569 Chapter 569: New Space Skills

    Long Chen opened his eyes and noticed that everyone was looking at him.

    The Dark Horned Armored Rhino was standing close to him, and the Snake Monarch and Orion had also come back to him.

    Ming Lan was also close. Almost every Dark Fairy was dressed now.

    "Did you wipe all the demons?" Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch.

    "Of Course, do you really think that small task was difficult for this king? If you had asked me to wipe all the species in this realm, then even that wouldn't be difficult, let alone just a few thousand demons," The Snake Monarch told Long Chen in a smug tone.

    "Good. It's time to leave then," Long Chen let out as he smiled.

    "This King knows what you're going to ask. Let me tell you; this King won't be the carrier for them all. I can, however, consider that request if you do something for me, though," The Snake Monarch told Long Chen as he smiled.

    " Don't worry; I'm not going to ask you to do anything. Even if I ask you to carry them, it would be time-consuming. I have a better option now," Long Chen smiled as he stood up.

    "What better option?" The Snake Monarch asked Long Chen.

    "I'm guessing that you gained some massive benefits from the Growth of your space law. Am I right?" Xun appeared before Long Chen and inquired with an amused smile on her face.

    "Yup. The benefits were not bad," Long Chen muttered as he stood up.

    In fact, this whole trip had been extremely beneficial to him. Not only had he gained a lot of Slaughter Aura and increased his mastery, but he had also gained some additional powers related to the space law.

    Long Chen looked towards all the Dark Fairies.

    "Alright, everyone, stand in a single line. We're going back to the Dark Fairy clan. Hurry up," Long Chen told everyone.

    The Dark Fairies lined up behind each other and formed a line.

    Long Chen raised his hand and pointed his fingers towards the front. His eyes started shining as they changed color. His eyes turned starry black and seemed as if they contained the whole space inside them.

    He formed a circle before him, which formed a special portal that was the size of his head, but the portal kept getting bigger. The Spatial Portal stopped getting bigger when it was big enough for people to enter.

    "Alright. This is a Spatial Portal. The other end of the portal is at the entrance of the Dark Fairy Clan. One by one, enter the portal," Long Chen told the Dark Fairies.

    The Dark Fairies looked hesitant as they started at the spatial portal. None of them took a step forward.

    " Enter the portal. Have faith in him," Ming Lan told the Dark Fairies as she comforted them.

    The Dark Fairy that was standing first in the line gathered the courage and entered the Spatial Portal. The others also started entering it as the line kept moving forward.

    After five minutes, everyone had entered the portal. Only Ming Lan, Long Chen, and his beasts were behind.

    Long Chen sent the beasts back in the fake world. He stepped forward and held Ming Lan's hand. Both of them entered the portal together.

    The other side of the Portal was exactly where Long Chen had described. It was at the entrance of the Dark Fairies clan.

    The Dark Fairies that were freed from the imprisonment of the Demon Clan were so happy after getting here that they started crying. All of them ran inside the clan towards their families.

    Long Chen and Ming Lan also stepped out of the portal. As soon as they stepped out, the portal closed.

    They entered the clan, and they were greeted by Ling Rin, who was running towards Long Chen. While Ming Rin was running towards him, his focus was attracted by something else entirely. Long Chen couldn't keep his eyes on Ming Rin's face.

    Ming Lan saw where his gaze was, and she couldn't help but tighten her grip around his hand.

    Long Chen started looking upwards as he smiled wryly. Ming Rin reached them and hugged Long Chen firmly.

    "You did it! Thank you! Thank you so much," Ming Rin thanked Long Chen.

    "You don't have to thank me for that. We're family, I guess," Long Chen replied as he patted her back.

    "Yes, yes, we are family," Ming Rin let out as she smiled.

    "Yeah, Anyway, can the three of us go somewhere private?" Long Chen asked Ming Rin.

    "T-three private? Do you really like my mother too? It's impossible for two Dark Fairies to marry a single man," Ming Lan reminded Long Chen with a jealous look on her face as she misunderstood his intention again.

    "R-really? You want to marry me too?" Ming Rin let out as she looked at Long Chen, while her face turned red.

    "I guess that's not entirely impossible. It's true that two Dark Fairies haven't married a single man ever, but there's not a rule against it," She added.

    Her last words stunned Ming Lan too since she didn't know that it was possible legally. Was she really going to share the same man as her mother?

    "Stop! Just Stop! Stop with these weird misunderstandings! I don't want to marry you!" Long Chen let out as he tried to clear the misunderstanding before it even began.

    He didn't want to get a new accidental wife again. It was going to be even weird if that wife was the Mother of one of his wives. Even though Ming Rin hasn't had a man in all her life and he formed Ming Lan using a part of her life force, it was still the fact that they were technically mother and daughter.

    "I-i understand. I'm not as good and as pretty as Lan'er. Of course, you wouldn't want me. There is no way someone can be attracted to me. It's good that you cleared the misunderstanding," Ming Rin let out with a self-deprecating look in her eyes as she lowered her face.

    "That's not it. You're really beautiful. I don't think you're any less than Lan'er. In fact, you're even superior in some aspects. Don't sell yourself short. There would be no man where I came from who wouldn't be attracted to a woman like you. I'm no exception either, but I can't marry you," Long Chen replied in kind to not hurt Ming Rin's feelings. He was quite stunned by how this whole conversation reached here.

    "S-so you want to do... without marriage... us three... that's..." Ming Rin stuttered as her face turned even redder.

    Ming Lan also glared at Long Chen.

    Long Chen couldn't help but facepalm himself.

    'These mother and daughter are just too much,' Long Chen thought as he smiled wryly.

    "I have no such intentions. Before you get to some other weird misunderstandings, let me clear up what I was saying," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly.

    "Since I'm done with my work here, and I got what I wanted, I'll be taking my leave soon. There's one more that I needed to do before that, though. I promised my mother that I would let her meet you. That's why I was telling you guys to come with me to a private place since that's where the meeting can take place," Long Chen explained.

    "Oh, so that's why. I'm sorry for that misunderstanding," Ming Rin apologized to Long Chen. Ming Lan also looked at him apologetically.

    "Come," Ming Rin said as she held the other hand of Long Chen and took him with her. One of his hands was being held by Ming Lan while the other hand was being held by Ming Rin, who was guiding them.
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