical Cultivation, which was progressing faster than his Qi Cultivation somehow.

    He didn't know why it was, but since some time ago, his Demon Monarch Physique has started to progress at a really fast pace. It all started when he finished his second bloodline trial.

    It hadn't been long, and his Physical Cultivation was already ahead of his Qi Cultivation.

    If his physical Cultivation was to be compared, he was already at the same level as a peak Earth Realm Cultivator, just a short distance away from the Sky Realm equivalent of the body Cultivators. His Qi Cultivation was comparatively behind, but his speed was still extraordinary.

    It had only been a few years of Cultivation, and he was already close to the peak of the Earth Realm. Even the people that had Cultivated from childhood found it hard to reach that realm at such a young age.

    Long Chen only used ten percent of his full physical strength as he attacked. Ming Rin also reacted in the same manner as she punched back.

    Her fist landed on Long Chen's fist, and she was pushed back three steps.

    "I guess your physical strength is slightly weaker than mine since my ten percent was more powerful, and you couldn't defend, but just so you know, you don't have to hold back when defending. You can use your full strength to defend," Long Chen told Ming Rin as he thought that she misunderstood what he said, and she was using ten percent of her strength to defend as well.

    "I-i used my full strength," Ming Rin let out with a wry smile on her face.

    "That was your full strength?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "If that was your ten percent, then it's clear. I'm not even your opponent. I knew that you were strong, but I didn't know that you were so strong. We Dark Fairies are known for our strength. You already defeated me in that. I'm not your opponent," Ming Rin replied as she lowered her head.

    "This..." Long Chen didn't know what to say as he realized that the power difference was so big.

    It felt like the repeat of the first bloodline trial where he was much stronger than everyone else.

    "You said that the Demon leadership is only slightly stronger than you?" Long Chen asked Ming Rin.

    "Yes. They are stronger than me, but not to the level you are. I didn't expect such a big difference." Ming Rin said.
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