564 Chapter 564: A Night In the Sky *

    "Now, I have even more faith that you'll easily save the girls. Please save them and bring them back," She let out as she held Long Chen's hand and placed her hand on her chest, which made Long Chen's hand touch her bountiful chest as well.

    "I-i will," Long Chen let out as he tried not to look down.

    "Thank you. If we have you, we can probably even wipe the Demons, but I don't want to put you in danger. Just sneak inside and escape with the girls," Ming Rin told Long Chen.

    Long Chen didn't say anything as his whole plan had changed since he found out that he was so strong here. He simply nodded his head.

    "Thank you. I'm so happy that I found such an amazing son in law," She said as she hugged Long Chen in happiness.

    Her breast squeezing in between their bodies as she wrapped her arms around Long Chen.

    "I should be the one thanking you for having me married to Lan'er," Long Chen replied as he hugged her back.

    They separated after a short hug.

    "Let's have dinner then. After that, you guys can leave," Ming Rin told Long Chen as she held his hand and pulled him with her.

    She took him to the dining room. Ming Lan followed them with a wry smile on her face. She was somewhat jealous as well when she saw her mother getting so close to her husband, but she didn't say anything.

    Long Chen and the others had dinner.

    After finishing the dinner, Long Chen left the clan.

    He brought out the Sun Destroying Condor from his storage ring.

    "A flying beast big enough to carry people. Amazon. They really exist," Ming Rin let out in excitement as she saw the Sun Destroying Condor.

    Long Chen held the hand of Ming Lan and got on top of the Sun Destroying Condor. The Sun Destroying Condor started flying in the direction that Ming Lan said.

    The Sun Destroying Condor flew in the darkness of night.

    The cold wind breezes against the bodies of Long Chen and Ming Lan.

    The wind was surprisingly cold. Long Chen didn't know that the nights here were so cold. When he slept in the Dark Fairy Clan during the night, he didn't feel any cold, probably because the clan had something that stopped the cold, but now that he was outside in the night, he knew exactly how it was.

    It was definitely much colder, but his body was able to resist the cold. He looked towards Ming Lan and noticed that she had started shivering.

    He moved closer to Ming Lan and made her sit on his lap as her face faced him. Long Chen's waist was between her legs as he hugged her.

    He also brought out a blanket from his storage ring and wrapped it around their collective bodies.

    Ming Lan's legs were wrapped around Long Chen's waist as her breast stuck closer to Long Chen's chest.

    Only their faces were outside the blanket now.

    "Are you feeling better?" Long Chen asked Ming Lan.

    "I feel better," Ming Lan said, but she was still not looking like she was over the cold.

    "You need to stop thinking about the cold. The bodies will warm up soon. Just keep your mind in the right place," Long Chen told Ming Lan.

    Ming Lan nodded her head as she looked in Long Chen's eyes, but noticed that Long Chen's eyes were looking down at her red lips.

    She also felt Long Chen's hand moving inside the blanket as his right hand moved from her back to her chest.

    His right hand was now caressing and squeezing her breasts.

    "Mmm," Ming Lan couldn't help but moan lightly as her cherry blossom lips opened. She took the lead and placed her lips over Long Chen's lips.

    Long Chen and Ming Lan started kissing while their hands moved inside the blanket.

    Ming Lan moved her waist slightly backward as she placed her hand on Long Chen's sword that was starting to come out of its sheath.

    She placed her hand inside his pants and brought out his little guy and placed her hand around it as she started moving her hand up and down while Long Chen continued fondling her breasts.

    Their kiss didn't stop for even a second as their saliva mixed with each other. Long Chen had also inserted his tongue in Ming Lan's mouth while both his hands were playing with her breasts and the peaks.

    Ming Lan finally freed her lips as she moved back while she looked in Long Chen's eyes.

    Her eyes were misty as if she was intoxicated by this feeling that was taking over her body.

    She inserted her hand inside the blanket.

    "Mmm," Long Chen let out a light noise as he felt Ming Lan's soft lips around his little Chen.

    Ming Lan had started to use her mouth to suck on his little guy as she lived her head up and down. Long Chen was able to hear all the sounds that her mouth made as she gave him the service.

    Ming Lan continued this for thirty minutes as she occasionally used her tongue to luck around Long Chen's sword like it was a lollipop.

    "I'm going to release," Long Chen told Ming Lan. Ming Lan fastened the movement and didn't remove her lips.

    After a minute or so, Long Chen released a sticky white liquid in her mouth.

    Ming Lan brought her head out of the blanket and opened her mouth to show Long Chen how much he had released. Her whole mouth was filled with his load. She swallowed his load right before his eyes.

    "There's some on your lips," Long Chen told Ming Lan.

    Ming Lan brought her tongue out of her mouth as she licked her lips and swallowed whatever little bit of the white liquid was left behind on her lips.

    "I love you," Ming Lan told Long Chen.

    "I love you too, love," Long Chen replied to Ming Lan.

    Long Chen used his hand inside the blanket as he moved her dress upwards and lowered her underwear as he held her waist and pulled her closer.

    His little warrior had just emptied all his bullets against the Enemy, but it had reloaded, and it was standing tall, ready for another fierce fight.

    Long Chen arranged her little guy at the entrance of Ming Lan's sacred region and made her sit down.

    Ming Lan sat down and gave a loud moan that was reeking of pleasure. Long Chen's little guy was deep inside Ming Lan, and it was already hitting against her womb.

    Long Chen helped Ming Lan move her waist up and down. The tip of his sword kept hitting against her womb each time.

    Their movement only got faster and faster with time. Their intense pleasure session continued for over an hour as Ming Lan's moan kept echoing in the empty sky while the Sun Destroying Condor kept flying.

    After a long time, Long Chen released all his load inside Ming Lan without taking out his little guy.


    After three more sessions in a similar position, Long Chen stopped.

    He came out of the blanket and arranged his clothes properly before sitting down again to keep Ming Lan warm.

    The Sun Destroying Condor flew the whole night.

    The Sun was starting to rise in the sky.

    "How long will it be before we get there?" Long Chen asked Ming Lan.

    " Generally, it takes two days of flying, but your Beast is faster than us when we fly. I believe that we should be there in seven-eight hours," Ming Lan told Long Chen.

    "Alright," Long Chen nodded his head.

    He removed the blanket since it was already the morning, and there was no cold anymore.
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