566 Chapter 566: Pretending to be dead

    Hundreds of Dark Fairies were in the room, and none of them had any clothes on. There were also some marks in their bodies as if they were whipped like animals.

    As soon as Long Chen entered the hall, they all got alert and started shivering as if they were scared of another round of torture.

    "I don't have clothes for them," Long Chen muttered as he looked at them.

    " I was sent here to help you guys escape and get back to the Dark Fairy Clan. Ming Rin asked me to help you. Stand up. We're leaving. I'll get you some clothes along the way," Long Chen announced in a tone which was loud enough to reach everyone.

    The girls looked at Long Chen in hesitation as they continued shivering.

    "Yo, more people are coming. I guess they found out about our intrusion. Do you want to deal with them, or should we handle them?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen as he entered the building as well.

    "You won't! I will wipe them myself this time," Long Chen declared without looking back.

    "You girls, I'm not going to waste my time convincing you. If you believe me, follow me and if you still doubt me, at least stand near the door and see what happens outside. You'll start to believe," Long Chen told them before he stepped out of the hall.

    He looked ahead and saw hundreds of demons coming towards him.

    "Their number is big. You sure you don't want us to take some of them?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen.

    "They are still not enough. If I can't even take care of the weaklings because of their numbers, I have no right to call myself a Cultivator," Long Chen muttered as he waved his King's Sword before he started walking alone, towards hundreds of Demons.

    A single human walked towards an army of what seemed like 900 demons while the army that had weapons ran towards a single human being that had a blood-covered sword in his hand.

    Long Chen and the army met near the middle as tens of Demons swung their blades towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen didn't even move his body as he let the attacks hit his body.

    He had an artifact that protected him against the attacks of powerful Cultivators. Even Peak Earth Realm Cultivators weren't able to break the defense of his artifact in a single attack, let alone the Demons that were before him.

    Long Chen didn't focus even a single bit on his defense as he swung his sword and cut five heads at once.

    He didn't stop as he used his footwork and turned his body back as he swung his sword again. More heads fell on the ground. Long Chen was so effective that his single strike was able to kill many opponents, and he only attacked their necks since he didn't want to spoil their clothes too much as he was planning to have the girls wear it if they were concerned about their clothes when they went back.

    "This guy looks like he's in the form today. What do you think, little puppy?" Snake Monarch asked as he looked towards Orion.

    Orion didn't respond as he kept a close watch on Long Chen. He was ready to jump in if there was any need.

    "You are right. It's not always one gets to kill to their heart's content. It's even better when the opponent is weak. When this King was in the Heaven, there was a big battle. This King alone faced an army of a billion and wiped them all out. That's what this king got the name, conqueror of lands," The Snake Monarch continued.

    Orion finally looked towards the Snake Monarch.

    He scoffed as he looked at the Snake Monarch with a mocking gaze.

    "Who are you calling a braggart! You bastard! Just because you broke through to the Sky Realm, you think you can look down at this king? Be glad that this King is in a good mood today; otherwise, I would've shown you," Snake Monarch let out in annoyance as he glared at Orion.


    While Orion and the Snake Monarch were arguing, Long Chen was busy slaughtering demons.

    It seemed less like a serious battle and more like a Slaughter Practice for Long Chen as the demons kept attacking Long Chen, but they weren't able to harm him, but Long Chen's single strike was enough to kill tens of them.

    "That's enough clothes for the girls," He muttered as he realized that he had killed enough people cleanly, and he didn't need to be careful anymore.

    Long Chen jumped back as he got into a sword stance.

    "Time to end it all," he muttered as he moved his Qi towards his hands.

    "Seven Forms of Sword Saint: Fifth Form- Chaos!" Long Chen let out as he swung his sword horizontally.

    As Long Chen swung his sword, a frightening arc of light left his sword and kept getting bigger as it moved forward.

    The arc kept moving forward and kept cutting the bodies of the Demons in half the farther out went.

    No one was able to resist the attack as they were cut off like grass. The arc of light hit the building in the back ultimately.

    Almost all the demons that were attacking Long Chen were dead, and only three of them had managed to survive as they got down on the ground like they were dead, but Long Chen had noticed them already.

    While the three demons were pretending to be dead, Long Chen walked closer to them.

    He stood right before one of them who had his eyes closed.

    He raised his sword high in the air and pointed his blade towards the head of the person.

    He thrust his sword down and stabbed it in the head of the man.

    A loud scream escaped the mouth of the man who was pretending to be dead before he was actually dead.

    The other two demons saw it and realized that this tactic wasn't going to work. They were seriously worried for their life. Both of them stood up and started running away.

    Long Chen looked towards them running and didn't make any effort to chase after them. Instead, he snapped his fingers.

    His Spirit Sword started following after the ones that were running.

    Long Chen's Spirit Sword cut off the head of the demons that were running. Their headless body kept running for a few seconds, even without the head, before it fell down on the ground.

    The Spirit Sword moved back and came closer to Long Chen.

    Long Chen turned back and looked towards the girls that were looking at him from the building.

    "I left the clothes, in fact. If you don't mind wearing the clothes of Demons, you can take the clothes and wear them. If you don't mind, you can also come naked. Your clan is a female-only clan. I don't think it would be too embarrassing to walk in naked. The choice is yours. I gave you two options," Long Chen told them as he started walking ahead towards other buildings. He was sure that the leaders of the Demon had still not appeared. He also needed to find the leader so that he could take that item, which he needed.

    "You guys stay near the girls. Kill any demon that appears here. I'm going ahead. Tell me if you face any troubles," He told the Snake Monarch and the others before he left.

    Long Chen walked to the next building and kicked it open as he entered. He searched the door building, but he didn't find anyone inside.

    He left the building and started walking towards the next building, but that's when he saw five people coming out of that building. All of them were flying, and they had red bat-like wings behind their back, which were helping them fly.
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