565 Chapter 565: The Feeling of Slaughter

    Long Chen and Ming Lan looked around as they watched the surroundings while the Sun Destroying Condor flew through the bright sky.

    The realm was really beautiful, and it had many beautiful places. It seemed as if it was really rich in nature.

    They flew for hours and passed by many places. They passed through barren lands, they passed through grasslands, lakes, and even a mountain in just a single day. They saw many things.

    Long Chen saw some great clans along the way that looked humanoid but had some differences in skin and body related features like claws, tails, and face, but he also saw strange clans along the way, which made him feel weird.

    Long Chen saw a clan that seemed like they were cows that walked in two legs. Other than that, there was no difference between them and cows when it comes to looks and Physical characteristics. He had seen many things, but it was the weirdest thing he saw.

    He had never thought about cows that were like humans, and the view surprised him. It was like seeing intelligent cows that could walk on two feet.

    After flying for some more time, they reached the place they wanted to get to.

    Long Chen saw a bright red dome-like barrier that covered a vast area.

    "That seems like the Demon Clan based on what you described. Am I right?" Long Chen asked Ming Lan.

    "Yes, that's the place," Ming Lan answered Long Chen.

    "Alright. That's enough for me," Long Chen muttered as he commanded the Sun Destroying Condor to get down.

    The Sun Destroying Condor lowered right before the barrier.

    "You're not afraid of blood, are you?" Long Chen asked Ming Lan as he got off the Sun Destroying Condor with her.

    "If you are, you should stay back. There is going to be a serious bloodbath inside," he added.

    "Wait, why do you say that? Aren't you going to sneak inside?" Ming Lan inquired with a worried look on her face.

    "I will sneak inside, but I won't sneak outside. After we leave this realm, it is going to be difficult for us to come back. It's better if I refuse the obstacles and dangers for your clan while I'm still here," Long Chen replied.

    "Here, it comes again. I guess it's time for you to collect some slaughter aura," Xun said in Long Chen's ears.

    'Yeah, that's also one of my reasons,' Long Chen replied through his thoughts.

    "Why do you sneak inside then? Why the wait for the slaughter until it's time to leave?" Xun inquired.

    'I just want to free the girls first. It's better to get the hostages before I begin the cleansing,' Long Chen answered Xun.

    "Don't do it. Don't wage an all-out war. The Demon Clan is really powerful, and it's impossible to take on the won't clan even if you are strong. You're just one person while they are many. I don't want you to..." Ming Lan tried to convince Long Chen not to fight in the open against the whole clan as she was worried for his life, but Long Chen didn't let her finish as he continued.

    "I won't die," he told her as he smiled. "Trust me."

    Ming Lan looked in his eyes and nodded her head.

    "Good. Then have faith in me. I won't be hurt," Long Chen said.

    "So, are you scared of blood?" He repeated his first question.

    Ming Lan shook her head as she said, "I'm not."

    "Alright. Let's enter then," He said to her.

    "Wait a minute. I can't pass through it. The barrier is made to raise the species of this planet. It's impossible for me to get through it," Ming Lan reminded Long Chen.

    "I have a way for that as well. I'm sending you to a special place. I'll bring you out after I get on the other side. Say hi to mother," Long Chen told Ming Lan as he held her hand and sent her inside the Fake World.

    After sending her to his family in the fake world, he started walking towards the barrier.

    Since Long Chen could not use teleport, generally, the only option would be to destroy the barrier, but he was told that the barrier was made for the people of this space, and it didn't affect him. He believed those words as he tried touching the barrier with his finger.

    His finger passed through the barrier without any trouble.

    "I guess they were right. The barrier is useless against me," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    He stepped forth and passed through the barrier as he entered the territory of the so-called Demons.

    As he entered, the first thing he saw was a barren land. There was not a single speck of green anywhere.

    There was sand and dust everywhere. He did see a few buildings at a distance. The problematic thing was that his plan to sneak inside had already failed as he saw that he was right in the middle of tens of demons that seemed like they were practicing in this land.

    "I guess I can only start faster than I anticipated," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    He brought out his Spirit Sword and his king's sword.

    He also called out the Snake Monarch to help out. Since he found out that the strength difference was so big, he also called out Orion and the Dark Horned Armored Rhino as well.

    "Well, guys, time to have fun," He told the beasts.

    The Demons that were before him looked nothing like he had expected. They had a goat-like horn in the middle of their forehead. Their skin was dark red. They also had sharp claws.

    "They are definitely not the real demons. It's either a different species using the name of the Demons or they have some inkling of demon bloodline," Xun told Long Chen as she saw the Demons.

    "As long as they increase my Slaughter Aura, I'm fine with anything," Long Chen let out as he smiled.

    He didn't even have to do anything as his beasts, and his Spirit Sword was taking care of everyone. The Demons were being cut in half, stomped and crushed all around.

    Long Chen didn't have to move a single finger as he collected all the slaughter aura.

    He started walking ahead towards the closest building while he used his Divine Sense to see his surroundings.

    Long Chen was walking in the front. Orion walked on his left, and the Dark Horned Armored Rhino walked on his right side. The Snake Monarch and his Spirit Sword were flying above his head.

    Tens of bodies were behind them, bleeding.

    As Long Chen's slaughter aura increased, he was having a heavenly feeling. It was as if he had found the best drug in the world. His urge to slaughter was rising really fast as he cherished the feeling of getting that heavenly Slaughter Aura.

    He was so immersed in his feelings that he has already forgotten about bringing Ming Lan out of the Fake World.

    As he walked, he didn't see any demons. It was as if other than the Demons that were practicing, no one else was outside.

    He got near the closest building. His Divine Sense wasn't able to see inside this building either. Long Chen kicked the door open as he entered the place.

    As he entered, he saw something that stunned him to his core.

    The building was really big. It was big enough to house thousands of people comfortably, but that was not what stunned him.

    What stunned him was that there were hundreds of Dark Fairies in the place, but instead of being happy for finding them, he was angry.

    His blood was boiling as his eyes turned red.
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