567 Chapter 567: Tian Shen creating trouble

    Five Demons were flying before Long Chen. They had just come out of the building in the front. All five of them had Red bat-like wings on their backs.

    "Who are you? What enmity do you have with the Demon Clan? You're not even from this Realm as far as I can see," The Demon in the center told Long Chen in a solemn tone.

    Long Chen looked at the man in the center as if he was the leader since he talked first.

    "Are you the Master of Demons?" Long Chen asked the Demon in the center.

    "I'm not Master Dema. I'm the Elder of the Demon Clan. Speak! Why do you attack us? We don't have any enmity with you. Why do you do that?" The Demon asked Long Chen. He had already seen how easily the other demons were killed. He realized that Long Chen wasn't an easy opponent, so he was trying to get some time. He was stalling Long Chen.

    "I want something, and I need your master for that. Take me to him," Long Chen told the Demon in the center.

    He had fought the normal demons, and he had guessed that they were like the Initial Gold Realm Cultivators. At worse, the leadership could be the peak Gold realm or slightly stronger, so he had decided to go strong.

    Long Chen was looking up as the Demons were flying in the sky, so he also brought out his own wings.

    Long Chen used his Heavenly Demon Wings after quite some time.

    "Two beautiful wings came out of his back which were made of Qi. One of the wings was golden in color while the other one was pitch black.

    As his wings appeared, the Demon Elders grew even more shocked. They were taken aback to see a species with the wings like Long Chen.

    They instantly got down to the ground and started Kowtowing to Long Chen as if they were scared.

    "God! God! God!" They kept chanting every time they hit their head on the ground.

    Long Chen looked down in confusion, wondering what was happening as he frowned.

    As soon as his wings appeared, the Demons were scared and started calling him God. Did they recognize the wings from somewhere? Was there some history behind the wings? Long Chen couldn't help but wonder.

    He had found the Heavenly Demon Wings technique when he was in his first dream. It was in the dustbin in the room of Tian Shen in his dreams. He thought that it was just a rejected skill of a powerful Cultivator at the time he cultivated it, but he did find it extremely unique and useful as the skill grew with him.

    "Stop!" Long Chen commanded. The Demons stopped as they started looking at Long Chen like they were looking at a deity.

    "You recognize me?" Long Chen asked them.

    "The wings of the Heavenly Demon! You're the god! God!" The Demons let out with full devotion.

    "Take me to your master then!" Long Chen told the Demons.

    "Yes, God!" The Demons let out as they started flying away.

    They escorted Long Chen to the building they had just come out from.

    They took Long Chen to the room of their master.

    They opened the door and entered the room with Long Chen.

    Long Chen saw the Demon in that room sitting before a painting with his eyes closed.

    What attracted Long Chen's attention was the painting on the wall.

    It was the painting of a person who looked like he was in his late 20s. That person had the Heavenly Demon Wings that seemed like an exact copy of Long Chen's wings.

    Long Chen recognized that person, and so did Xun.

    "Tian Shen!" Both of them said at the same time. The person in that painting was none other than the first inheritor of the Ancestral Bloodline before Long Chen. Even though Long Chen had never met that person, in reality, Tian Shen had a big impact in his life from his skills to his laws.

    Long Chen was surprised that Tian Shen left his footprint in this space between the realms as well, which was surprising considering the fact that he didn't have the law of Space.

    Another thing which Long Chen found strange was Xun. He knew that Tian Shen had another Ancient Ring that was linked to Long Chen's ring, and Xun was in that ring before. Since Xun was with Tian Shen since the moment his rise started, how was it possible that she didn't know about this realm? How was it possible that she didn't recognize the demons?

    If Tian Shen came here, then she must have come here as well. She should know about it, so why was she ignorant? Was she pretending not to know? Long Chen wanted to ask her when he got the time.

    Since no one could hear Xun's voice, only Long Chen's voice was audible.

    The Master of the Demons was sitting with his back facing them. One of the Demons was going to tell him about Long Chen's arrival when Long Chen blurted out the word 'Tian Shen'.

    That single word acted like a bomb as the Demon Master instantly opened his eyes as he thundered.

    "Who dares to say God's name?! Be ready to die!" The Demon Master stood up as he turned back, but his mouth was opened wide as he saw the wings that were still on Long Chen's back.

    "G-god?! No, you're a different god! Since you know our god's name and have the same wings, you must be his family!" the Demon Master said as he dropped down to his knees.

    'I am. How did you meet Tian Shen?" Long Chen asked him as he frowned. He wanted to get his answers.

    'I-i didn't meet God Shen. My great Ancestor did," The Demon Master said to Long Chen.

    "How did he meet him? Do you know about that? Did he come here, or was your Ancestor able to leave this realm?" Long Chen asked the Demon Master.

    " It is a long story, but since you're God Shen's family, I will tell you everything that I know. A long time ago, the Demons were really weak. We were the slaves of the rich clans, and they bossed us around and made us to whatever they wanted. We had no freedom, but my Ancestor found a strange stone one day,"

    "From what I heard from my father, When Ancestor touched the stone, he disappeared. He found himself in a strange place that was nothing like he had seen. "

    "The new place wasn't good either. There were many bad people, and one of them started beating up my Ancestor because he looked strange. That's when God Shen appeared. He helped my Ancestor and also heard his problems. He gave my Ancestor a few skills," The Demon Head told Long Chen.

    " After that, my Ancestor learned those skills and came back using that same stone. Since then, the good times of us Demons started as we started gaining enough strength to dominate this land," The Demon chief told Long Chen.

    "Oh, I remember now. I was there when he found a little child getting beaten. The child had horns in his forehead just like these guys. I had completely forgotten about that town since it was a minor event. Do you know what's strange? Tian Shen didn't even believe the story of that kid. He thought that the kid had a delusion, but he still gave the kid a few weak skills to make him strong enough to protect himself against weaklings. I didn't know that would play such a role here," Xun let out as she informed Long Chen.

    'So, Tian Shen is the reason for the kidnapping of the girls in a way?' Long Chen thought as he smiled wryly.
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